My Top 5 Point Guards in the 2019-20 NBA Season

At Number Five we have Kyle Lowry. This year he has led the Raptors team alongside Pascal Siakam to the Second Seed in the Eastern Conference and the third best record in the NBA. He has stats of 19.9 PPG 5.1 RPG and 7.6 APG on shooting splits of 49.7% from two, 35.9% from three and 86.3% from the free throw line in 54 games this season.

Coming in at Number Four we have Russell Westbrook. He has had a really good season alongside James Harden on the Houston Rockets and has helped lead them to the playoffs once again. He has averages of 27.6 PPG 8.1 RPG and 7.0 APG on shooting splits of 51.6% from two, 25.6% from three and 77.3% from the free throw line in 55 games this season.

At Number Three we have Luka Doncic. He played Shooting Guard last year but played primarily Point Guard this year. He has led the Dallas Mavericks to the playoffs in the Western Conference in just his second season in the league averaging 28.9 PPG 9.3 RPG and 8.8 APG on shooting splits of 57.6% from two, 31.2% from three and 75.5% from the free throw line in 56 games.

At Number Two have Damian Lillard. The Portland Trail Blazers haven’t been that good this year after Lillard helped them make the Conference Finals last year due to injuries with many different players throughout the year, but Lillard has still dominated the league with his ability to score from anywhere past the half court line with ease. Damian Lillard has been averaging 28.9 PPG 4.3 RPG and 8.0 APG on shooting splits of 52% from two, 39.1% from three and 88.8% from the free throw line in 60 games this season.

At Number One we Lebron James. He has played Small Forward most of his career but has Primarily played Point Guard this season. Lebron James alongside Anthony Davis have led the Lakers to the best record in the Western Conference and the Second best record in the league. Lebron has been dominate as always and has had averages of 25.4 PPG 8.0 RPG and 10.4 APG (which he leads the league in assists per game) on shooting splits of 56.6% from two, 34.9% from three and 69.8% from the free throw line in 63 games this season.

Note* Players such as Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry were not on this list due to not playing enough games in the 2019-20 Season which is the Season these stats are used from.

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