My current favorite NBA players

I am a big NBA fan there are so many players to like in the league. Some of your favorite players may come off of certain positions what College the players like went to. A lot of people when they have certain favorite players it comes off there position that goes around there style of play. Me personally I really like guards people who are fast, shoot and score a typical guard skill set. I do have players that I like that aren't guards but most of my favorites are the smaller guys on the court.

:John Wall

Wall used to be one of the fastest point guards in the NBA maybe even used to be the fastest. Wall is my favorite basketball player out of everyone in the league. I like his speed and he is just really entreating to watch. One of the main reasons why I like him was his backstory before he came to the NBA. He had a very bad home life as a kid with his father being in jail and dyeing. He was also related to gangs growing up and was always around trouble in the streets but Wall got out of that and got through it and made it to the NBA. One of the most craziest moments by Wall was when it was the 2016-2017 playoffs and it was the second round of the playoffs. It was game 6 and the Wizards were down 2-3 trying to force a game 7. So in Game 6 Wizards were down by 2 John Wall got the ball in bounded to him he took a couple dribbles Wall stopped and took a 3 over Celtics defender Avery Bradley and drained it! to force game 7 with there season on the line the Wizards ended up losing that series but it was memorable shot for Wall.

:Wall 2016-2017 game 6 playoff shot

The most cold blooded thing about that was after the game was over he run to one side of the court and jumped on top of the stands and hyped up the whole crowd.

:Wall hypes up the crowd after big playoff shot

:Damian Lillard

Lillard is one of the most clutch players in the NBA he is up there for the most clutch. Dame always makes the big shot when you need it and never folds I have so many games in my mind where has hit a big shot. I think Dame is one of the most likeable players in the NBA I don't think there is much to hate about the guy. He is even pretty cool off the court he raps and is pretty good at it. I think for as it stands for right now Dame is the best point guard in the NBA but only for at this season. Dame has hit many clutch shots through his career but there are 2 shots that stick out the most both of the shots were at the buzzer, were in the playoffs and both shots sent the other team home on the buzzer beaters. The first shot was Vs the Rockets and Blazers were up 3-2 and they were down and a three would win the Blazers the series. The ball was passed to Dame on the in bounce he was running and clapped for the ball and made a catch and shoot buzzer beater way out from the three point line. So it was to send the Houston Rockets home.

:Dame game playoff series winner on Rockets

The second shot is just as good as this first won Blazers were up 3-1 in this playoff series. It was a tie game And Dame was dribbling out the ball to the last second with Thunder player Paul George guarding him. While the game was about to end at the last second from almost half court Dame launched the ball at the buzzer over Paul George and it went in! After the ball went in Dame looked at the Thunder bench and waved good bye totally cold blooded and was a typical Dame Damn shot!

:Dame game playoff series winner on Thunder

:Jaylen Brown

Brown is a very young superstar. The NBA has a huge future with young superstars to be at there best years from now and Brown is one of those players. A lot of people give the credit the Celtics Jayson Tatum saying he is going to be on top of the NBA which is true but people should start saying the same with Brown because he is almost just as good as Tatum not better but almost as good. So with that happening people should say he is going to be on top of the NBA to. I think Jaylen Brown is a very athletic NBA player very athletic my opinion. A huge moment by Brown was when he dunked on Bucks star Giannis antetokounmpo who is one of the best players in the NBA right now. Actually not just once he dunked on Giannis I am pretty sure he dunked on Giannis twice which is impressive to do on someone who has the size like someone like Giannis.

:Brown dunks on Giannis

:Jaylen stares down Giannis after dunk

:Donavon Mitchell

Donavon Mitchell is a very liked player in the NBA player like I said like Damian Lillard. He even is a young superstar too like I said with Jaylen Brown. Mitchell even broke the Jazz record for most points in a playoff game and he in the most recent bubble playoffs was dropping 40 points in back to back nights. Donavon is one of my favorite players because of his playstyle of course but that's not just it. I even went to a Jazz basketball game and I went over to watch the Jazz players walk into the locker room at halftime and Donavon saw me and patted me on the head. Then not just that after the game I went over and watched the players go into the locker room when the game ended and asked Mitchell for a picture and we took one together. Donavon seems to be a good guy on the court and off the court he is one of my favorite players.

:Donavon Mitchell

:Lamarcus Aldridge

Aldridge has been a big man for a good amount of time now he plays for the Spurs. But Aldridge's best days was when he was on the Blazers he was a superstar back then. What I have heard a lot of commenters say is a jump shot Aldridge has is there favorite part about him it is his bread and butter. A fact you may not Know about Aldridge is he has a serious heart problem. So of course Aldridge when he plays basketball his heart will start raising when running so doctors have ways for him to keep his heart safe when he plays basketball. Then I am not totally sure if this is true or not but I have heard When Aldridge was born his heart stopped beating for a little bit and that's how they knew he had heart problems.

:Lamarcus Aldridge

:Kyrie Irving

Kyrie I really love his style of play he is one of my favorite players As a basketball player. Not so much off the court because off the court Kyrie has said and done some questionable things like saying the Earth is flat and also really messing up basketball teams and distracting them from play because of some of the stuff he does. But this Isn't about that Kyrie is one of my favorite basketball players because all the cool stuff he can do. Kyrie might have the best handles of all time he is a great isolation player and can hit some pretty clutch shots at times. My favorite things I heard about his work ethic growing up was when he would practice his dribbling he would wrap the basketballs in bags and bounce them which would train you to dribble the ball harder. Kyrie is so entertaining to watch which everyone knows. Kyrie main shot everyone knows about was when it was game 7 of the 2015-2016 finals and the score was tied and Kyrie took a three over Curry and went in! That shot secured a finals for the Cavs and Secured a Finals for Lebron.

:Kyrie game winning finals shot

So those are some of my favorite NBA players! I have lots of more of course but wanted to stick to a couple of players. Thank you so much for reading my article and let me know who some of your favorite players are.

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