My current favorite NFL players

A lot of people watch football because of the excitement, competition, Legendary moments and much more. Yes I watch football due to those reasons of course but one of the main reasons I watch football are due to players I have lots of favorite players. There are plenty of reasons to like a player they play on your favorite team, you like there playstyle, You like there backstory and plenty of reasons. With that said this is my article on my favorite current NFL players.

:Allen Robinson

Robinson is my favorite player on my team the Bears and my favorite player out of everyone in the NFL. I am so obsessed with this guy because he is underrated it is fun having your favorite player be someone know one talks about. I even like that he still preforms at elite levels as play even with bad QB's throwing to him through his career. Robinson is really good at catching contested balls right next to the side line with the Cornerback draped all over him I don't know how he does it but with little room he has to drag his feet without them going out of bounce and still making the catch with someone draped all over him it is insane. Robinson is most likely leaving my team The Bears but even if he leaves I think he will always be my favorite player.

:Allen Robinson contested catch

:Deshaun Watson

Watson is My favorite QB he really lost a lot of hope when he lost his receiver Hopkins off him being traded. With that happening that made Watson struggle this year only leading the Texans to like 4 wins. but it's not his fault the Texans front office kind of wasted one of his years. But Watson is my favorite player due to his all round QB game can pass great he can run if he has to can dodge a lot of tackles in the pocket while keeping his head up field. One of my favorite moments by Watson wasn't actually in his NFL days my favorite play by him was when he played college at Clemson. It was in the national Championship game vs Alabama score was 31-28 with Alabama in the lead Clemson had the ball on about the 3 yard line with 6 seconds left. Watson took the snap he rolled out of the pocket and hit his receiver who ran a really quick small out route and caught it in the very front corner of the in zone. Probably the most clutch throw of Watson's career at the time. Watson beat Alabama a team who is always the best and never loses National Championship games Watson had beat them.

:Watson game winning national championship TD pass

:Alvin Kamara

Kamara is one of the best catch and run running backs in today's NFL. I like a lot with his playstyle he just recently dropped 6 TD's on the Vikings defense on Christmas day! This 2020 season has for sure been Kamara's best year I haven't just started liking him and noticing him just by this year because it has been his best. I have really liked him before the season even started. Before this season I knew he was good like a top 8 running back around there but I didn't know he was this good to go off and maybe be the best running back this season. I don't just like How Kamara plays I like his drip he is for sure a little different with the way where's stuff. Kamara in a lot of his games where's fake gold or sliver teeth over his regular teeth he also has a nose ring and really long dreads. I know Kamara's look is different but I think the drip he has is cool. The funniest moment by Kamara was I'm pretty sure after a game he got a ton of air heads on the field and carried them around with him air heads being his favorite candy.

:Alvin Kamara air heads

:Delanie Walker

Walker used to be a very good tight end but not anymore just recently I'm pretty sure he suffered from a ACL injury which might have set him back. In his prime you could say he is a top 10 tight end. You may not have heard Walker's name that much because even when he was good he was playing for the Titans. Those were his best days I would say but he is know longer with the Titans he is a free agent right now do to him not being good anymore and his name hasn't been heard for a while.

:Delanie Walker

:Mike Evans

Mike Evans I am a very big fan of him I would say he is a top 10 receiver some say not but I would say he is around there. Whenever I see a Mike Evans catch it is always very exiting I have seen him making 50 50 ball catches all time anywhere on the field. One of my favorite things about Evans is that he has a huge receiver cornerback Rivalry and that is with Cornerback Marshon Lattimore. Whenever those to play against each other there is always shoving trash talking and very competitive play on each other. For sure in that Rivalry Lattimore is the clear winner Lattimore has not let Evans make many catches on him and kinda owns him. With Lattimore always locking down Evans there is for sure something about Evans playstyle that Lattimore just knows how to get up on. Lattimore locks down Evans Which throws Evans off his game and makes him angry and what I have seen when Evans is off his game he can lose his temper and do some angry things. One thing that started the rivalry is Lattimore was trash talking the Bucs former QB Jameis Winston and Evans didn't like it and ran over to him and body slammed him.

:Evans slams Lattimore

:Derwin James

Derwin is my favorite safety in the League he has a lot of swag to him he looks great in a Chargers uniform. Derwin has a total of 139 total tackles in his career and 14 pass deflections. With this guy there is just something about him to that is just so likeable I am big fan of this guy you could maybe say he is the best safety there is a lot of other competition for that though.

:Derwin James

:Marshon Lattimore

Lattimore is my favorite corner Like I have said before he has that really cool rivalry with Mike Evans. My favorite Lattimore moment was when it was the 2018 playoffs and they were playing the Eagles. Lattimore that game had 2 Interceptions the thing I like about it was they were both during crucial parts of the game where the Saints needed the turnover. The first one was where they were down 14-0 and Quarterback Nick Foles throw a ball intended for Zach Ertz and Lattimore at the last second before Ertz could get it Lattimore jumped up and picked it off.

:Lattimore interception over Ertz

The second interception he had wasn't as talented interception but a way more clutch. Where Saints were up 20-14 and the Eagles were starting to move down the field and if they went in the in zone they could have won and sent the Saints home. So with almost about 2 mins left in the game Quarterback Nick Foles throws about a 5 yard pass to Alshon Jeffery and heartbreak goes off for The Eagles. The ball bounces off of Alshon Jeffery's hands and with Lattimore standing right behind him it lands right in his hands and Lattimore makes the game winning pick to send the Eagles home.

:Jeffery crucial drop leads to Lattimore interception

So that is my article on some of my favorite players! I have lots of more players that I like but could not put all on this list. Thank You for reading my article and let me know who some of your favorite players are.

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