Myles Garrett for DPOY? Let's dive deeper into it

Myles Garrett this season has been insanely good already. He has 6 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 2 strip sacks and 14 tackles this season currently number one in the league. He is currently the AFC Defensive Player of the month. Despite what happened last season, Myles Garrett has came back stronger. Let's see how he can win DPOY.

The Browns defensive line all year have been dominate with the leadership of Myles Garrett. Since he was drafted he has always been one of the top 5 defensive ends and linemen in the NFL. No matter what O-line this D-line has faced they have always gotten pressure on the QB. Now time to explain why Myles can win DPOY.

Myles Garrett celebrating a sack on Joe Burrow in Week 7

Without hesitation Myles Garrett strikes at the linemen and most of the time gets constant pressure on the QB and gets a sack or strip sack. If Myles keeps this up for the rest of the season he has a giant chance to win DPOY, but he has some tough competitors. One of the toughest defensive linemen to beat, Aaron Donald, is right on Garrett's tail with only one less sack than him. Aaron Donald is just as dominate as Myles Garrett getting past any double team. Let's go to the stats.

Myles Garrett has 19 solo tackles, meaning he has 19 tackles without any type of help. He has 3 assists making him even more dominate as he does things mostly by himself. Although he still needs help from his teammates. Myles Garrett has 74 yards worth of sacks.

Myles Garrett still has a long 9 games ahead of him against some easy and some tough offensive lines, but that won't be enough to stop the beast. Myles is currently not practicing due to Kevin Stefanski being cautious of his ankle. But he is confident Myles will play this upcoming Sunday against the Las Vegas Raiders who have gave up 369 yards to Tom Brady in Week 7. Their O-line is pretty good I would say but not the best. Myles and the Browns defensive line can 100% rip them apart.

Myles Garrett in the offseason has said he specifically wants to get DPOY, and has encouraged himself to work even harder. That hard work so far is paying off. I hope to see Myles keep this amazing gameplay up. He was on the verge of getting DPOY last season but with the incident that got him suspended for 6 games or I should say the rest of the season that did not happen. This season is quite different, he seems way more focused on his gameplay instead of the media which is what every player in the NFL needs to do. That is certainly helping him get closer to his goal of getting DPOY. Myles is working every single day and night, nothing is gonna stop him from getting that award. Tune in for other articles coming your way. GO BROWNS!

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