NFL Week 13 Power Rankings

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

This week was just weird, The thanksgiving games were horrible because the only game that looked interesting (the Steelers and Ravens game) got delayed until nearly a week later, due to COVID. That wasn’t the only game that was effected by COVID, all 3 of the Broncos’ quarterbacks were ineligible in a game against the Saints. Like I said last week I won’t do teams that are out of the playoffs. Last week the Jets were knocked out, this week the Jaguars got knocked out.

30 Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are gonna need a miracle to happen if they want to make the playoffs, especially without Joe Burrow. Hopefully when Joe Burrow comes back he will be capable of carrying the Bengals.

29 Philadelphia Eagles

That game looked a lot worse then the box score will tell you. The more the Eagles play the more it looks like Carson Wentz isn’t the option, which is strange because he was an elite quarterback last year.

28 Dallas Cowboys

Damn they’re just horrible. They have the worst defense in the league and their offense is below average. They’ve allowed the most points out of any team this season.

27 Detroit Lions

They finally fired wannabe Belichick, but we’re more then halfway through the season, it’s very likely that the Lions beat the Bears next week considering how well teams do during their first week under new coaching, but I see them struggling a lot after that.

26 New York Giants

The Giants needed a convincing win this week if they wanted to prove they were deserving of their possible playoff spot. 19-17 and getting bailed out by a fumble isn’t convincing.

25 Chicago Bears

We saw how much the defense depends on Akiem Hicks last year and this game was a reminder. Also I can’t put a team that only scores 19 points per game any higher then this.

24 San Francisco 49ers

Deebo Samuel and Raheem Mostert are having instant impacts now that they are back. I still doubt they’re a playoff team just because of how strong their division is.

23 Houston Texans

The Texans might’ve had a huge win last week but they lost their only real weapon for Deshaun Watson other then Brandin Cooks, Will Fuller and they lost their starting cornerback, Bradley Roby.

22 Washington Football Team

I believe that Washington will win the division, but that doesn’t make them a great team, despite how good that win looked. I want to see them play this well against better competition.

21 Las Angeles Chargers

The Chargers will surprise a lot of people next season if they get a few more key pieces, but for now they’re struggling and their coaching staff is to blame.

20 Denver Broncos

Put yourself in Pat Shurmur’s shoes. You don’t have any quarterbacks so you have Kendall Hinton, a wide receiver your general manager just signed from the practice squad, taking snaps, you can’t just run the ball repeatedly because you need to keep the defense honest. So what do you do? A good offensive coordinator will mainly run the ball and incorporate quick passes such as screens. The problem is, Pat Shurmur is a horrible offensive coordinator so he doesn’t do that.

19 Minnesota Vikings

That was a really close game between the Vikings and the Panthers. If the Vikings didn’t fumble in 2 back to back drives they would’ve won, but the NFL isn’t about what if’s.

18 Carolina Panthers

Jeremy Chinn played really well against the Vikings. Since Luke Kuechly retired the Panthers have been needing someone that can fly sideline to sideline and be the centerpiece of the defense.

17 Atlanta Falcons

Raheem Morris really is the answer for the Falcons, I’m not sure if they are going to keep him as the head coach, but they should. Also the Falcons are doing the same thing as last year, doing really bad for the majority of the season then playing better for the last couple weeks.

16 Las Vegas Raiders

I really think that they just underestimated the Falcons, I’m not really going to freak out about this blow out. I mean they lost their star player Josh Jacobs, and I guess Greg Olson didn’t have a lot of faith in Devonte Booker because he only had 5 carries after Jacobs got injured. The Raiders need their run game to win.

15 New England Patriots

How does he always find a way to stay relevant. I want everyone to understand the Patriots have the worst roster in the NFL, but their coaching staff can find a way to keep them in the playoff hunt.

14 Baltimore Ravens

Don’t blame COVID, the Steelers lost almost as many key players as the Ravens and Lamar Jackson always does horrible against the Steelers, I can argue that RG3 being in the game actually helped the Ravens.

13 Cleveland Browns

The Browns’ defense found a way to make Mike Glennon look good, but their offense is the main reason they have a playoff spot.

12 Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray is special, but you have to be much more then just special to beat Belichick in your first 3 years as an NFL quarterback.

11 Miami Dolphins

Fitzpatrick is a very different quarterback from Tua, I’m amazed by the scheme versatility the Dolphins’ offense has. They went from a vertical offense that took a lot of deep shots, then Tua came in and they ran more of a west coast spread style offense, now Fitzpatrick is back and they returned to the vertical style of offense.

10 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Brady is a horrible scheme fit for this team, and who ever is calling the plays (reportedly Brady) is doing a horrible job. The game wasn’t as close as score makes it seem. Also why did they single cover Tyreek Hill with no safety help?

9 Las Angeles Rams

Losing to the 49ers is really going to hurt the Rams in the long run, it can be the difference between the Rams getting the two seed and them getting the 6 seed.

8 Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks’ defense is starting to look good, especially now that they have a legitimate pass rusher, Carlos Dunlap. If the Seahawks’ defense keeps playing as well as they’ve been playing for the past two weeks.

7 Indianapolis Colts

This defense is elite, but Derrick Henry will dismantle any defense that’s in his way. The Colts defense is still the second best in the league due to how well rounded and athletic the team is.

6 Buffalo Bills

The Bills are a amazing team with a superb coaching staff, that allow Josh Allen and the rest of the team to succeed. They’re an elite pass rush away from being super bowl bound.

5 Tennessee Titans

The reason their offense works so well is because their elite running game elevates their passing game. The Titans offense works so well because of their offensive mastermind Arthur Smith.

4 Green Bay Packers

Remember when people were questioning wether or not Aaron Rodgers is still elite, oh man were we wrong. He’s lighting the whole league up like he was in 2011.

3 New Orleans Saints

Taysom Hill is yet again proving he’s more then just a tight end. In a few weeks Saints’ fans may be thinking of him as their next franchise quarterback.

2 Pittsburgh Steelers

I’m not surprised the Steelers won by a small margin, they always keep games close. The thing that really hurts them is the loss of Bud Dupree who is out for the season with an torn ACL. I’m not lowering the Steelers’ ranking because I expect Alex Highsmith, rookie edge rusher from Charlotte, to fill his role as a complementary edge rusher.

1 Kansas City Chiefs

Mahomes just did something he’s been waiting to do since the 2018 AFC Championship, beat Tom Brady. Also the Chiefs defense is extremely underrated. It’s going to be a big reason why they win the super bowl.

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