Matt Thomas is the Next J.J. Redick

I know you've probably never heard of the guy, but learn a little about the man and watch him play. If this man didn't model his game after Redick, I don't know who he models his game after.

In high school and his overseas days, Thomas has been a brilliant shooter from all over the floor. Mid-range, three point, it didn't matter. He could also always bank it in when he was in between the wing and the sideline, making it hard for the defender to block the shot. I don't have any stats for when he played in high school, college, or overseas, I just have NBA stats. I would like to show you this video to give you some more information on Thomas and so you can see his unbelievable shooting. I actually highly recommend you watch this video.

So now that you have some more information on Thomas, I will now talk about his play in the NBA. Thomas plays minimal minutes, obviously, but he really deserves more. He shoots great especially being a 6'4 guard. He shot 48.7% from the field and 47.5% from three. The basketball world was shocked when we saw what Thomas could actually do on August 10th against the Bucks where he dropped 22 points. He shot 52.9% from the field with 17 attempts (keeping in mind he's a 6'4 guard) and 50% from three on 8 attempts. I need to include another video so that you can see the similarity of his and Redick's game.

Matt Thomas is a high IQ player just like Redick, and uses the screens to get open shots... just like Redick. The only change he makes is that instead of shooting the three, he steps up in front of the three point line so that there is absolutely no chance of being blocked. If he's dealing with a good defender, just like Redick, he shows the shot, but pump fakes. This makes the defender jump because they're so used to him shooting it immediately off the screen, leaving Thomas open yet again for a shot. You can not make an argument that Thomas's form and the way he shoots on the move is not similar, if not almost exactly the same, to Redick's game.

Again, look at the way that Redick almost always shoots off the dribble on the move, and when his defender is close, he gives them a pump fake that sends them flying because they think he's going to shoot it just like every other time. Although it's not portrayed well in the video, Redick uses screens on most of the three pointers he makes.

Well, I hope you can see the similarity and I also hope the Raptors coaching staff notices so that they can either put him into the rotation as an excellent, steady, shooter, or put him on the trade block and get a solid pick or player for him.

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