NFL Week 10 Power Rankings

This week had a lot of games in which some of the teams most people would consider super bowl contenders, such as the Steelers, Chiefs, and Seahawks played poorly. This caused huge changes to my rankings.

32 New York Jets

They almost won. The big reason they lost is that the Patriots actually started playing like are supposed to in the second half.

31 Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars’ scouts did it again. They found a great quarterback late in the draft for a second year in a row. Sadly their backup quarterback is more talented then their entire defense.

30 Washington Football Team

Although it isn’t what Ron Rivera wanted, Alex Smith playing after such a threatening injury is a great story.

29 New York Giants

Congratulations Giants, you barely beat the Washington Football Team despite their quarterback only having one healthy leg.

28 New England Patriots

I don’t care that they won. The Jets are horrible and the Patriots almost lost to them.

27 Cincinnati Bengals

Last week was their bye and it’s going to be interesting to see if Burrow can keep playing like he was before the bye week.

26 Los Angeles Chargers

There is one very simple solution to all of this team’s problems, HOLD ONTO LEADS.

25 Houston Texans

The Texans’ offense is very good but their horrible defense is holding them back. When they play a team like the Jaguars they can win because the defense doesn’t have to do much.

24 San Francisco 49ers

It sucks to watch a game like this. The 49ers would be such a great team if it weren’t for the injuries.

23 Dallas Cowboys

They may have lost, but that was a great game for the Cowboys. The entire team (even the defense) played well, especially former AAF quarterback, Garrett Gilbert.

22 Denver Broncos

This is a young and talented team that has a lot of potential, but the team needs to develop and stay healthy if they want to contend any time soon.

21 Detroit Lions

The Lions are a disappointment once again. I’m not surprised by this at all especially with how poorly Jeff Okudah (2020 3rd overall pick) has been playing.

20 Philadelphia Eagles

After a bye week the team is starting to get healthy and they are definitely the favorites to win their horrible division.

19 Atlanta Falcons

Raheem Morris may be the Falcons head coach for a while. As of now that doesn’t look like a bad decision.

18 Carolina Panthers

I find it amazing that no one is talking about the Panthers almost beating the Chiefs.

17 Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have been playing very well recently, but I doubt they can keep that up especially against better competition.

16 Cleveland Browns

Hopefully Baker Mayfield comes back better after the bye or this team is going to struggle a lot.

15 Chicago Bears

The Bears’ offense is horrible. Why would they be this high then? Well that’s because of their superb defense.

14 Los Angeles Rams

A solid team, but they have a lot of competition due to their difficult division.

13 Indianapolis Colts

The Colts have a spectacular defense and a great run based offense that allows their defense to win them games.

12 Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals have caused a couple upsets and it’s clear that this team can beat anyone, but a loss to the Dolphins is really what drops this team out of the top 10.

11 Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders are a great team that is flying under a lot of people’s radar, but they don’t have a good enough defense to be considered a top 10 team.

10 Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are a team that a lot of people really underestimated going into the season, but Brian Flores really proved all the haters wrong.

9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers seemed like they were going to be a great but the Saints game made me notice there is a lot of problems with this team.

8 Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are the opposite of the Bears, they have a great offense but their defense is horrible. When Russell Wilson plays poorly the whole team does.

7 Tennessee Titans

Derrick Henry is still healthy so the team is still amazing. Ryan Tannehill and Aj Brown are the car and Derrick Henry is the engine.

6 Buffalo Bills

The Bills absolutely destroyed the Seahawks. If they play like this every week they would be number 1.

5 Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers has been leading this high powered offense to success all season, but this week I want to praise the defense that did what they couldn’t last year.

4 Baltimore Ravens

I was actually thinking about ranking this team at one, until I heard about the injury to Calais Campbell. These 4 teams are so close that injuries like that make a makes me rank this team at 4.

3 Pittsburgh Steelers

Horrible play calling by Randy Fichtner, that’s why the game was so close. Games like this show how good our defense is, absolutely bailing the team out of what would’ve been an embarrassing loss.

2 New Orleans Saints

How can I not put this team in the top 3? Wins like that are what we expect from the Saints, absolutely humiliating the Buccaneers.

1 Kansas City Chiefs

I’m not going to lie, the Chiefs didn’t play well this week. Actually let me rephrase that. The Chiefs’ defense didn’t play well this week. Luckily for the Chiefs, they have a bye week to improve and learn from this near loss.

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