NFL Week 12 Power Rankings

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

The Jets are now eliminated, from the playoffs (which isn’t surprising). Because it is impossible for the Jets to make the playoffs, I’m not going to include them in the power rankings. It will be quicker for me and there isn’t a point in adding them. Now that I made that clear let’s get to the Jet-less rankings.

31 Cincinnati Bengals

That’s the kind of injury I hate to see. Joe Burrow was having a phenomenal rookie season and this isn’t how I want to see it end. Brandon Allen is now the starting quarterback.

30 Jacksonville Jaguars

The Steelers showed everyone why they are undefeated on Sunday, the Jaguars were just completely outmatched. At least Minshew will be back soon.

29 Washington Football Team

That win got them right back into contention for the division. If the Washington defense keeps playing like it did on Sunday, only allowing 9 points, they will win the division.

28 San Francisco 49ers

After a bye week, 49ers fans can only hope their team comes back healthier. Rumor is that Raheem Mostert will be back soon, a huge upgrade for their run game.

27 Philadelphia Eagles

I think Carson Wentz isn’t the right guy for this team. I know he doesn’t have a healthy team around, but he didn’t have a team around him last year when he led them to the playoffs. Is he already on the decline?

26 Detroit Lions

How do you get blown out by a xfl quarterback. Matt Patricia and his “patriot way” doesn’t seem like it’s working.

25 New York Giants

The Giants are coming off a bye and now they are facing Brandon Allen and the Bengals. This game is a easy win and the Giants need to capitalize.

24 Dallas Cowboys

They played very well against the Steelers, and now they beat the Vikings. If they keep playing like this they will be somewhat deserving of the division title.

23 Atlanta Falcons

No one really knew what the Saints were going to do with Taysom Hill so that made it a lot harder for the Falcons to game plan and it showed.

22 Chicago Bears

The Bears are the opposite of the Falcons. They have a top 5 defense, but no offense whatsoever. They better have done something to fix that offense over the bye week considering that they’re 31st in points scored.

21 Houston Texans

This was the Texans’ best game of the season and it’s all because of Deshaun Watson’s great performance.

20 Las Angeles Chargers

This game showed the kind of team that the Chargers can be. As Justin Herbert gets older he’s going to be able to do this against better defenses.

19 New England Patriots

I still can’t get a read on this team. The scary thing is that I think Belicheck wants it that way.

18 Minnesota Vikings

Losing to the Cowboys is a devastating blow to the Vikings’ playoff hopes. If they can bounce back and the Bears continue losing the Vikings can still be a playoff team despite the setback.

17 Denver Broncos

I want to see a little more consistency from the defense and better decision making from Drew Lock, other then that this team is great.

16 Carolina Panthers

Pj Walker was a solid quarterback, but the thing that amazed me was the amazing play by the defense. They shut out the Lions, which isn’t exactly the greatest offense, but shut outs are still great achievements in the NFL.

15 Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders did almost everything right on offense, with Derek Carr playing phenomenally. Sadly, their defense wasn’t good enough to stop Mahomes and the Chiefs.

14 Cleveland Browns

The Browns have played well against bad teams, but they’ve been horrible against great teams, luckily for them they don’t play many great teams.

13 Miami Dolphins

Tua was bound to have a game with rookie mistakes, that’s what happened. Vic Fangio game planed a way to force Tua to make mistakes using a lot of blitzes and hidden coverages and that allowed the Dolphins to win.

12 Baltimore Ravens

I expected the outcome to be different this time. I expected Patrick Queen to help deal with Derrick Henry, but I was wrong. The Titans ran all over the Ravens.

11 Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray clearly wasn’t 100% against Seattle which led to Kliff Kingsbury calling a lot of short passes.

10 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady is a horrible deep ball thrower on a deep ball heavy offense. Even with all the weapons Brady has the offense is going to struggle.

9 Tennessee Titans

The Titans just need work on their pass defense. They have a well rounded offense with a terrific run game and a average run defense.

8 Seattle Seahawks

The defense played better then usual, but I doubt they will ever play this well again. Unlike many other elite quarterbacks Russell Wilson doesn’t need his team to be perfect he just needs them to do their job.

7 Las Angeles Rams

The Rams’ defense doesn’t get any recognition and I don’t know why. If you watched the Rams’ game on Monday and you still don’t consider their defense elite there is something wrong with you.

6 Buffalo Bills

The Bills will remain one of the top teams in the league even after bye week. Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen will soon be a household name.

5 Indianapolis Colts

The Colts’ defense is up there with the Steelers’ defense for the best in the league. Whenever Philip Rivers doesn’t lose the Colts the game they win.

4 Green Bay Packers

The Packers aren’t worse then the Colts just because they lost to them. The Packers were obviously going to struggle against a defense like this so I’m not surprised. I believe they will bounce back better then ever.

3 New Orleans Saints

Taysom Hill isn’t just a tight end. He can throw the ball as well as he can run it, and he can run it really well. We’re seeing a form of this Saints’ offense that we haven’t seen in a long time.

2 Pittsburgh Steelers

This team seems like it’s deserving of the number 1 spot considering their 10-0 record and their amazing defense. They just don’t have the talent on offense that the Chiefs have.

1 Kansas City Chiefs

That game against the Raiders reminded me how unstoppable the Chiefs are. No matter how much time is left or how many points they’re down by they will come back and win.

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