My Thoughts on the NFL Thanksgiving games

The First Game On the schedule was The Detroit Lions Vs the Houston Texans, As the lions took a commanding 7-0 Lead in the start, It didn't take long until The Texans Defense Forced Turnovers Like JJ Watts Pick 6, And when the Texans saw any opening they ran through it, And with that they blew their opposing team Out 41-25, When The Texans got the lead they never looked back!

The Second game on the Thanksgiving Day Schedule was Washington Vs The Cowboys, In the start and most of the way through it was a Close good game, But Man did Antonio Gibson have a night, He had 20 carries, 115 Yards and 3 Touchdowns and 21 Receiving Yards, He for sure got the player of the game but at the end it turned ugly for Dallas, With A few touchdowns from Gibson, and A TD From Edge Rusher Sweat they closed it out and got a well needed Win in a weak NFC East division!

I hope you all Had a great Thanksgiving and Enjoyed the Games, See you all in the Next article!

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