NFL Week 14 Power Rankings

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

This week was filled with surprises . For starters the Steelers got their first loss to none other then the Football Team and the Seahawks lost to the Giants. The Jets almost got their first win. Also the Patriots and Browns blew out their opponents. The teams that got knocked out of the playoffs this week were the Chargers and Jaguars which means I will not include them in the rankings.

28 Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz has been horrible all year, and a quarterback change was needed, but this seems like too little too late. They still can make the playoffs with Jalen Hurts but it will be very difficult.

27 Dallas Cowboys

There were a lot of miscommunications on both sides of the ball for the Cowboys and the Ravens took advantage, winning 34-17. Mike McCarthy is getting completely exposed this season.

26 Chicago Bears

This may seem low but I don’t care. This team was really hot early in the season but they’re now on a 6 game losing streak, the defense isn’t even playing well any more. This team has just lost all signs of life. The fact that they lost to the lions should be really worrying.

25 Detroit Lions

The new coach isn’t great but we’ll see in time if he’s capable of being a long term option. The Lions have the offense to be great, but they still need to work on the defense. Letting the Bears score 30 points isn’t a good thing.

24 San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers got screwed over by injuries, when healthy they are much better. We saw it last year. Don’t underestimate them next year, the 49ers are a force to be reckoned with when they’re healthy.

23 Houston Texans

I wanted to raise the Texans higher considering that they almost beat the Colts despite not having their two top receivers, but their were a couple other teams that looked very good this week. Deshaun Watson is now this entire team.

22 Minnesota Vikings

That was way to close. The Vikings may have left the stadium with a win, but Mike Zimmer definitely wasn’t happy. I would do the same thing if I were the head coach of a team that almost lost to the 1-11 Jaguars.

21 Denver Broncos

They may have lost, but they played great. Their defense kept them out of the end zone for most of the game, and their offense played well too. They would’ve won if it weren’t for Patrick Mahomes playing well when it mattered most.

20 Las Vegas Raiders

Last week I said that the Raiders weren’t as bad as the Falcons made them look the Falcons just caught the Raiders off guard, well I was wrong. The Raiders almost lost to the Jets in fact they would’ve lost if it weren’t for the worst defensive play call I’ve ever seen.

19 Atlanta Falcons

I didn’t really want to drop the Falcons this low, but the 3 teams ahead of them had major reasons to jump, meanwhile the Falcons lost (in a close game) to the Saints.

18 New York Giants

The Giants played a very risky game against the Seahawks they chewed the clock on offense, while still making as much they could with their possessions. The true highlight of that game was the spectacular Giants defense, preventing Russell Wilson and his amazing receiving core from scoring more then 15 points.

17 Carolina Panthers

Christian McCaffery is coming back and this team is only going to be better with him. Mike Davis has been able to get the job done, but Christian McCaffery is going to have impact on the running game that Mike Davis had and he will be the best receiver on the team. Basically he’s going to be on of the best weapons in the entire NFL.

16 Washington Football Team

Washington may not have a name for their team, but they sure are talented. Defeating a 11-0 team isn’t an easy task. Alex Smith is much better quarterback then we’re giving him credit for, his decision making, accuracy, and experience are big reasons that Washington won the game.

15 Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are currently on a 3 game losing streak, in a tough division like the NFC West that can really hurt them.

14 Seattle Seahawks

You can’t get out scored by Colt McCoy and expect to be much higher. Their defense was starting to look good, but it returned to the horrific defense it was for most of the season. The Giants defense reminded everyone why Russell Wilson is no longer in the MVP race.

13 Miami Dolphins

They’re a amazing team, but the teams ahead of them had major statement wins meanwhile they just beat the Bengals by 12. Which is good but it doesn’t impress me like these other teams.

12 New England Patriots

I know the Chargers aren’t exactly the greatest team, but 45-0 is impressive no matter who the opponent is.

11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Everything that I said about the Dolphins is also applicable here. Hopefully Bruce Arians and Brady got on the same page with the play calling.

10 Baltimore Ravens

Yesterday, the Ravens looked like the team we all thought they would be. Lamar Jackson was running as well as he was last year, I just want to see this more consistently.

9 Tennessee Titans

When a team stops Derrick Henry the offense can’t do much. The Titans weren’t able to start scoring until the Browns defense fell apart in dump time. And the defense couldn’t stop the Browns’ offense.

8 Indianapolis Colts

An incredible team with a great coach, I would’ve liked to see the Colts win that more convincingly, but their schedule is easy enough to make the playoffs any way.

7 Los Angeles Rams

If you want to beat Jared Goff you have to come at him with something that he’s never seen before, the Cardinals didn’t do that and they suffered the consequences.

6 Cleveland Browns

All year people have been saying the main flaw with the Browns is that they don’t win against good teams. This Sunday must’ve changed their mind.

5 Buffalo Bills

The Bills are just a great football team. they have some holes, but their strengths make up for their weaknesses.

4 Green Bay Packers

I feel like the Packers have been around this spot all year. The thing is they haven’t showed me anything that makes me want to put them in the top 3.

3 Pittsburgh Steelers

I personally think the Steelers are better then the Saints, but I’m a Steelers fan, so I’m going to put my bias aside. The Steelers would’ve won that game if it weren’t for the amount of injuries and the short week.

2 New Orleans Saints

The Saints have the most well rounded roster in the NFL. Tell me a single weak spot on the whole team. You can’t.

1 Kansas City Chiefs

A close game to the Broncos is a great reminder to the NFL. The Chiefs are incredible, but they are beatable.

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