My Patriots Training Camp Winners!

My first Winner For the Training Camp Is Gunner Olszewski, He has Reportedly been one of the best players at camp! he has done really well to the point where you can compare him and Edelman both in their second years of their careers! The most reportedly issue for him is his catching ability, Everything else looks better than last year!

My second Camp winner has to be Damien Harris, He killed it this year and everyone at camp would probably agree, he has shown way better skill and improvments everywhere, He has been the best back at camp and with Lamar Miller and Michel being banged up He could kill it this year and take the starting spot this year for years to come!

Last year JC Jackson was under the Defensive Player of the years shadow, And he had a really good, unnoticed year! as our 3rd Training Camp winner and Most likely the biggest winner has to be him, He in many peoples eyes has been the best player at camp, He has Covered almost everyone and has barely let any passes up! he has to be the best bet for underrated corners! and has recently said that he can cover anything in a interview!

thanks for reading!

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