NFL's best route runners

Wide receivers in the NFL have to be able to do Lot things run good routes, catch the ball, blow past the corners who are guarding them and much more. There are a lot of receivers who are better than others at a main skill set at there position. So the guys on this list are the NFL's best route runners these receivers are hard to guard do to there route running let's talk about it.

Davante Adams:

When someone talks about route running the first person you Would think of is Davante Adams. Everyone knows it's obvious he's the best at route running if you look the highlights the way he does it is amazing. A lot of his receptions may come off of him making a quick jab step to trick the corner then get a ball thrown to him from Aron Rodgers. A lot of the time if it takes Adams a long time to get open Rodgers can buy time in the pocket with his good offensive line blocking for him. Then Rodgers can juke defensive linemen trying to sack him that gives Adams a lot of time do route running moves to get open and get a deep ball reception while the play is broken.

Stefon Diggs:

I am going to say Diggs is a close second in route running just right behind Adams. When I have watched Diggs play his route running is just so great to watch the way he does the route running is so smooth and looks perfect. Thing about Diggs is he is fast and is a deep threat he has the route running and speed so it's so hard to guard him. My favorite play from Diggs is the play where he caught the game winning pass in the playoffs with game on the line vs the saints Quarterback back kase Ceenum threw a deep ball prayer to Diggs caught it with a saints cornerback missing the tackle he ran got the touchdown and won the Vikings the playoff game.

Keenan Allen:

A lot of people say Keenan Allen is a top 7 Wide receiver and a lot of that may be due to his route running. Parts about Keenan Allen can be very underrated receiver but good amount of people see his talent. So he is one of the best route runners on this list this 2020 year Keenan Allen has really helped rookie Justin Herbert this year complete passes with Allen being the Chargers best receiver. I do think Keenan Allen can get better years to come because for years to come in his career Justin Herbert is going to be the Chargers franchise QB and Herbert is only going to get better. So that will help Allen get some receptions Allen will keep playing at a Elite level due to his Route running. He is one of the best at route running and probably always will be.

So that's my List on some of NFL's best route runners. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think and what other good route runners there are.

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