MVP Award Predictions


Number 1: Patrick Mahomes

There is no surprise with this one. Mahomes has been excellent this year, leading the Chiefs to a 9 and 1 record. Mahomes has a TD-INT ratio of 27-2 and a grand total of 3,035 yards. He also leads the entire league in QBR. This season, Mahomes has career highs in completion percentage, INT%, TD-INT ratio, Passer Rating, and QBR.

Number 2: Russell Wilson

After one of the best five game starts in NFL history, Russell Wilson has slowed down a bit. He has thrown 10 picks already in only 10 games, which is only one short of his career high. But he has still been excellent. Russell Wilson leads the league in TDs(30) and TD%. He is having his first season with over 70% completion percentage. "Russ" is also witnessing career highs in yards per game, Passer Rating, and QBR. Russ has some favorable matchups against teams like the Eagles, Giants, Jets, and Football Team. Expect Russell Wilson to have an amazing finish to the year.

Number 3: Kyler Murray

This last one was between Josh Allen and Kyler Murray. Kyler's head to head win against Allen gives him an advantage, but I still think Murray has had a better year overall. He has improved in basically every single stat, both passing and rushing, since his rookie year. Kyler has over a 68% completion percentage with a 19-8 TD-INT ratio. The second year QB has a 98.7 Passer Rating and a 73.9 QBR. Murray leads all QBs in rushing attempts, rushing yards, rushing TDs, rushing yards per game, and leads the entire league in yards per attempt.

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