NBA young stars with great futures

NBA stars with great futures the NBA has a great future right now with all the young superstars that are only going to get better. The NBA will be very entertaining for the years to come games will get lots of attendance with all the young stars that will be going off. So that is what I am going to be talking about in today's article NBA young stars with great futures and go through each one of them.

Jayson Tatum:

Tatum is a super star for the Boston Celtics he is the best player on the Celtics. A lot of people say that Tatum can be remembered as one of the Celtics all time greats up there with players like Paul Peirce and Ray Allen and plenty of others. But in order for Tatum to do that he has to keep playing at a Elite level also has to win a couple of championships. Tatum in the 2019 season averaged 23.4 points, 7.0 rebounds and 3.0 assists. With those stats Tatum is for sure a top 20 player in the NBA.

One of my favorite moments by Tatum is when it was game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals. Jayson Tatum drove to the hoop Lebron James jumped up to contest the dunk and Tatum dunked on him and put his chest right into Lebron after he dunked on him.

:Tatum dunk on Lebron

Luka Doncic:

Luka is very young superstar and is already in my opinion a top 10 player in the NBA. I also think that at some point in his career he will be the best player in the NBA. Him and his teammate Kristaps Porzingis are a great duo but Kristaps is hurt a lot if he was more healthy they might be more on top of the Western Conference. Just in the 2019 season Luka averaged 28.8 points. With that type of average right now at a young age it's scary to think someday he will be averaging more than that.

My favorite moment by Luka is when he hit a buzzer beater in the first round of the playoffs in Last years NBA bubble. Just this recent year vs the LA Clippers in the first round of the playoffs. It was a huge shot with the Mavs desperately needing him to make it to help them get back into the series.

:Luka buzzer beater shot

Devin Booker:

Booker has a huge future ahead of him he has even shown that at very begging marks of his career where very early in his career he dropped 70 points vs the Boston Celtics. He came 11 points short Of Kobe Bryant career high 81 only in one of Booker's first 1 -2 years in the NBA. But one concern I have about Booker is I think that he is wasting a little bit of his talent on the Suns. I say this because the Suns over the years really haven't done much and they haven't really made the playoffs much so if they can't even get to the playoffs that doesn't give Booker a chance to win championships he deserves.

One of Booker's craziest moments by booker was in last years NBA bubble where made a game winning buzzer beater over superstar Paul George to win the game.

: Booker buzzer beater over Paul George

Ja Morant:

Ja is the point guard that I think has best future out of all young point guards. I can see Ja having the most potential out of almost all of the young NBA stars not all but a lot of them. Ja playstyle actually really reminds me of Derrick Rose when he was amazing on the Chicago Bulls. Ja in his rookie year averaged 17.8 points. I think if Ja can get a better three point shot going and a better jumper the dude is going to be Impossible to guard.

Trae Young:

Trae plays Ice cold I think the guy is going to have a bright future with the Atlanta Hawks. Hawks have a lot of other good players on there team that can maybe help Trae get to the playoffs this year. Trae has the green light to shoot threes and take a lot of shots sometimes I see Trae take threes from the logo mid court and actually making some of them. I got faith in Trae he will make the all star team several of times in his career.

That is my list on NBA stars with great futures. There are plenty of other players I can put on this list but I decided to put the ones that are easy to talk about. the Other stars I could have mentioned Zion Williamson, Jaylen Brown, Donovan Mitchell, Bam Adebayo, Brandon Ingram and de 'Aaron Fox and so many more I could mention. But that is my list on the young superstars thank you for reading and please leave a comment.

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