NFL playoff predictions

The NFL playoffs are almost here! I am very exited for this and am going to be telling you guys my first round predictions on who I think is going to win. I will explain why they will win as well and at the very end I tell you who I think is going to win the super bowl.

Browns Vs Steelers:

This going to be a very good matchup both teams are about evenly matched But I think the winner will be the Steelers. I think this because Quarterback Big Ben for the Steelers has a lot of experience with being in the playoffs even won a super bowl once. He in the playoffs is for sure capable of putting up a big game betting the reason to also having decent offensive targets like Ju Ju Smith Shuster, Chase Claypool, Eric Ebron and James Connor.

This game is also being played at the Steelers stadium I know there isn't going to be much fans because of Corona but playing at your home stadium just feels better so that can help the Steelers. My final last reason is Don't have much trust in QB baker Mayfield in a playoff game I think he will fold under the pressure and make some mistakes also because Steelers have a good defense.

I do know that the Browns have a good running back duo of Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt so if passing doesn't work they will just run but I think Steelers are winning this one.

Colts Vs Bills:

This is going to be a great game to really good defenses going at it with the Colts maybe even having the best Defense. But I got Bills taking the win on this one. Reason to is both teams have a good defense but in my opinion the Bills have just a little bit of a better offensive than the Colts than can slightly get them the win. QB Josh Allen has been on fire this year and has a great throwing connection to Receiver Stefon Diggs.

Ravens Vs Titans:

Titans and Ravens to really good exiting teams but I got Titans winning this one it's gonna be a fun one a rematch from last years playoff game between these to. Last years score was 28-12 with Titans winning Derrick henry destroyed the Ravens defense last year like they were nothing. I Have heard lots of people actually saying Henry is the best Running Back this year. So if Henry destroyed the Ravens last year and he is the best this year then he might destroy them again.

Then also It's not just Henry that's good QB for the Titans Ryan Tannehill has been really good this year and has been throwing a lot more and has proved he is not just a QB who hands it off to the Running back he can throw. Tannehill has a great receiver duo to pass to as AJ Brown and Corey Davis. Titans can be scary Tannehill proving he can pass and having Henry.

I don't have trust in the Ravens because QB Lamar Jackson has been knocked out in the first round of the playoffs in every year in his career. I feel like Titans are gonna figure out a way to stop Lamar Jackson running to force him to pass. So I got Titans winning this one.

Rams Vs Seahawks:

Seahawks vs The Rams with the amazing defense and great receiver duo of Cooper Kupp And Robert Woods. But those receivers might not get many receptions because there starting QB Jared Goff might not play do to a Injury.

That is big reason to why I have Seahawks winning this one. But big reason is to I have a lot of trust in Seahawks QB Russell Wilson At the begging of this year he was playing like a MVP player but kinda slowed down a little bit. But I think Russell Wilson is going to explode this Playoffs and will suprise people because everyone is talking about other QB's like Patrick Mahomes and Arron Rodgers.

I Know early I mentioned Rams receiver duo Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods but Seahawks have there own receiver duo of DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett.

Then with the Rams not having Goff I don't think there back up QB Wolford will hit there receiver duo and the Rams don't really have a superstar running back so they won't be able to run if they can't hit passes. So I got Seahawks to win in this one.

Like I promised at the beginning of this article I will be telling you my super bowl winner. The team that I think is going to win is the Kansas City Chiefs you can't go wrong with picking a team who just won last year. Then of course having Patrick Mahomes and fast receivers as Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins and maybe the best tight end in the NFL Kelce.

That is my article on my NFL playoff picks let me know what you think of my picks and leave a comment thank you.

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