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In a 5 part writing series I will make my prediction on the top 10 teams in each conference (going through the first 5 teams and then the next 5 teams), then my playoff prediction. I used a playoff predictor website where I choose the winner of each game. I will be starting with the AFC.

1 seed: Baltimore Ravens (13-3) Key wins: Wk 3 KC Chiefs (Home), Wk 7 Steelers (Home), Wk 10 Pats (Away), Wk 13 Cowboys (Home), Wk 14 Browns (Away). Key losses: Wk 6 Eagles (Away), Wk 9 Colts (Away), Wk 12 Steelers (Away).

The Ravens have the easiest schedule in the NFL. Losing Yanda will be tough but does it really matter? Jackson is so elusive that he can get pass any defense. The Ravens can get first down after first down. Not to mention, that the Ravens defense is very good. Their secondary has Earl Thomas, Marlon Humphrey, and Marcus Peters; All three made the pro bowl last year.

2 seed: Kansas City Chiefs (13-3) Key wins: Wk 4 Pats (Home), Wk 6 Bills (Away) Wk 7 Broncos (Away). Key losses: Wk 3 Ravens (Away), Wk 12 Bucs (Away) Wk 15 Saints (Away).

Patrick Mahomes is the best QB in the league. He has the one of the best receiver corps in the game with Tyreek Hill, Mecole Hardman, Sammy Watkins, and Travis Kelce. They have a great offensive line and a top 10 defense in the league. They can score at will. They are never out of a game; we saw that in the Super Bowl.

3 seed: New England Patriots (10-6) Key wins: Wk 5 Broncos (Home), Wk 11 Texans (Away), Wk 12 Cardinals (Home) Wk 14 Rams (Away) Wk 16 Bills (Home)

I know many people think that the Patriots will not be the same without Tom Brady but that is just not true. People forget that last year their defense carried them to victory. They still have the best cornerback in the game with Stephon Gillmore as well as the McCourty twins. The Pats have the #1 ranked defense. Belicheck is the best coach of all time. They will win their division. The patriots beat the Bills and Jets time after time. Belicheck knows how to beat them, with Brady or not.

4 seed: Tennessee Titans (9-7) Key wins: Wk 5 Bills (Home) Wk 6 Texans (Home) Wk 9 Bears (Home) Wk 10 Colts (Home) Wk 13 Browns (Home). Key losses: Wk 1 Broncos (Away) Wk 3 Vikings (Away) Wk 4 Steelers (Home) Wk 11 Ravens (Away) Wk 16 Packers (Away).

Tannehill proved he can be a good QB in the league. The Titans are a decent team in an okay division. Derrick Henry is the most explosive running back in the game. The Titans have pieces to win. They have a good secondary: Malcolm Butler, Kevin Byard, and Adoree' Jackson and good receivers: Corey Davis and A.J. Brown.

5 seed: Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4) Key wins: Wk 2 Broncos (Home), Wk 3 Texans (Home), Wk 4 Titans (Away) Wk 9 Cowboys (Away), Wk 12 Ravens (Home) Wk 16 Colts (Home). Key losses: Wk 7 Ravens (Away) Wk 10 Bengals (Home) Wk 17 Browns (Away).

The Steelers are my sleeper team. They almost made the playoffs last year with their 3rd string QB. Big Ben is a top 10 QB. JuJu had an off year because of all of their poor QBs. And James Connor was injured for a lot of the season. They have one of the best offensive lines in the league with players like Maurice Pouncey and David DeCastro. The Steelers offense is ready to get back on track. Also, the Steelers defense is ranked #2. They had 3 pro bowlers last year: T.J. Watt, Minkah Fitzpatrick, and Cam Hayward.

The nest 5 teams in the AFC will be coming tomorrow or later today. Make sure to share your view by commenting.

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