NFL's Legendary running backs

The running back position in football is a huge part of the game. If your a team that likes to grind clock and take your time when you have the ball then having a running back is very important to your team. You can for sure argue that running back is the most Important position in offensive football with all the long runs backs have all the trucking, juking they have on defenders they have to do. There are lots of other things running backs do but what I am going to be talking about in this article is the most Legendary running backs from NFL's history all these guys I will mention all have something special about them with there style of play.

Walter Payton:

Walter Payton he played for the Chicago Bears and played college at Jackson State me as a Bears fan I say Payton is the best running back of all time. But let's talk about what Payton did he won a super bowl with The Chicago Bears in 1985 he was very clutch that year by getting the Bears there only super bowl. In my opinion the Bears most likely without a doubt wouldn't have won the super bowl that year without him. Payton was the best player on there team obviously Payton had a total of 110 TD's in his career Payton won the MVP award in 1977. Payton also ran for at least 1,200 yards for 10 out of the 13 seasons in his career, 9 time pro bowler and made all pro 5 times. Payton's stats can prove to why he could have been the best. This to mention doesn't have to do with stats but a famous quote Payton has that makes me motivated the quote is - When your good at something you will tell yourself when your great at something they will tell you.

Barry Sanders:

Barry is a running back that you can say is the best back of all time. He played college at Oklahoma State You can for sure argue that he is best back ever but Barry didn't have much luck playing for a good team. Barry was stuck on the Lions his whole career one of the most saddest franchise is in football but Barry of course being legendary did a lot of great things. Barry won a MVP in 1997, 10 time pro bowler Barry made the pro bowl every year he was in the NFL by playing in the NFL 10 seasons. He lead the NFL in rushing 4 times Barry also made the all pro 6 times.

Emmitt Smith:

Emmitt Smith was a outstanding running back for the Dallas Cowboys I have heard read some very outstanding things about him. He played college football at Florida a nice worm weather college to play football. Smith won 3 super bowls with the Cowboys I think those super bowl teams on the Cowboys with Emmitt Smith are probably some of the best super bowl teams of all time because of Emmitt Smith. Cowboys are known for there super bowls and if I'm ever asked what is the best super bowl team of all time I might go ahead and say one of those cowboy teams with Smith. Emmitt has some pretty good stats with being a 8 time pro bowler, making the all pro 4 times, winning 1 MVP and of course winning a couple of super bowls.

Jim Brown:

Brown was amazing running back but the competition he played against wasn't that good Brown played in the 50's and the 60's from 1957-1965. Back then football was a completely different game it was a more run style football not much passing which would give Brown a lot more handoffs. So with that being said it's basically saying that gave Brown more of a chance than other running backs to get more stats going since he is getting the ball so much. But I am not going to use that as a excuse to why Brown is legendary he still is in argument as best back ever. Some of his stats are 9 time Pro Bowler, 8 times making all pro, 3 MVP's and 1 NFL champion. Jim Brown did not win a super bowl do to because he played so way back they didn't call them super bowls they called them Championships.

Bo Jackson:

Bo played for the Oakland Raiders was outstanding running back and he also played baseball to which he was good at. Bo only played in the NFL four years some people say he would have been the best if he played longer. Bo doesn't have much pro bowl or MVP stats like the other running backs because he didn't play as long Bo played good college ball at Auburn. I know there isn't much for me to say about this guy but if he played long enough he would have been on the top and while he played 4 years he was good while he played so I thought I had to mention the dude.

Those are some Legendary running backs. Let me know Who your favorite player is on this list and who you think the best all time back is. Please leave a comment and let me know.

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