My all time favorite Bears players

I am a very big Bears fan and I like a lot of the players on there team right now. But the Chicago Bears are one of the oldest NFL teams of it's history and they have a lot of all time players to like. I am going to be talking about some of my favorite all time Bears players not currently only retired players. So that is what I am going to be talking about my all time favorite Chicago Bears players.

:Jay Cutler

Yes Jay Cutler is on this list I know a lot of you guys are going to think this is funny and some of you Bears fans might not like this. But I like Cutler I think he gets a little bit to much hate just because of the interception problems that he had. He had a rocket arm which would make him so fun to watch. People say Cutler didn't win much but he actually got Chicago to the NFC Championship once. Cutler leads in the Bears in most Quarterback wins. Cutler as well holds pretty much all the QB stat records for the Bears besides rushing which wasn't even his thing. Cutler even though his leadership was horrible which I'll admit and he didn't care about football with his huge arm he made the offense exiting. Do to that is because the weapons he got to throw to with his arm were players like Devin Hester, Matt forte and receiver duo of Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall. I think Cutler is the Bears best franchise QB know matter all the hate Cutler gets I like him.

:Walter Payton

Walter in my opinion is the best Running back of all time if your a bears fan your for sure going to have him as one of your all time favorite Bears. He is our best franchise player I would say so all Bears fans love this guy he was part of the 85 Bears one of the most historic super bowl teams. Walter has one of the coolest nicknames and it is Sweetness I love his nickname.

:Devin Hester

Devin is pretty much the same as I said with Walter everyone likes him. Well everyone liked Walter because he is Chicago's best franchise player. But it is different with Hester he is so liked because he did one thing and the one thing he did he was the best at. What he would do is return kick offs and he was so hard to catch he would return it a lot not every time. But when ever he got kick off to him he would always do something exiting to get everyone hyped. Hester would sometimes run receiver he was good at it since he was good with the kickoffs but everyone knows him for his kick off returns. Hester's most famous moment was when he was in the super bowl and in the very first play of the game the ball was kicked off to him and he took it the whole way what a legendary moment by Hester.

:Alshon Jeffery

Jeffery was one of our best franchise receivers to play. He made a huge deadly receiver duo between him and Brandon Marshall for a while. Jeffery playing with the Bears for 5 years got 4,549 receiver yards and 304 receptions he has the third most receiver yards in Bears receiver history. I love the Receiver position and this guy is probably our best receiver for us so got to like him and he has some pretty good stats for us.

:Mike Singletary

Singletary is one of the Bears best linebackers. The Bears are known for there linebackers they probably have the best of them. I like Singletary because he was part of the 85 Bears. He was even just interviewed a chance to maybe be one of the Bears coaches for upcoming season which would be great. I really like Singletary as a linebacker because a lot of people talk about our most recent really good Linebacker Brian Urlacher and of course the great Dick Butkus. Those guys are more talked about than Singletary because first Urlacher is more recent and Dick Butkus was super hard hitting and yes because of his name. I understand if they are mentioned more than Singletary because they are better than him I'd say but people should say Singletary's name just as much as them.

:Dick Butkus

Butkus yes I was talking about him before this and I'll mention him again. Butkus was insane I like this guy one of the hardest hitting defensive players ever. He is up there for hard as hitting as Lawrence Taylor who is the best defensive player of all time. I even heard someone say once that Butkus is Chicago's best franchise player I'd have to disagree. I could see what they are saying because he had so much impact. Butkus is insane and he is one of my favorites.

Thanks so much for reading this article I have written. If your a Bears fan let me your favorite Bears all time player. Or who are some of your favorites also just let me know who some of your favorites are from my list. Thank You So much for reading my Chicago Bears article.

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