Matt Nagy has given up playcalling!

GOOD NEWS! Matt Nagy has passed his play-calling duties to the Bears offensive coordinator, Bill Lazor. Obviously this is good news for all Chicago Bears fans because Matt Nagy has not been having a real good year with the play-calling.

Nagy says he is happy for Bill Lazor and his big promotion to finally do the play-calling for this underrated Bears offense. Bill Lazor is a former QB coach for the Seattle Seahawks. He coached Russel Wilson and he did a very good job of it, Russel Wilson had one of his best seasons with Lazor at QB coach. I truly cant wait to see what Bill Lazor can do to help this team!

Now that Matt Nagy has finally passed up the play-calling, I have a feeling that Nick Foles will be more successful. Foles can finally do what he is best at and I am so ready to see what this former super bowl MVP can do!

Now that Nick Foles has a new play-caller that will give him more chances to be himself, I truly think Nick Foles will exceed and prove to Bears fans that he was not the problem this whole time! me, being a huge Bears fan, I am so ready to see the changes that Bill Lazor will do! it will definitely show on the field!

If for some reason, Nick Foles does not exceed with a new play-caller, then all I can say is start Trubisky! It makes the most sense, especially with the oline that we have. Now it’s up to Ryan Pace (Bears GM) to fill in the spots that are needed, like the running back position! At this point, the Bears really need to sign Lamar Miller to the active roster, it is really needed.

In conclusion, good luck to Bill Lazor, I hope you can change up this offense a little bit... Please make us Bears fans happy! Lets go out and get this W monday against the Minnesota Vikings!

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