NFL Divisional Round Power Rankings

The wild card weekend is always one of my favorite weeks of the year, this year it was kind of underwhelming. There still were some exciting games like the Colts against the Bills, but for the most part it was very disappointing. Hopefully we can have a better divisional round with these 8 teams.

8 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

You probably expect the Browns or Rams to be here right? The Buccaneers have one of the most talented rosters in the NFL, but they seem to collapse against good defenses. The Washington game was a great example. If the Buccaneers were the team that people make them out to be they wouldn’t have let the game get this close. Wether it’s their constant blitzes that even an inexperienced quarterback like Taylor Heinicke can pick apart or their refusal to run the ball, the coaches are the reason this team isn’t any higher. And now they are playing a team that has had their number all season.

7 Cleveland Browns

The Browns had the biggest upset of the week in the wild card round despite being at a huge disadvantage. Coming up with a 28-0 lead in the first quarter against the Steelers. The Browns weren’t playing well for the rest of the game though, only scoring 20 points and, due to a change of play calling for the Steelers, allowed 37 points In the next 3 quarters. With Kevin Stefanski and Joel Bitonio coming back this team is only getting better. It’s impossible for me to imagine this Browns team is capable of beating Andy Reid and the Chiefs this year, but this was still a great season that shows change in the Browns organization.

6 Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson is the Ravens offense. Sure having a running back like J.K. Dobbins is helpful, but he wouldn’t be anywhere near as productive if it weren’t for the other team being worried about the threat of Lamar Jackson tucking it and running. The Ravens defense was really good early in the season then players like Marlon Humphrey, Calais Campbell, and Patrick Queen started to slow down, but now these players look reenergized and this defense is playing great again. The thing that really makes this team great is the amount of play makers on both sides of the ball. This team is a real threat that shouldn’t be taken likely.

5 Los Angeles Rams

I knew the Rams’ defense was good, but I didn’t know it was that good. Despite Jared Goff not being capable of throwing the ball accurately due to a finger injury, the Rams defense was able to get them a win. Aaron Donald may have got injured halfway through the game, but he still played a huge role in the Rams’ win, sacking Russell Wilson twice and being a force in the running game. Jalen Ramsey did a spectacular job shutting down D.K. Metcalf. His ability to deflect passes without getting pass interference show off his super human athleticism. Darious Williams is the unsung hero of this defense with who can shut down anyone in the slot, he’s also great at making plays on the ball. I really believe this team can be in the super bowl this year.

4 Buffalo Bills

The Bills didn’t play to their full potential in the wild card round, but they still walked off the field with a win. The Bills’ offense isn’t a well balanced attack of running and passing, instead it’s an amazing passing offense with receivers that all have huge route trees that allow them to do many different things for the offense. Unpredictable offenses like this are extremely dangerous. The defense is really what holds this team back, it’s not bad, but it makes it a lot harder for the Bills to win games. The Bills want a defense that won’t allow teams to chew the clock out, but they don’t have that, in fact it’s a big reason they almost lost to the Colts.

3 Green Bay Packers

The Packers have the team that Aaron Rodgers has been asking for his whole career. A superb offensive line, a spectacular running back, a reliable tight end, and the best reciever in the NFL, thats all a player can ask for. The matchup may tough this week, but I feel like Devante Adams is gonna be able to beat Jalen Ramsey consistently. I also believe their offensive line is good enough to stop Aaron Donald and that devastating pass rush.

2 New Orleans Saints

The Saints were great on Sunday, they don’t have the flashiest or most explosive offense, but it’s definitely the most efficient. They can march up the field against any defense, and their offensive line is a big reason why. Erik McCoy, Terron Armstead, Andrus Peat, Ryan Ramczyk, and the rookie, Cesar Ruiz, form a wall that can make any play work perfectly, which is why the offense was so efficient despite having only Alvin Kamara. Michael Thomas being back gives the Saints the slight edge over the Packers.

1 Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have so much talent on both sides of the ball, I really have no clue how to beat them. Some people say the Browns matchup well against the Chiefs, and I understand that, but I can’t imagine the Chiefs losing after two weeks of rest. We know how good Andy Reid is after a bye.

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