NFL Playoff Predictions Part 2

This is the second part of a NFL playoff prediction series. This will go into seeds 6-10 in the AFC.

Note: this series was using an NFL playoff predictor website.

6 seed: Cleveland Browns (10-6): Key wins: Wk 4 Cowboys (Away) Wk 5 Colts (Home) Wk 10 Texans (Home) Wk 11 Eagles (Home) Wk 17 Steelers (Home) Key losses: Wk 1 Ravens X2 Wk 6 Steelers (Away) Wk 7 Bengals (Away) Wk 16 Jets (Away)

The Browns have the 4th easiest schedule in the NFL. Myles Garrett will be coming back and can be a key part of the team. With a new head coach things should change for the Browns. Hopefully, Baker Mayfield improves and can show his pro bowl potential. OBJ is still an elite WR and Jarvis Landry and Austin Hooper help make the receiving corp elite.

7 seed: Buffalo Bills (9-7): Key wins: Wk 3 Rams (Home) Wk 9 Seahawks (Home) Wk 10 Cardinals (Away) Wk 14 Steelers (Home) Key losses: Wk 6 Chiefs (Home) Patriots X2, Wk 13 49ers (Away), Wk 15 Broncos (Away)

The Bills have the 5th toughest schedule in the NFL. Many think that they are a lock for their division. With the Bill having a top 10 defense, analysts thought that their offense would be the issue. However, when adding Stefon Diggs the worry has gone away. I would think the Bills are a lock for the division except the Patriots know how to beat them. The Patriots were 30-3 with Brady. Even without Brady, Belicheck knows how to beat them.

Not making the playoffs:

8 seed: Colts (8-8) Key wins: Wk 2 Vikings (Home) Wk 9 Ravens (Home) Wk 15 Texans (Home) Key losses: Wk 3 Jets (Home) Wk 11 Packers (Home) Wk 16 Steelers (Away)

The Colts defense is elite, but their offense just isn't strong enough to make the playoffs. With the signing of Philip Rivers, many fans think the Colts are a sleeper team. But the Colts have no offensive threats. They have a good offensive link but T.Y. Hilton is injury prone and besides that the rest of their WR corp are scrubs. This was their last shot. This teams got to enter rebuilding mood.

9 seed: Denver Broncos (8-8) Key wins: Wk 3 Buccaneers (Home) Wk 9 Falcons (Away) Wk 15 Bills (Home) Key losses: Chiefs X2, Wk 12 Saints (Home) Wk 11 Chargers (Home) Wk 4 Jets (Away)

The Broncos are also considered a sleeper team. Many think that Drew Lock will emerge as an elite QB. Additionally, their WR corp is solid with first time pro bowler Coutland Sutton and first round pick Jerry Jeudy. Denver also singed pro bowler Melvin Gordon to pair with Philip Lindsay as a one-two punch. But, when the Chiefs are in your division that is basically 2 losses and they have to play the Steelers and the Saints. Denver has a tough schedule. I don't see them making the playoffs this year, but next year there is a lot of hope.

10 seed: Houston Texans (7-9) Key Wins: Wk 4 Vikings (Home) Wk 11 Patriots (Home) Wk 13 Colts (Home) Key losses: Wk 1 Chiefs (Away) Wk 2 Ravens (Home) Wk 3 Steelers (Away) Wk 7 Packers (Home) Wk 14 Bears (Away)

The Texans have the toughest start in the league. In the first 3 weeks the Texans verse the Ravens, Chiefs, and Steelers; All teams who I think will have a 13 win season. With the trade of Hopkins, fans are upset. Last year their defense ranked 28th. And with the Texans best WR being Brandon Cooks, Deshaun Watson won't have a lot of options.

Other teams in the AFC:

11 seed: Oakland Raiders (7-9)

12 seed: New York Jets (5-11)

13 seed: Cincinatti Bengals (4-12)

14 seed: Miami Dolphins (4-12)

15 seed: Los Angeles Chargers (4-12)

16 seed: Jacksonville Jaguars (2-14)

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