NFL Playoff Predictions Part 4

This is the 4th part of a 5 part series. This article will go into seeds 6-16 in the NFC.

Note: I will not be going into key losses and wins anymore, I will just say the predicted record.

6 seed: Seattle Seahawks (11-5)

Russell Wilson is an elite QB. He is great out of the pocket and can get out of any situation. However, he is getting older and past his prime. This may affect how many times Wilson will go out of the pocket. The Seahawks also have a great WR corp. Tyler Lockett is a top 20 WR and DK Metcalf showed pro bowl potential last year. Additionally, the Seahawks added Greg Olsen to their team to be TE 1. Seattle's defense is ranked middle of the pack led by All-pro MLB Bobby Wagner. Defense wins championships and their defense prevents them from being Super Bowl contenders.

7 seed: Arizona Cardinals (10-6)

Many think that the Kyler Murray will develop into a pro bowl QB this year with the addition of Deandre Hopkins. Murray's ability to escape out of the pocket gives him pro bowl potential. Deandre Hopkins is a top 3 WR and will be a great target for Murray, as well as Larry Fitzgerald and Christian Kirk. Also, the Cardinals were lucky enough to snag LB Isaiah Simmons in the draft from Clemson as late as the 8th pick. This really boosts their defense and I think this team can score at will and are in the playoff race.

Not making the playoffs:

8 seed: Atlanta Falcons (9-7)

I am a big fan of the Atlanta Falcons. They haven't had much success since they loss in the Super Bowl verse the Patriots. They still have a talented offense with Julio Jones, Matt Ryan, and the signing of pro bowler Todd Gurley. Although, their defense is poor, this is the Falcons last run at it before rebuilding. I think this team can definitely edge out Arizona for the 7 seed but have a very tough division. They have to verse the Saints and Buccaneers twice. I really hope this team makes the playoffs. They are a threat to anyone they verse.

9 seed: Green Bay Packers (9-7)

Aaron Rodgers is 36 and is very injury prone. The Packers has one of the worst drafts and instead of selecting offensive players to help Rodgers they picked QB Jordan Love out of Utah State. This is basically saying that they will be moving on from Rodgers in the coming years. Additionally, the Packers defense isn't ranked in the top 15 according to Bleacher Report. If Rodgers gets injured and Love starts playing, the Packers have started the rebuilding phase.

10 seed: Philadephia Eagles (8-8)

Carson Wentz is overrated. He is not better than Dak Prescott and didn't even lead his team while in the playoffs. Their WR and TE corp is talented but injury prone. DeSean Jackson gets injured every year and Alshon Jeffery did not play most of last year. Fans think that Miles Sanders will be a top 10 RB. This is false. Sanders showed potential especially with a very good offensive line, but skill wise he is not a pro bowler. The trade for Darius Slay will improve the defense but I don't think there is enough room for the Cowboys and Eagles in the playoffs. The Cowboys have a better QB. When it comes down to it, the QB is the most important position in the game and Wentz can't perform.

Other NFC teams:

11 seed: Minnesota Vikings (7-9)

12 seed: Los Angeles Rams (6-10)

13 seed: Carolina Panthers (5-11)

14 seed: Detroit Lions (4-12)

15 seed: New York Giants (3-13)

16 seed: Washington Redskins (2-14)

Part 5 will be coming Monday or Tuesday. Make sure to share your view in the comments.

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