MLB Standings Predictions After Weekend #1 (Part 2 of 6)

Here is part 2 of my 6 part series about the standings for each MLB division after the first weekend/series of the 60-game regular season. I am only comparing results from the first series that a team has played. Today I will be writing about the AL Central, which consists of the Detroit Tigers, the Minnesota Twins, the Chicago White Sox, the Kansas City Royals, and Cleveland Indians.

#5 - Kansas City Royals

The Royals are arguably the worst team in the MLB. There is no question that they are at the bottom of my list. Their pitching is decent at best, and they have mediocre fielding. They lost to the Indians 2-0 on opening day, won the next game 3-2, and lost the last by a whopping 9-2. I can't see any way that the Royals sneak into the playoffs.

#4 - Chicago White Sox

The White Sox were the team that everyone said was going to win the division and even the World Series. Those dreams fell apart after losing a series to the Twins 2-1. They have decent pitching and a good team, but I feel that they will not be able to live up to the hype and perform at the level needed to win in the AL. They lost 5-10 in game one, the next day, the White Sox won 10-3, but in game 3, they lost 14-2. They have power, but the bullpen is the Achilles heel of the team.

#3 - Cleveland Indians

The Indians are coming off of a season with a win percentage of .574. But in my mind, they will be right around .500. The start of their rotation is good, but they will struggle with the back. They have a stellar infield that can hit. They also have a decent outfield. Their bullpen is decent, but like last year, it is missing Andrew Miller. The Indians played the Royals, which they won the series against 2-1. They played the team that I ranked last in the division, which makes this not so impressive. They won 2-0 on opening day, lost the next game 3-2, and won the last by a score of 9-2. I see them missing the playoffs because of how tough this division and the National League Central are.

#2 - Detroit Tigers

The Tigers were the worst team in the 2019 season, going 47-114. I think that this off-season was great for them and will help them to a second-place finish in the division. They drafted Spencer Torkelson, a first baseman, with pick number one. The best player on the team will probably be Cj Cron, but Niko Goodrum will improve a lot. The starters have been decent, but the rookie relievers have been mediocre at best, and the veterans have been pretty good from the bullpen. Joe Jiménez, the closer, has been very good on the mound. They won their series against the Reds 2-1, losing 7-1 in game 1. They went on to win games 2 and 3 by a score of 6-4 and 3-2. I know that this is a hot take, but I see the Tigers in 2nd place in the division and playing in the playoffs.

#1 - Minnesota Twins

The Twins won the division last year, and I think that they will repeat. They won 2-1 against the White Sox, and I listed the scores in the section for the White Sox. The Twins are good all-around at every position and have a solid rotation that will help them to win in a season in which every game is more important than past seasons.

Thanks for reading! Leave your opinion in the comments. Keep in mind that this series is only about the team after playing one team in the regular season.

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