My Super Bowl Bubble

Colin Cowherd released his “Superbowl bubble” In this, there would be 7-10 teams in the bubble and around 4-5 teams just outside of it. The reasoning for having that number is because, according to Colin, each year there are at most 10 teams competing for a Superbowl. Then there are a couple teams that might surprise you later in the year.

I saw Colin’s bubble and I disagreed with it. If you want to know his reasoning, you can watch it on his YouTube channel. I made my own Superbowl bubble with these teams:

Chiefs: This is one of the four obvious teams (Chiefs, 49ers, Ravens, Saints). They won the Superbowl last year, and they managed to retain a lot of they’re players from the Superbowl team. I suspect they will only play better, as Patrick Mahomes player fantastic in the final stretch of the season and he will hopefully stay healthy the whole year. They will have some more competition in the division though, as the Broncos, Chargers, and Raiders are threats.

49ers: The 49ers team will play just as good as they did last year. They have retained most of they’re team, and have made flashy draft moves such as getting Javon Kinlaw and Brandon Aiyuk. Without Emmanuel Sanders and Marquise Goodwin, they’re receiving core will not be as good. This doesn’t concern me a lot as they’re team is very good. The only thing they will have to watch out for is they’re deadly division.

Ravens: The scariest thing about the Ravens is they got better. They added Calais Campbell to their shutdown defense. Patrick Queen was one of the best linebackers in CFB, and he will make an incredible piece of an already loaded front-7. With Lamar Jackson going into his third year and Hollywood Brown going into his second, this offense should be just as electric. Not to mention the stellar pickup of JK Dobbins.

Saints: After 3 straight heartbreaking losses in the playoffs, 4th try might be the charm. This may be Brees’s last year, so you know he will be fighting as hard as possible to win. The team has an underrated defense with a very explosive offense. The addition of Emmanuel Sanders should help the passing game even more. They will definitely have to watch out for the Buccaneers, but I have confidence they will hold their own against them during the year.

Buccaneers: I would never count Tom Brady out of a Superbowl win. Especially when he has two of the best wide receivers in the league (Mike Evans and Chris Godwin). The O-line is improved with the addition of Tristian Wirfs, and Bruce Arians canon offense should light up secondaries. The defense is underrated also. It helped the buccaneers win 5 of their last 8 games, and it has improved with rookie Antoine Winfield JR in the secondary.

Eagles: The Eagles are one of the most underrated teams in the NFL. They managed to go 9-7 last year while being riddled with Injuries. They have completely reloaded they’re offense. With lightning quick additions such as Jalen Reagor, Marquise Goodwin, John Hightower, and the return of Desean Jackson from injury, this receiving Corp is deadly. Darius Slay and Javon Hargrave were fantastic additions to the Eagles team. Plus, getting rid of OC Mike Groh was the best possible decision. They will have to face a hard schedule as they play the NFC West and the AFC North, but I think they will be just fine.

Seahawks: Russell Wilson is a deadly threat on the air and ground. It’s bard to bet against him. The Seahawks receiving Corp is underrated, as Tyler locket is a great player and DK Metcalf will be an unstoppable force in his second year. The Seahawks sustained many injuries last year and still made the divisional round. Even though they were not the most dominant of 11-5 teams we’ve ever seen, they were still a top team. They might have one of the harder paths to a Superbowl of other teams, but I’m confident they have the ability to.

Vikings: I feel the Vikings are very underrated. Kirk Cousins is an above average QB, and as long as he plays decent this year, they should win a plenty of games. Dalvin Cook might be a sleeper MVP this year so long as he doesn’t hold out. I love the addition of Justin Jefferson as a slot receiver. Although he may not completely replace Stefan Diggs, he will be a great piece to add to this team. I love the Vikings defense also. Many people may argue cornerback is a weakness, I think the position is a little overrated. Jeff Gladney should have a good rookie season, and if he doesn’t, great safeties will protect their losses (Anthony Harris and Harrison Smith). Finally, enough can’t be said about the Vikings stellar front-7 lead by Danielle Hunter, Erik Kendricks, and Anthony Barr.

So those are the 7 teams I chose inside of the bubble. Here are the 5 teams just outside:

Bills: I love the Bills. Their team got much better with the speedy addition of Stefan Diggs. Him and John Brown will stretch the field to allow Devin Singletary free real-estate up the middle. This Bills team got a huge break over the offseason when Tom Brady left the division. The AFC East has never been weaker, and it is time for the Bills to strike. The only problem with the team is Josh Allen. Allen is good, but his inconsistency worries me. Especially in the playoffs. Allen falls apart against good defenses (as evident by Patriots and Ravens games) I hope he can make the next step this year, but I’m unsure.

Packers: I wanted to put the Packers in the bubble, but I just couldn’t. Aaron Rodgers is a great QB, but his team has lost some of it’s firepower. Not drafting Mims or Aiyuk was a costly decision. Last year, the Packers weren’t as good as their record said. They got away with too many close wins, and they weren’t able to play great against the best teams. They got torn apart in the NFC championship game. With all the drama around the packers, key losses, possible Rodgers decline, and a loaded NFC, I can’t see them as a Superbowl team at the moment.

Broncos: The Broncos could be one of the most surprising teams this year. Lock won 4/5 of his games he played, and the team has vastly improved. I like Fangio as the coach and the new firepower they gave Drew Lock. The reason they’re not in the bubble is because nobody really knows if Lock will take the next step. I think he might due to his great arm talent, swagger, leadership, and overall skill, but he might not. Who knows?

Titans: The titans made the AFC championship last season. I don’t expect much regression this season, but I also don’t expect them to get as many breaks as they did. I don’t know if a team that can’t play from behind can win. If you don’t have quick-strike-ability, good luck beating the chiefs.

Colts: A lot of the same things that applied to the Titans double for the Colts. I think their passing attack will be improved with Phillip Rivers and rookie wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. Plus, TY Hilton will hopefully be back and as good as he was. I still don’t think this team has the Talent to beat the Chiefs or the Ravens, so they just didn’t make the bubble.

A few notable teams didn’t make it at all. Here’s why:

Cowboys: There’s a lot to love about the cowboys, but a team with a new head coach and a roster that arguably got worse is not a team I’d bet on for winning the Superbowl.

Steelers: The defense is easily top 3, but defense doesn’t win championships in the NFL. Unless the offense takes a huge jump, they aren’t winning the superbowl.

Cardinals: The offense is stellar, but there are too many question marks. Plus, the defense is very middle-of-the-pack.

Rams: I like the Rams more than most, but the team is in a loaded division, and has recently struggled. The defense and running game isn’t as good as it was even with the addition of Jalen Ramsey. The team has sunk into cap-he’ll and draft-pick-he’ll recently, so don’t expect a Superbowl in the next 2-3 years.

Comment what you think!

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