Madden Mobile: The Smashmouth Offensive Scheme's Top Five Cards

For my next articles, I'm going to highlight the top five cards from each of the four Madden Mobile offensive schemes (smashmouth, spread, vertical, and west coast). Smashmouth is heavy in running, and I use it the least because in my opinion it's the scheme with the worst playbook. I will write these articles from worst scheme to best, so let's go:

No. 5: Robert Woods - 99 Overall Series 19 H2H Player WR. Woods' card is all-around good because his speed is decent, his catching is great, his catch in traffic is okay, and his awareness is strong. I almost put Stefon Diggs at number five, but I went with Woods because he's just a little bit better at almost everything +1.

No. 4: O.J. Howard - 99 Overall Draft Master TE. This spot was a debate between O.J. and my number three, but I went with O.J. because he is one of the fastest tight ends in Madden. His card has 93 speed, which is one of the best in the game, and his catch is maxed-out.

No. 3: Darnell Savage Jr. - 99 Overall St. Patrick's Day OOP Master HB. OOP means "out of position" -- Savage usually plays safety, but on this card he plays halfback. Because his speed is one away from maxed-out, he beat out O.J. Howard for my number three. He also has a great name.

No. 2: Jim Brown - 100 Overall NFL 100 Legend HB. Brown's speed, carrying, trucking, and awareness are all really good, and I put him ahead of Savage because he is a 100 overall with better stats.

No. 1: Lamar Jackson - 100 Overall Ultimate Freeze Master QB. If you read my first article, you saw that Jackson rated number one there too. This card is as good as that one and maybe better. He is one away from maxed-out speed and is faster than most receivers in the game.

Stay tuned for my top five spread offense players...that should be a tough list to make. Until then, see you on the field.

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