My current Western Conference power rankings

My current western conference power rankings!

I will put down the order and then explain why!

  1. Warriors

  2. Clippers

  3. Lakers

  4. Mavs

  5. Nuggets

  6. Jazz

  7. Rockets

  8. Blazers

Play in tournament: Blazers vs. Grizzlies

9. Grizzlies

The Warriors go from worst to first in a matter of a year. They will probably make some good moves this offseason and that's why I have them #1.

The Clippers have a lot to play for and I do think that the chemistry will build and this team will claim #2 again.

In my eyes, this will be the first year LBJ starts to decline. The Lakers bad depth will hurt them but they will still win a lot of games.

The Mavs will have an MVP ready Luka and a fully healthy Kristaps. I believe that this team will go far in the future but for now, will claim #4.

The Nuggets will be good, but not good enough. I see other teams winning against them but they could surprise me.

The Jazz will have Bojan Bogdanović back this year and Donovan Mitchell ready to dominate.

The Rockets will not play as well in my eyes because they fired their GM. Baddddddddddd choice.

For the play-in-tournament, I have it being the same as exact play in tournament because these two teams are really strong at the PG position but mediocre everywhere else. They will fight but this will ultimately become the 8th seed fight.

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