Madden Mobile Offensive Schemes Part IV: The West Coast Offense

Finally, the conclusion of my Madden Mobile offensive scheme series. My favorite out of the four schemes is West Coast because in my opinion they have the best plays, such as Pa Switch Dig, Z Spot, HB Blast, and so many more. Here are my top five cards from the West Coast playbook:

No. 5: Todd Gurley II - 100 Overall Mega Movers Edition HB. Gurley is actually on my team, but he will be replaced by Nick Chubb very soon. He has all-around good stats, so this card is my number five.

No. 4: Eric Dickerson - 100 Overall NFL 100 Legend HB. NFL 100 is my least favorite promo because all of the cards except for two have bad stats (Dickerson and Jim Brown are the two good ones).

No. 3: Michael Thomas - 100 Overall NFL Honors Offensive Player of the Year Edition WR. Thomas' speed isn't great, but he has maxed-out catching stats so he catches almost everything. That in my opinion saves the card and makes him my number three.

No. 2: Travis Kelce - 100 Overall Versus Veterans Master Edition TE. Kelce is on my team too and he is just a beast. You will see that tight ends are my top two cards. It was hard to rank them, but I put Kelce at two because my number one has better speed.

No. 1: Dallas Clark - 100 Overall Draft Legend TE. Draft Legends as you know are the rarest cards in the game and Clark's card is outstanding. Maxed-out catching stats and great card art...amazing. You may have noticed that this is my first list where everyone is a 100 overall.

Hope you enjoyed these know what comes next...SEE YOU ON THE FIELD.

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