NFL Week 1 Predictions

Week 1 of the NFL finally kicks off tomorrow night and man I couldn't be more excited. Let's get into these predictions.

Starting with Chiefs VS Texans on Thursday this is going to be a great opener. The Super Bowl champs come in with an identical roster as last year with the weight of a Super Bowl lifted off of their shoulders. The Texans come in with a revamped offense with more weapons that I truly believe will be better even without Deandre Hopkins. Overall though I think the Chiefs will take this one pretty convincingly. The Texans' defense outside of the front 7 is pretty weak with no real DB's to take care of the many Chiefs weapons.

Texans: 27 Chiefs: 35

Moving onto the Sunday games we have the Jets VS Bills. This one is pretty easy going with the Bills. I have no faith in that Jets offense especially with Adam Gase leading it. If your best receiver is Breshad Perriman then there is clearly an issue there. I do think there running game could see some improvement but not enough to defeat this Bills team. Josh Allen is only going to improve this year with an certified #1 receiver in Stefon Diggs to throw to and that defense is still as strong as it was last year if not stronger with sleeper signings like Mario Addison and A.J. Klein.

Jets: 10 Bills: 24

Moving to the NFC North with the Packers VS Vikings. Another pretty easy one for me i'm taking the Packers here. The Packers are coming off of a year where they were labeled the worst 13-3 team in NFL history. I think that combined with the drafting of Jordan Love will be enough to light a fire under Aaron Rodgers and have him carry the team to a win this weekend. The Vikings defense only strengthens my pick because they are struggling to say the least. Their defensive line is now without Everson Griffen, Michael Pierce, and now Danielle Hunter after he was placed on IR. Their secondary isn't much better with no real #1 Corner in sight this defense is just waiting for A-Rod, Davante Adams, and Aaron Jones to rip them apart.

Packers: 28 Vikings: 17

Up next we have the Eagles VS Washington. Both teams coming in with weak points this one is harder than I expected. Both teams WR cores are in pretty bad spots with both teams depending on young guys to carry the team with a few vets around them. I think this game is going to be won in the trenches by the Eagles therefore they will win the game. Washington's O Line is pretty bad and with Philly's dominant D Line the Washington offense is going to struggle a lot. Overall in a sloppy and defense dominated game I have the Eagles squeaking out a week 1 W.

Eagles: 13 Washington: 10

Next up an AFC North match up with the Browns visiting the Ravens. The Browns are once again coming into the season with a new HC in Kevin Stefanski so I see another slow start for them. I'm slowly losing faith in Baker Mayfield as word from their camp is that he is struggling. I see no sign of slowing down in this Ravens team and with one more year under Lamar's belt honing his skill he's bound for another MVP type year. This game has the makings to start out competitive but slowly slip into the Ravens hands.

Browns: 17 Ravens: 31

Another divisional match up with the Colts facing the Jaguars and yeah...the Jaguars are tanking so I see no reason to take them in this game. They've traded all players of any value for draft capital which will eventually result in Trevor Lawrence in all likelihood. I'm not too high on the Colts though and it mainly has to do with Philip Rivers. His best years are behind him and his gunslinging style has only proven to be an inconvenience when it matters. All things considered though I think this will be a pretty convincing Colts win.

Colts: 27 Jaguars: 10

Raiders VS Panthers is next up on the schedule and this one is very interesting to me. Everyone seems to think the Panthers are going to be terrible this season but I wouldn't be so quick to assume. A promising QB in Teddy B with weapons like CMC, Robby Anderson, DJ Moore could mean some trouble for some teams this year. The Raiders have Derek Carr in what I believe to be a make or break year with Josh Jacobs, Darren Waller, and rookie Henry Ruggs III that could also mean the same for some teams. But the Defense is what I think matters the most here and the Raiders, outside of Corey Littleton and Maxx Crosby, don't have much of it. A lot of unproven players like Abram and Ferrell leave a lot of uncertainty which is why I have the Panthers taking this one

Raiders: 14 Panthers: 21

NFC North match up #2 with the Bears visiting the Lions. The Bears named Mitchell Trubisky the starter for week 1 which...I mean I guess. I don't understand it to be quite honest. Initially I was all in on the Lions here but analyzing the Lions defense I can't quite make a confident situation here. The Bears defense is loaded and Super Bowl caliber as always but that Lions defense is the exact opposite. Looking at both teams thoroughly I'm gonna take the Bears here but not confidently.

Bears: 17 Lions: 14

Moving on to Seahawks VS Falcons this is looking to be a really fun game. The Seahawks are coming into ATL with a formidable offense and strong defense. With Russell Wilson at the helm this teams ceiling is dare I say...unlimited. But no one can count the Falcons out either. They open the year with a healthy roster of guys with endless potential on both Offense and Defense. Gurley, Jones, Ridley, and Ryan could be an extremely dangerous group of guys on the offensive side. The defense outside of the front 7 I could see struggling though. Their CB's are pretty weak led by the rookie A.J. Terrell but if their Safeties can stay healthy they can help. I'm going to take Seattle to win this one in an intense back in forth battle.

Seahawks: 35 Falcons: 31

The Dolphins head into New England for an interesting Week 1 match up full of questions. Mainly can Cam Newton and the Patriots replicate anything close to what Brady and Belichick did over the past 20 years. The Dolphins come in with a young and potential filled roster but I don't think this is the year where we will see their full potential. With Fitzmagic at the helm this team is a 5-6 win team at best. The Patriots are known to start slow but I have them coming in and making a statement even with their opt out riddled defense.

Patriots: 28 Dolphins: 13

Next up the LA Chargers and the Cincinnati Bengals face off. Joe Burrow comes into a team with some promise on offense but it's still got plenty of work to do still. The offensive line has improved but a new RT would be nice for Burrow. Defensively is where the most help is needed. Everything from the front 7 to the secondary this defense is in trouble all year long. The Chargers have solid groups on both sides of the ball even with the uncertainty at QB. Tyrod Taylor is a good player but has yet to prove any consistency in his career. Their offense is prime and ready for a big year simply because of all their skill positions. I'm really high on Austin Ekeler this year look for him to be a top 5 running back this year. Their defense looks dangerous even without Derwin James at the Safety spot. Their D-Line is going to cause some noise all year long. I think the Chargers will take this one in convincing fashion.

Chargers: 28 Bengals: 10

The Cardinals and the 49ers face off in a divisional match up to start their seasons off in what should be a very interesting match up. The 49ers are injury riddled as far as receivers go and I believe that will play a big factor in this game. They lack any WR1's on their roster but if their run game can even be a fraction of what it was last year I think they should be okay. Their defense is just as strong despite the loss of DeForest Buckner. The addition of Javon Kinlaw was huge for him and I think he could be a sleeper for DROTY due to all the assignments that their D-Line will need. The Cardinals are a young team waiting to show their skill but I think another season or two will pass before that kind of year comes. Their O-Line is still lackluster which is going to cause a lot of problems. Their defense is better than a lot of people give them credit for but they still lack on their front 7 pretty heavily. I think this one will be a lot closer than people anticipate but the 49ers will squeak it out.

Cardinals: 14 49ers: 17

The Tom Brady led Buccaneers head into NOLA for an NFC South show down that is sure to be a spectacle. The Bucs offensive rebuild I believe will shine in this one with a QB like Brady leading it. Leonard Fournette will likely win the starting job soon enough but for this game I think Mike Evans and Chris Godwin will shine while Ronald Jones holds back the running game. The Bucs secondary is likely to be picked on this game as its pretty weak. I see Brees and Michael Thomas having crazy statistical games to start the year off which will make fantasy owners very, very happy. The Saints defense is setup to be one of the best in the league this year with solid starters all over their line up. The Bucs' defensive struggle and the Saints' defensive superiority is going to play a big part in this game which is why I'm picking the Saints in this one.

Buccaneers: 17 Saints: 28

Next up on Sunday Night Football we have the Dallas Cowboys visiting the LA Rams in their brand new stadium. The Cowboys have an offense that is more than ready to explode onto the scene. Dak Prescott has offensive weapons galoure to go out and spread the ball around for an MVP type year. Amari, Gallup, and Lamb have enough room to shine in this offense and McCarthy plans on feeding Zeke more than ever. Their defense has some holes in the secondary which could very well come back to bite them if they are out on the field for too long. Their front 7 is among the best in the league though so if they can get home the secondary can hold up. The Rams are coming off of an off year not making the playoffs after a Super Bowl appearance. Jared Goff's play is bound to improve this year but the loss of an elite Running Back is going to show. Their defense is solid of course led by Aaron Donald and newly paid Jalen Ramsey. This is a very interesting match ups and I believe it will come down to the wire. The Cowboys offensive attack I think will be too much to handle though and they'll win in a shoot out.

Cowboys: 42 Rams: 38

Next up is Monday Night Football's double header starting off with the Steelers visiting the Giants. With Big Ben back in the mix I don't see this game being very competitive at all. The Giants' defense is hardly a defense. No real elite players on that side of the ball is going to be a huge disadvantage for them. Their offense could make some noise with Daniel Jones in his 2nd year and a healthy Saquon but It won't be enough to beat this Steelers team. They have a good but not great WR core led by JuJu and if James Conner can return to form their run game will be great. Their defense is ready to go with TJ Watt prime for a DPOY type season bound to happen. Minkah will finally have a full year to show up and show out which I believe will start immediately against this Giants team. Steelers take it in an underwhelming MNF Season Opener.

Steelers: 24 Giants: 10

And finally capping off the week we have the Titans heading into Mile High to face the Broncos. This is a tough game to choose because both of these teams have endless potential. The Titans are coming off of a sensational late playoff burst and have a bunch of pressure to replicate that. The Broncos have a bunch of offensive hype around them with Jeudy, Sutton, Hamler, Gordon, and Lindsay all led by Drew Locke. They have all the makings of a high flying dominant offense. Their defense is in good shape as always but the loss of Pro Bowl DE Von Miller is going to hurt them a lot. I think the altitude in Denver will have a factor in this game as well especially with this COVID off season teams haven't had as much time to condition their players and the Titans could get gassed out quick when the going gets tough. I think the Broncos will take this game in a sluggish but fun game.

Titans: 13 Broncos: 21

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