NFL Season Predictions Part 3: NFC

This is the part three of a five part writing series. This will be going into seeds 1-5 in the NFC.

Note: This was using a playoff predictor website.

1 seed: New Orleans Saints (13-3): Key wins: Wk 1 Buccaneers (Home), Wk 8 Bears (Away), Wk 10 49ers (Home) Wk 15 Chiefs (Home) Wk 16 Vikings (Home)

The Saints are always very good in the regular season. They have a top 10 QB with Drew Brees and the best WR in the league with Michael Thomas. They should be able to score at will. They have so many offensive weapons: Alvin Kamara, Latavius Murray, Taysom Hill, and Jared Cook. The Saints also have an underrated defense that is ranked top 5 in the league. The problem for the Saints will be in the playoffs.

2 seed: San Francisco 49ers (12-4): Key wins: Wk 1 Cardinals (Home), Wk 7 Patriots (Away) Wk 9 Packers (Home) Wk 13 Bills (Home) Wk 15 Cowboys (Away) Key losses: Wk 8 Seahawks (Away) Wk 10 Saints (Away), Wk 12 Rams (Away) Wk 16 Cardinals (Away)

Although the the 49ers have the 4th toughest schedule, they should have no problem making the playoffs. They still have an explosive defense and a great o-line and running back corp. However, the loss of Deforest Buckner will be difficult. The biggest problem will be the passing game with the loss of Emmanuel Sanders. I think Jimmy G will evolve into a better QB but he now only has two reliable targets: Deebo Samuel and George Kittle. The 49ers are still an elite team, who should still secure a spot for the playoffs.

3 seed: Chicago Bears (11-5) Key wins: Wk 4 Colts (Home), Wk 7 Rams (Away) Wk 12 Packers (Away), Wk 17 Packers (Home) Key losses: Wk 3 Falcons (Away), Wk 5 Buccaneers (Home) Wk 8 Saints (Home) Wk 9 Titans (Away).

I think the Bears have a real shot at the playoffs. I may be a biased Bears fan but their division is pretty weak. The Lions are never good. The Packers may be moving on from Aaron Rodgers. And the Vikings lost their WR 1 and most of their secondary. The Bears beat the Lions and Vikings both times last year. The trouble they had was with the Packers. But, this year the when the Bears play them they are at home or coming off a bye week. That gives them a better chance to beat the Packers. I think Nick Foles can get the job done. He will most likely be the starter and hopefully perform how he did in the playoffs. Last year the Bears defense had an off year. This year they will get back on track with the addition of Robert Quinn to pair with Aikem Hicks and Khalil Mack!

4 seed: Dallas Cowboys (9-7) Key wins: Wk 1 Rams (Away), Wk 11 Vikings (Away), Wk 16 Eagles (Home) Key losses: Wk 3 Seahawks (Away) Wk 4 Browns (Home), Wk 8 Eagles (Away) Wk 9 Steelers (Home), Wk 15 49ers (Home).

When it comes down to it the NFC East is decided between the Eagles and the Cowboys. The Eagles have taken the division the past couple of years, but the Cowboys are just the better team. I think Ezekiel Elliot will lead the league in rushing this year and play how he did his rookie season; Especially because the Cowboys have one of the best O-lines in the league. Dak Prescott will develop into a better QB and their defense is still above average with Jaylon Smith, Demarcus Lawrence and the addition of Gerald McCoy and HaHa Clinton-Dix. The Cowboys have too much talent in the new 7 team playoff format to miss the playoffs.

5 seed: Tampa Bay Buccaneers: (11-5) Key wins: Wk 5 Bears (Away), Wk 9 Saints (Home), Wk 11 Rams (Home), Wk 12 Chiefs (Home) Wk 17 Falcons (Home) Key losses: Wk 1 Saints (Away), Wk 3 Broncos (Away) Wk 10 Panthers (Away) Wk 15 Falcons (Away)

The Buccaneers now have a QB that has football IQ. Last year Tom Brady complained about the Patriots WR corp, this year the Buccaneers have the best WR corp in the league with Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, O.J. Howard, and Rob Gronkowski. I think the Buccaneers are legit and Bruce Arians is a very good head coach. Additionally, last year the Buccaneers defense was ranked in the top 5. So, if the Tom Brady doesn't throw 30 interceptions the Bucs should easily make the playoffs.

Make sure to share your view in the comments! Part 4 coming tomorrow!

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