Madden Mobile Offensive Schemes Part III: The Vertical Offense

In case you forgot, I'm counting down the top five Madden Mobile cards for each offensive scheme going from worst to best. I started off with smashmouth followed by spread. The second-best offense in my opinion is vertical. A lot of people rank vertical up at the top with West Coast--it's pretty split. But because I run West Coast it's my number one, so stay tuned for that next time. Vertical's best plays are usually in the long pass section, so my list will mostly be wide receivers and tight ends. LET'S GOOOOO!!!!

No. 5: Chris Johnson - 99 Overall NFL Combine Master HB. Cj2k has 99 speed, but he is only a 99 overall. This list is probably the best out of the four schemes, so he is only number five in my book.

No. 4: Rob Gronkowski - 100 Overall Mega Movers Edition TE. Gronk was on my spread offense list too, and that Gronk has the same stats as this one. Because that card was spread, Gronk is making an appearance on this list too. This card highlights him getting traded to the Bucs.

No. 3: Herman Moore - 100 Overall Draft Legend Edition WR. Draft Legends are the rarest cards in the game because there are only nine players that are considered Draft Legends. Even though they're uncommon, everybody on Madden got a free 100 overall player yesterday, so they all went down in price on Auctions. Moore's stats are solid, and that gets him number three on my list.

No. 2: Tyreek Hill - 99 Overall All-Decade Postseason Build-up Master WR. Hill's known for his speed, so that's why he's ahead of two 100 overalls. He has maxed-out speed, is one away from maxed-out catch, and remember, this is only a 99 overall card! He burns all of the defenders on the field.

No. 1: Jimmy Graham - 100 Overall Movers Limited Edition TE. I only have one thing to say about this card: IT'S GREAT. Maxed-out catching stats, 92 speed (for a tight end, that's really good), card art is fire, there's nothing bad to say about Graham.

Stay tuned for the moment you have all been waiting for, the epic conclusion to my offensive scheme top five lists. West Coast comin soon...until then, see you on the field.

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