NFL Playoffs Preview

The last month of the NFL season is a rollcoaster ride. Filled with upsets, miracles, and great stories, it is very intense. But this year is different.

The impact of COVID-19 completely changes this late season playoff push. The less fans means less home-field advantage. A team like the Ravens or Raiders would use their avid fanbases to back them. They don't have that this year. As was shown this week, a team can lose many players to COVID. Look at the Ravens. They had Robert Griffin as the starting QB. ROBERT GRIFFIN! Enough said, let's get to the interesting stuff. I will be categorizing each team and then make my postseason predictions.

No Chance: Jets, Bengals, Jaguars, Broncos, Chargers, Lions, Falcons, Panthers.

All of these teams have little to no chance. I was considering putting the Falcons up a tier because of how good they have been lately, but I think it is a little too late. And it does not help them that they play the Saints, Chiefs, and Bucs twice to end the year.

NFC East: Giants, Football Team, Eagles, Giants

This division is awful but still close. Every team stinks. But every team has a legit shot in this abysmal division.

Maybe Next Year: Niners, Bears, Texans

The Niners and Texans have been good as of late, but in a tight wild card race, both these teams will need to win and least 9 games if they want to make it in. And the Bears have just totally collapsed, starting 5-1, now 5-6.

Final Wildcard Spots: Dolphins, Browns, Ravens, Colts, Raiders, Vikings, Bucs, Cardinals, Rams, Patriots

These are the teams that will be on the brink of in or out. Games like the Ravens vs. Browns, Browns vs. Titans, Colts vs. Raiders, Vikings vs. Bucs, Dolphins vs. Raiders, Patriots vs. Dolphins, and Cardinals vs. Rams twice will shape the Wild Card seeding. I think the Ravens, Vikings, and Bucs have huge advantages, due to the fact that their schedule is easier than the other teams.

Top Teams: Seahawks, Saints, Packers, Chiefs, Titans, Steelers, Bills

These are the teams that are the contenders. These 7 teams have shown me that they have the strength to win it all this year.


AFC East: Bills: 11-5, Pats: 9-7, Dolphins: 9-7, Jets: 0-16

AFC North: Steelers: 14-2, Browns: 11-5, Ravens: 10-6, Bengals: 2-13-1

AFC South: Titans: 12-4, Colts: 11-5, Texans: 5-11, Jaguars: 1-15

AFC West: Chiefs: 14-2, Raiders: 10-6, Chargers: 5-11, Broncos: 4-12


NFC East: WFT: 6-10, Giants: 5-11, Eagles: 4-11-1, Cowboys: 4-12

NFC North: Packers 13-3, Vikings: 9-7, Bears: 7-9, Lions: 5-11

NFC South: Saints: 13-3, Bucs: 10-6, Falcons: 6-10, Panthers: 5-11

NFC West: Seahawks: 12-4, Cardinals: 10-6, Niners: 9-7, Rams: 9-7


  1. Chiefs

  2. Steelers

  3. Titans

  4. Bills

  5. Browns

  6. Colts

  7. Raiders


  1. Packers

  2. Saints

  3. Seahawks

  4. WFT

  5. Cardinals

  6. Bucs

  7. Vikings

Wild Card Round: AFC

Raiders beat Steelers 26-20

Titans beat Colts 30-23

Bills beat Browns 31-14

Wild Card Round: NFC

Vikings beat Saints 31-26

Seahawks beat Bucs 35-31

Cardinals beat WFT 27-10

Divisional Round: AFC

Chiefs beat Raiders 31-27

Titans beat Bills 28-17

Divisional Round: NFC

Packers beat Vikings 27-23

Seahawks beat Cardinals 37-27

Championship Game: AFC

Chiefs beat Titans 38-26

Championship Game: AFC

Seahawks beat Packers 35-24


Seahawks beat Chiefs 38-31

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