My Top 10 Fantasy Football Receivers

June has started and so has my Fantasy Football research. Every year I like to rank players and share them with my friends. I have spent the last couple of days ranking players and I am going to start with my top 10 WRs. Feel free to argue with me in the comments. Rankings for QBs, RBs, and TEs will be coming soon. I can also expand on these rankings in the future.

10. DJ Moore

Last season DJ Moore had 87 receptions for 1175 yards and 4 touchdowns. DJ Moore had 135 targets without a competent starting quarterback. The Panthers were awful last year and fired their coach and offensive coordinator. Carolina looked in the college ranks to fill both positions. They hired Matt Rhule to be the coach and Joe Brady to be the offensive coordinator. Does the name Joe Brady sound familiar? Maybe that's because he created the best offense in college football history. The Panthers signed Robby Anderson in free agency which is the only reason DJ Moore isn't higher in my rankings. If Matt Rhule lets Joe Brady do his thing and Teddy Bridgewater is better than Kyle Allen we could be looking at a top 7 WR this year.

9. Mike Evans

I know this might seem a little low for Mike Evans but nobody knows who the WR1 is going to be in this offense. The Buccaneers have already said they are going to tweak their offense so Tom Brady is comfortable with everything. They could only tweak the offense a little or they could tweak it a lot. Evans was pretty inconsistent last year so that is why I am putting him at 9. When more clarity is given with who the number one receiver is I will change my rankings. Right now I am staying away.

8. Chris Godwin

There are two reasons I have Godwin above Evans. The first reason is Godwin was less consistent than Evans last season even though both were pretty inconsistent. Godwin fell below 10 PPR fantasy points twice while Mike Evans did that 3 times. Evans was really close to doing it a fourth time but he had 10.1 fantasy points. The second reason is Godwin mainly played in the slot last season. Julian Edelman also played in the slot last season. If Tampa Bay's offense is at all similar to New England's, Godwin should be in line for more targets. Godwin and Evans are both going in the second round and I do not think I would use a pick that high for either or the two.

7. Cooper Kupp

Cooper Kupp had the quietest WR4 season last year I have seen in a long time. Nobody really talks about this guy even though he had 94 receptions for 1161 yards and 10 touchdowns. Even more targets should coming Kupp's way this year because Brandin Cooks is gone. What's even crazier is ESPN has Kupp ranked 46th. Would you take Amari Cooper (27) or Courtland Sutton (33) over Kupp? I certainly would not. Kupp is one of the best value receivers to take this year and I would feel confident with him as the WR1 on my fantasy team this year if he can stay healthy.

6. Kenny Golladay

Last season Kenny Golladay caught 65 passes for 1190 yards and 11 touchdowns with Matthew Stafford only playing 8 games. Matt Patricia is coaching for his job this year and if he wants to win football games he is going to have to let it fly. From 2011-2017 Matthew Stafford had over 4000 yards every year. Stafford is definitely capable of passing the ball a lot. With a running game that is going to have some question marks, Stafford is going to have to throw to win games until the starting running back job is figured out.

5. Deandre Hopkins

This might come as a surprise that Hopkins is ranked this low. He is one of the top receivers in the league in real life but I think his situation could prevent him from becoming one of the top receivers in fantasy. Arizona's top 2 target getters are both back in Larry Fitzgerald and Christian Kirk. With last year's rookies developing and getting more playing time I don't see Hopkins getting anywhere near the 150 targets he got last year. I think Hopkins is a prime bust candidate and could fall out of the top 10 this year.

4. Tyreek Hill

Tyreek Hill had a decent year last season. He caught 58 passes for 860 yards and 7 touchdowns. He missed 4 games due to a broken clavicle. I think Tyreek will bounce back this year with a healthy Patrick Mahomes leading the way. Kansas City did not add any new pass catchers this free agency so the targets should all be there. Tyreek Hill was a little inconsistent last year but he should become more consistent with a healthy Patrick Mahomes. The only player the Chiefs added this year was running back Clyde Edwards Helaire with the 32nd pick in the draft. This should benefit Tyreek Hill as an improved running game should set up a lot of play action deep shots for Hill.

3. Julio Jones

Julio Jones amazes me sometimes. He is the type of player that will score 25+ points without a touchdown. Julio has done that countless times over the last couple of years. Over the last three years when Jones scores at least one touchdown he averages 26.8 PPR fantasy points per game. Julio won't score a touchdown in every game but the games he does, he is a great WR1. Even when he doesn't he is still a solid receiver for fantasy. The Falcons signed Todd Gurley to a one year contract this offseason for one last Super Bowl run. It would be crazy to think that Julio Jones would not be a huge part of the offense this upcoming season's potential super bowl run.

2. Davante Adams

Davante Adams had a down year last season because of a turf toe injury. That type of injury usually lingers for a long time after the injury happens. Adams played through this injury during the second half of the season and still averaged 18.7 PPR fantasy points per game after his injury. A fully healthy Davante Adams this season should be a monster. What makes Adams even better is the Packers didn't even draft a receiver to take targets away from him. Adams will be the focal point of the Packers' offense this year and I can see Adams getting at least 9 targets a game.

1. Michael Thomas

Who else would be the number 1 WR this year? Thomas set the record for receptions in one season last year. Drew Brees is back and the offense is going to be more dangerous than ever. Thomas has 185 targets last year. Thomas was by far the best receiver last year. There is no way Thomas gets 185 targets again with Emmanuel Sanders there but I still think Thomas can get north of 150 targets which would still rank him as one of the top receivers in the league. As good as Michael Thomas is I still probably wouldn't use a top 4 pick on him because good running backs are scarce this year and there are plenty of good receivers you can get later.

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