NFL Week 11 Power Rankings

This week is really when we see what teams are contenders and which teams aren’t. The Cardinals and Dolphins have arised as contenders, but teams like the Texans and Patriots aren’t. Of course there are the teams like the Bears and Colts that are just barely holding onto their playoff hopes. These power rankings will be able to show which teams are contenders and which ones aren’t.

32 New York Jets

They’re too deep into the season to fire Adam Gase or make any other real changes. Now that Darnold is out for another week, the Jets need to rely on Flacco to get them a miracle win.

31 Washington Football Team

Alex Smith is playing like his old self, I knew the leg injury wouldn’t have a large impact on his play.

30 Jacksonville Jaguars

I’m 99% sure that the Jaguars could be 5-4 right now if they weren’t trying to get a early draft pick. They had a lot of close loses, the most recent of these losses was against the Packers.

29 Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals cannot beat any team with that kinda pass rush. Their offensive line is horrible and it showed as Joe Burrow got sacked 4 times and pressured too many times to count.

28 Houston Texans

The Texans have very little surrounding Deshaun Watson, but he’s still putting up great numbers. I hope his entire career doesn’t get wasted.

27 San Francisco 49ers

They are losing because of injuries. In a tough division like the NFC West a return to the super bowl seems unlikely.

26 Las Angeles Chargers

Good news is that they didn’t blow another lead. The bad news is that they never had a lead.

25 Philadelphia Eagles

If you’re an NFC East team you can’t afford to lose games like that to a division rival. Every game counts and this loss is a huge setback.

24 New York Giants

The Giants looked like a really good team. This win is huge for them and if they keep playing like this they may be able to win that joke they call the NFC East.

23 Dallas Cowboys

I know this looks high, but that game against the Steelers made them look really good. If Garrett Gilbert keeps playing this well the Cowboys’ season may not be over yet.

22 Denver Broncos

Drew Lock’s decision making is holding the team back, but with the right coach I can see him becoming a great quarterback.

21 Detroit Lions

If I were a Lions’ fan I would be pissed. Matt Patricia may be around for another year just to lead this team to another mediocre season filled with as many Patriots’ players as possible.

20 Atlanta Falcons

Raheem Morris is taking the Falcons into the right direction, but it seems like too little too late considering that both Matt Ryan and Julio Jones’ careers are coming to an end.

19 Chicago Bears

How does a professional football team only get -3 yards in a full quarter? Bears’ fans can’t completely blame Nagy anymore because he wasn’t the play caller on Monday it’s not completely Foles’ fault because the offense wasn’t much better with Trubisky. I believe that the problem is everyone that has to do with the offense except the receivers.

18 Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are too good to be 3-7. Pj Walker performed really well in the Falcons game and I believe he’ll help cushion the blow of the loss of Teddy Bridgewater.

17 Minnesota Vikings

The amount of momentum this team has now is amazing, getting 3 straight wins against teams in their division is a huge feat that will be a crucial part of this team’s possible playoff run.

16 New England Patriots

I honestly have no clue what to think of the Patriots so I’m just ranking them flat in the middle. On one hand they beat the Ravens, on the other hand they almost lost to the Jets.

15 Cleveland Browns

The Browns are excelling because of their running game. Will their lack of a defense and passing game cost them a playoff birth?

14 Tennessee Titans

The Titans are a spectacular team with a run based offense that will excel in the playoffs despite losing to the Colts.

13 Las Vegas Raiders

If the defense plays this well more consistently I will rank the Raiders in the top 10.

12 Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson has to carry the team, their running backs are injured, their offensive line is horrible, and their defense is terrible. It’s really just Wilson and his receivers.

11 Indianapolis Colts

We all thought the Colts’ defense has reached it’s peak and then they killed the Titans’ dynamic running game.

10 Las Angeles Rams

Jalen Ramsey shut down DK Metcalf, allowing 0 receptions while covering him. As long as the offense can be somewhat reliable this team will go far.

9 Miami Dolphins

This is a real playoff team, but I definitely see them losing soon because of Tua’s lack of experience.

8 Baltimore Ravens

Bill Belicheck found a way to beat Lamar, which doesn’t surprise me. What does surprise me is how poorly the Ravens’ defense played.

7 Buffalo Bills

The Bills are great in every aspect of the game except their running game. They battled the Cardinals until the end of the game and lost due to a last second Hail Mary.

6 Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals looked like a complete team against the Bills. The running game looked solid. The defense looked amazing. Being able to win games with only 10 seconds is a really big strength.

5 Green Bay Packers

They may have won, but a near loss to the Jaguars is really worrying. At least they can use injuries as a excuse.

4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Way to bounce back after a tough loss. Antonio Brown found his role on the offense and now it seems unstoppable.

3 New Orleans Saints

This is one of the most complete teams in the league, even without their starting quarterback.

2 Kansas City Chiefs

While the Chiefs were resting the team ahead of them was playing one of their best games of the season.

1 Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers’ defense is the best in the league and after that kind of performance I don’t think there is much of a debate. That defense along with their above average offense allows them to consistently win no matter the situation.

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