My Top 10 QB’s in the NFL

Top 10 QB’s in the NFL

Alongside my series breaking down my rankings for each team in the NFL, I will also begin a series detailing the top 10 of each position in the NFL starting with the quarterback.

Honorable Mentions:

Dak Prescott: After a fantastic year of throwing 4,902 yards, 30 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions, you would think Dak Prescott has to be in the top 10. My main knock on Dak is he can’t lead his team to wins without help. Not only did Dak only beat one team with a record above .500, (the rams) but he couldn’t beat the Eagles when it mattered. A great quarterback like Wentz was able to overcome obstacle after obstacle, but when not everything was going well for Dak, he lost. The run game was poor against Philadelphia. Zeke had 47 yards with 3.6 yards per carry. His star receiver wasn’t playing well. Cooper had 24 yards. The cowboys lost a fumble during the game. After all this happened, Dak was not able to win on the final drive.

Jared Goff: Goff is a very underrated player. Though he did not crack my top 10, he came close. He put up 4,638 yards last year with 22 touchdown passes. Goff is good, but he has a lot to improve upon. He wasn’t able to succeed this year as much as he did in the past due to the worsened run game. Goff showed that without Gurley running like an MVP, he would perform poorly. I still believe that talent-wise, Goff is easily a top 10 QB. He just has much too many flaws in his game.

Kirk Cousins: Though I always thought the narrative that Cousins couldn’t win big games was stupid, he still broke it down after his win vs the Saints. He threw for 242 yards and a touchdown against the saints. The win was clearly not all his, but he managed to control the game and make some clutch plays down the stretch. In his 11-5 campaign with the Vikings, he played terrifically. He put up 3,603 yards, 26 touchdowns, and only 6 interceptions. Kirk won’t make the top ten due to him being more of a game-managing quarterback.

Without further ado, the top 10:

Number 10: Matt Ryan

Ryan has gone 7-9 for the past two years. That, in my opinion, has had less to do with him and more to do with the horrendous defensive play from the Falcons. Last season, he put up 4,466 yards and 26 touchdowns. Last year was actually a down year for Ryan as the previous year he threw for 4,924 yards and 35 touchdowns. Ryan still has a lot in the tank, though, and new pieces in the falcons offense should put him back to his great self.

Number 9: Tom Brady

Brady just barely passed 4,00 yards last season, and passed for 24 touchdowns to 8 interceptions. I don’t think the down year was entirely his fault, as his receivers could not stretch the field. That should not be an issue in Tampa Bay as he has a plethora of weapons to throw to.

Number 8: Matt Stafford

Stafford was on fire in the 8 games he played before Injury. He would have been on pace to throw 5,000 yards and 38 touchdowns. When there are pieces around him, he plays like an MVP. The main problem is, he has not played this consistently good for a long time, and he is coming off of an injury.

Number 7: Drew Brees

Brees played out of his mind last season, (as he usually does) throwing nearly 3,000 yards and 27 touchdown passes in just 11 games. Brees is a very lucky quarterback, though, as he has had the best wide receiver, a top running back, and a solid offensive line for a few years. Brees may be the best short-throwing-quarterback the game has ever seen, yet we have begun to see him struggle a bit throwing the deep ball. He is 41, and he is most likely on his last season, so don’t be expecting him to be throwing the ball all over the yard like Patrick Mahomes.

Number 6: Deshaun Watson

Watson was a serious MVP candidate in the beginning of the season. He was leading the NFL in touchdown passes for some time. He played less well in the second half, but managed to lead his team to the divisional round (where he was promptly stomped by Patrick Mahomes). Watson plays terrifically, but he is just a step off from the next QB at number 5.

Number 5: Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz may have the second best pure arm talent in the NFL. He managed to break the Eagles passing yard record, and almost single handedly lead them to the playoffs last year. In his last 4 games, he had a 7/0 TD/INT ratio while throwing to guys off his practice squad. He had to be perfect during that stretch and he was. Say what you will about Wentz, but when he is healthy, he may be top 3. The only downside I can think of with Wentz is his Injuries, but I’m able to (for the most part) overlook them due to their freakish nature.

Number 4: Aaron Rodgers

I think Aaron Rodgers is the most accurate quarterback in the league. He has the best release I have ever seen out of any player ever, and he just got finished with his best season since 2016. What’s not to love about Aaron Rodgers?

Number 3: Lamar Jackson

Say what you want about Lamar Jackson not being able to win a playoff game, he is a top 3 quarterback. Also, the loss wasn’t all his fault. Him and the Ravens severely out-gained the Titans, but they could finish drives. He was the MVP last year, he broke a quarterback rushing record, and he led the league in passing touchdowns. With Hollywood Brown returning for his sophomore season, expect Jackson to play just as well throwing the football.

Number 2: Russell Wilson

Wilson is the second best quarterback and I feel that should be obvious. He is probably the best overall quarterback when it comes to accuracy, leadership, pre-snap, and mobility. He is just edged out by Mahomes due to Mahomes’s freakish arm talent and winning. Also, I don’t think there is another player more valuable to their team than Wilson. Sure, Mahomes is incredibly valuable, but I think the Chiefs still win 9-10 games without him. The Seahawks won 11 one score games. How many would they have won without Wilson. I’d say 2-3. That would make them a 3-4 win team. Wow.

Number 1: Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes is the best quarterback I have ever watched. This should be so obvious I shouldn’t even have to explain it, so I won’t.

Do you agree? Comment what you think!

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