NFL's Legendary receivers

NFL's legendary receivers receiver is my favorite position in football I also think it's the best position in football with how entertaining it is to watch receivers play to see all the highlights they make. With receiver being my favorite position I know most of all time and current receivers by them mostly being my favorite players. So with that said what I am talking about in this article is some of the best all time legendary receivers to play the game football. Lets talk about it legendary receivers.

Jerry Rice:

Rice was a receiver for the 49ers my opinion he is the best receiver of all time not just my opinion he is the best I think its a fact he is the best receiver of all time. Jerry Rice played college ball at Mississippi Valley State not known for being one of the top dogs for College Football but Rice played there. Rice finished his college football career with 301 catches, 4,693 yards and 50 touchdowns. Jerry Rice was drafted in the 1985 draft was selected in the first round at number 16. The 49ers were happy to take him and he was ready for his rookie year. But in Jerry Rice rookie year he struggled he had a lot of drops that he for sure should be catching but it wasn't anything people needed to worry about it was Rice first season and he was trying to hard to be good and sometimes when you try to hard things don't work out. But Rice was a rookie and sometimes when your a rookie you think you can do everything but after he stopped trying so hard he got right into being good he played like a legendary receiver. It's where Rice journey began he played for 49ers from 1985-2000 which were his best prime years with 49ers. Then from 2001-2004 he played for the Oakland Raiders Then for last team he played for he played for the Denver broncos in 2005. Rice had a amazing career as you can see he played in the NFL for 20 years. So then finally to his Career stats are 13 time pro bowler, 10 time all pro, 3 super bowls. With those things said I think he is the best all time receiver and some people even say he is the best all time football player.

Randy Moss:

Moss was a amazing receiver for the Minnesota Vikings and also when he played college football at Marshall University. After playing for Marshall he got drafted to the NFL by the Vikings in the 1st round and number 21 overall. He played for the Vikings from 1998-2004 he also played for the Raiders, Patriots, Titans and 49ers But his best days when he had the most talent was when he was on the Vikings that's his prime. Lastly Moss career stats are 6 time pro bowler, 4 time all pro and had a career total of 156 career TD's.

Terrell Owens:

Owens is in my top 2 favorite all time receivers my opinion he is the best trash talking receiver of all time he would talk a lot. Owens Played college football at university of Tennessee and was selected in the third round of the 1996 NFL draft by the 49ers. Terrell Owens was in the NFL for 14 years and in those 14 years he played for 5 teams the teams were the 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys, Bills and Bengals. Through Owens career he had 153 receiving touchdowns, 1,078 receptions and 15,934 receiving yards.

My favorite Terrell Owens moment was when he caught a touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys and ran the middle of the cowboys field and stood on the Cowboys logo which is the star and put his hands in the air and a huge fight broke out but Owens didn't care which proves he's trash talking receiver.

:Terrell Owens standing on Cowboys star

Calvin Johnson:

Calvin is one of the biggest receivers NFL history he is big, tall, Athletic and fast so since he has all of those things with height he was Impossible to guard. Calvin was also very good at catching high contested thrown balls with cornerbacks draped all over him. Calvin went to college at Georgia Institute of technology and pretty sure with him on the team he lead them to a couple of bowl games. But then after college Calvin was drafted by the Lions with the second overall pick in the 2007 draft. Calvin Johnson played in the NFL for only 9 years Calvin could have played longer than that but he was dealing with so many Injuries throughout his career he didn't want to do it anymore. With another reason Calvin was playing for the Lions I don't think he wanted to waste his team beating himself up off of Injuries playing for a team who will have losing record season for years to come.

Larry Fitzgerald:

Larry has been in the NFL for so long but yet to get a super bowl. Larry is the type of NFL player that know one hates he is such a good athlete everyone loves. Larry has been on the Cardinals his whole career and is the type of player that never drops a pass thrown to him. Played college at Pittsburgh drafted by the Cardinals of course. He has been playing for the Cardinals since 2004-2020.

Fun Fact:

When Larry Fitzgerald was a kid he was a ball boy for the Minnesota Vikings

That is my article on Legendary receivers thank you for reading let me know what you think about these receivers.

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