NFL Week 16 Game Takeaways

Week 16 saw the New York Jets beating a playoff team, the end of fantasy football for most, a record that got tied, and the Pittsburgh Steelers actually winning a game. Ryan Fitzpatrick showed why he needs to start for the Dolphins and exposed Jon Gruden and the entire Raiders organization. Read on for more takeaways and information on your favorite team.

Minnesota Vikings(6-9) AT New Orleans Saints(11-4)

Minnesota needs a consistent quarterback for Christmas

Kamara earns Saints fourth straight NFC South title

Alvin Kamara plays Santa for New Orleans as he single-handily deliveries a fourth straight NFC South title by beating Minnesota 52-33.

Kirk Cousins is an inconsistent quarterback, but he made others aware of that during his time on the field. Cousins has had an up and down year, but the one thing that has remained the same is his accuracy and his awareness. Kirk went 27/41, overall he is 321/476 on the year. He overthrew receivers as he has done throughout the season, but when he needed to get out of the pocket nearing the end of the game, he got hit by a Saints rusher and fumbled. With no quarterback of the future behind Kirk, the Vikings might look to the draft to address that need, as they should.

Next Game: AT Lions Sun, 1/3/21 9:00 am

Alvin Kamara tied former Chicago Cardinal running back Ernie Nevers for the most touchdowns in one game with six, that record was untouchable from 1929 until now. Alvin scored a total of 36 points, which outscored the Viking's final score. Kamara also tacked on 155 yards rushing and 17 yards receiving. The Saints have clinched the NFC South as well as a playoff spot in the number two seed. He carried a struggling Drew Brees and company to a much-needed win, now the Saints can rest some starters during their week 17 matchup.

Next Game: AT Panthers Sun, 1/3/21 9:00 am

Tampa Bay Buccaneers(10-5) AT Detriot Lions(5-10)

Tampa Bay is getting hot at the right time

Detriot has nothing without Stafford

Tampa Bay takes advantage of downed Lions with a 47-7 score.

The Buccaneers are getting good when you want to, right before the playoffs. Mike Evans is just as good and Antonio Brown is starting to blossom. Brady is just gunslinging like he used to do with the late 2000s Patriots, the rushing attack isn't there but they have one week to get that going. Rob Gronkowski has also been a receiving threat in the past weeks, just like old times in New England.

Next Game: VS Falcons Sun, 1/3/21 9:00 am

Matthew Stafford got hurt after three passes, he suffered an ankle injury along with his ribs. Stafford is rumored to be a trade piece during the offseason and that just baffles people. As the game results showed, the Lions have no offense or any spunk without Stafford, he is the glue to this falling structure that is the Detroit Lions.

Next Game: VS Vikings Sun, 1/3/21 9:00 am

San Fransisco 49ers(6-9) AT Arizona Cardinals(8-7)

Robert Saleh invests physicality into his players

Kyler can also hold the Cardinals back

The 49er's defense was physical in a 20-12 shocking win.

Robert Saleh is a head coaching candidate for the 2021 season, and he might be a perfect one. Saleh is a very intense coach, if you have ever watched a 49ers game then you have probably seen him yelling and hyping up his players after a big play or hit. The 49er's defense is extremely physical and intense, a good trait to have. Saleh's defense has suffered massive hits with two starting defensive ends tearing ACLs in week two and cornerback Richard Sherman being out for most of the year. Saleh is a defensive guru and doesn't seem to be a one-trick pony.

Next Game: VS Seahawks Sun, 1/3/21 12:25 pm

Kyler Murray played awful, he was the big reason Arizona lost. Murray tossed 247 yards and an interception while rushing for 75 yards. The big play that stood out to me was when he targeted Christain Kirk in the endzone, the corner had Kirk beat all the way through and Murray still threw to him, it resulted in the lone interception. Kirk is not a jump ball guy, he is a big play target down the middle of the field type of player. Murray threw more bad passes to DeAndre Hopkins and did not look at him but once in the red-zone. Kyler overthought things and didn't make use of what he had on the field during some drives. This does not mean I think he is terrible, he just isn't fully developed yet,

Next Game: AT Rams Sun, 1/3/21 12:25 pm

Miami Dolphins(10-5) AT Las Vegas Raiders(7-8)

Once again, Ryan Fitzpatrick needs to start full-time

Jon Gruden and management is holding the Raiders back

Raiders settle for a field goal; Fitzpatrick slings his way for a wild 26-25 win.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is the player Miami needs behind center for the playoffs. When he comes in it changes the way the offense plays, he also throws better. Fitzpatrick is a veteran and Miami needs a veteran to lead them through the playoff ladder of the AFC. Ryan finished with 182 yards and a touchdown, Tua Tagovailoa played more than him and finished with 94 yards and a touchdown. The Dolphins go for the long passes with Ryan Fitzpatrick, something that the playoffs are all about.

Next Game: AT Bills Sun, 1/3/21 9:00 am

Jon Gruden elected to kneel on a 3rd&goal situation, Josh Jacobs gave himself up on the previous two plays. He chose to kneel the ball knowing his defense could not stop the Miami offense. A touchdown would have forced the Dolphins to take shots at the endzone instead of settling for the field goal. Gruden and the defensive coordinator did similar to what the Jets did against them, rush many defenders and cover each man one-on-one with two deep safeties. Jon barely beat the Jets, got blown out by the Falcons, and has now lost this game and a season of questionable decisions.

Next Game: AT Broncos Sun, 1/3/21 9:00 am

Cleveland Browns(10-5) AT New York Jets(2-13)

Cleveland can rely on the RedZone ground game

Darnold finds his grove

New York knocks the Browns off an easy playoff course with a 23-16 win.

Nothing went Cleveland's way at MetLife stadium, four receivers were placed on the Covid-19 list, Baker fumbled three times, and the defense lacked effort. The only standout thing was the rushing attack inside the five-yard line. Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb both rushed for scores inside the five, a team total of 45 rushing yards showed what outside the RedZone was happening.

Next Game: VS Steelers Sun, 1/3/21 9:00 am

For the past two weeks, Sam Darnold has not turned the ball over, and he has thrown touchdowns. Darnold tossed 175 yards and two touchdowns while scrambling for 20. Darnold played calm and didn't overthink many throws, a mixture of running and passing helped the struggling QB keep consistent on the field.

Next Game: AT Patriots Sun, 1/3/21 9:00 am

New York Giants(5-10) AT Baltimore Ravens(10-5)

Giants need a number one receiver

Baltimore needs to beat Cincinnati

Ravens run their way to a 27-13 victory.

It's no secret that the Giants need help all over, but if they plan on keeping Daniel Jones then he is going to need a true number one target. Currently, the Giants hold the ninth overall pick, Jaylen Waddle may not be available there, what are other options. Ja'Marr Chase or Devonta Smith are options that would fit the New York system well, all have speed and are in the range of a deep threat who can play in the slot or outside.

Next Game: VS Cowboys Sun, 1/3/21 9:00 am

The Baltimore Ravens are in a four-way tie for seeds 5-7 in the AFC playoff picture. They currently reside as the sixth seed but need to beat the Bengals to clinch their playoff berth. Baltimore needs a win, or a Browns loss, or a Colts loss to participate in the playoffs. The Bengals have given two teams trouble in the past couple of weeks, including Pittsburgh.

Next Game: AT Bengals Sun, 1/3/21 9:00 am

Cincinnati Bengals(4-10-1) AT Houston Texas(4-11)

Cincinnati showing what they have for next year

The Houston locker room is rocky

Cincinnati claims first road win since 2018 by a 37-31 nailbiter.

The Bengals have won close games against the Steelers and Texans and showing that their offensive line can be great. The line allowed no sacks on Brandon Allen and only two sacks on Ryan Finley the previous week. Cincinnati will also have a better backfield, Giovani Bernard has turned back into how he used to play, he has been a big piece of Cincinnati's recent success.

Next Game: VS Baltimore Sun, 1/3/21 9:00 am

J.J Watt took to the media after their disappointing loss to the Bengals, he expressed that the team was letting down fans because they aren't giving maximum effort. When team members or coworkers don't put in any effort, for some it's extremely frustrating, especially for someone who loves the game like Watt. It seems like J.J wants out of Houston and he is done with the coaching and environment.

Next Game: VS Titans Sun, 1/3/21 9:00 am

Indianapolis Colts(10-5) AT Pittsburgh Steelers(12-3)

Jonathan Taylor is who we saw at Wisconsin

Chase Claypool is the difference-maker

The Steelers win their first game after weeks of losing, clinches the AFC North with a 28-24 final.

Over the past month, Jonathan Taylor has resumed his remarkable performances like he was doing in college. Although Taylor only rushed for 74 yards, he scored two times and gashed the Steelers defense in the first half. He could have easily eclipsed 100 yards rushing if Pittsburgh didn't start to make a comeback.

Next Game: VS Jaguars Sun, 1/3/21 12:25 pm

Chase Claypool finally was targeted downfield, something Mike Tomlin hasn't been doing. Coach Tomlin was worried about Claypool hitting a rookie wall, but instead, he put the wall up himself. If the offense gets Chase involved, he is an automatic mismatch, defenders will flock to him which leaves playmakers like Diontae Johnson and JuJu Smith-Schuster open. The Steelers looked like a whole new team in the second half, giving hope and promise to their playoff abilities.

Next Game: AT Browns Sun, 1/3/21 9:00 am

Chicago Bears(8-7) AT Jacksonville Jaguars(1-14)

Matt Nagy finally doing some good

Jacksonville needs to prepare before Trevor Lawrence arrives

The Bears control their own destiny after a 41-17 win; Jaguars have things to figure out before draft day.

The past four weeks have been good for the Chicago head coach, he is 3-1. But more importantly, he has learned that running the ball with David Montgomery is effective. The turn around for Mitchell Trubisky looks especially good, Trubsiky has 1243 yards and 10 touchdowns, and only 4 INTs since week 12 against the Packers. If the Bears make the playoffs, Matt Nagy will return for the 2021-2022 season.

Next Game: VS Packers Sun, 1/3/21 12:25 pm

With having locked in the first overall pick, the Jaguars surely have their QB of the future. Jacksonville is looking to replace its current general manager and has started the interviewing process. Jacksonville also needs to resign and sign any big free agents, as well as thinking about what they want to do with their other first-round selection. A quarterback is an investment, especially at where you pick him, Lawrence will need an offensive line.

Next Game: AT Colts Sun, 1/3/21 12:25 pm

Atlanta Falcons(4-11) AT Kansas City Chiefs(14-1)

The defense is underrated at times

Mahomes is in a slump

The Chiefs clinch the number one seed in the AFC with a 17-14 victory.

The Atlanta defense isn't really looked at besides a few players, but it is better than it seems at times. For the second time this season, the Atlanta defense has carried the offense. Against the Raiders, they forced five turnovers and totaled five sacks. The Cheifs surrendered two interceptions, multiple fumbles that were ultimately recovered by themselves, and multiple three&outs. The Falcons defense was so good that it almost forced overtime if Younghoe Koo would have made the kick. This defense is missing only a few pieces in the secondary and some extra defensive line or pass rush help.

Next Game: AT Tampa Bay Sun, 1/3/21 9:00 am

When Patrick Mahomes is in a slump, it's still a very good performance. He doesn't throw interceptions often but in the past three games, he has totaled four turnovers. Against New Orleans and now Atlanta, he has thrown under 280 yards and hasn't completed 30 or more passes. Mahomes should be like Mahomes for the playoffs as he will more than likely sit during their week 17 match.

Next Game: VS Chargers Sun, 1/3/21 12:25 pm

Denver Broncos(5-10) AT Los Angeles Chargers(6-9)

Drew Lock looks to not be the future

Chargers have a lot to look forward to

Both kickers battled it out during a 19-16 Chargers win.

Drew Lock threw a pair of interceptions for the third time this year, a total of 15 interceptions. Lock was a true disappointment this year after a great end of the year for him in 2019. It could be the injuries within the offense and himself that is causing a bad year for him, next year will be a big year for a lot of sophomore players and players in Locks' situation.

Next Game: VS Raiders Sun, 1/3/21 12:25 pm

Chargers fans may be disappointed after this season, but let me assure you this is the best possible outcome. Justin Herbert got to start almost the entire season, the team got to see what young players were able to do and all of this happened without safety Derwin James. The defense will get better with James coming back and Austin Ekler was out for most of the year, plus they will get better through the draft.

Next Game: AT Chiefs Sun, 1/3/21 12:25 pm

Carolina Panthers(5-10) AT Washington Football Team(6-9)

Curtis Samuel can do it all

Washington just got outplayed

The Panthers ruin Washington's easy playoff plans with a 20-13 result.

Curtis Samuel completely flipped flopped from his bad performance vs the Packers last Saturday. Samuel had a 156 yards day, catching all five targets for 106 yards and rushing for 52 yards. Samuel has been lining up at halfback while Christain McCaffery has been out, he's done pretty well. Samuel is what makes the Carolina offense so versatile, now Carolina needs to get a tight end or a number receiver on offense.

Next game: VS Saints Sun, 1/3/21 12:25 pm

The Football Team did not play well, from offense to defense to special teams, every side of the ball they were outplayed. Haskins was intercepted twice and fumbled once, four turnovers on offense. A turnover that led to a score on special teams set the tone for the Panthers and they didn't let up. Now Washington doesn't control their own destiny and needs to win to get into the playoffs as the fourth seed.

Next Game: AT Eagles Sun, 1/3/21 4:20 pm

Los Angeles Rams(9-6) AT Seattle Seahawks(11-4)

Rams may be a one-and-done

Seattle will place third in the NFC

Goff breaks thumb; Seattle closes out NFC West with a 20-9 win.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Rams seemed like a darkhorse Super Bowl contender, but after a loss to the Jets and now Jared Goff breaking his thumb, the team may just have a first-round exit. Jared Goff has already been ruled out for their week 17 matchup against a division opponent, but Goff is questionable for the playoffs. Running back Darrell Henderson has also suffered an injury, causing him to land on the IR, unless the Rams win their first playoff game, his season has come to an end.

Next Game: VS Arizona Sun, 1/3/21 12:25 pm

The Seattle Seahawks are warriors of the West once more, they place third in the NFC playoffs, Seattle is set to play the Rams in the playoffs as of now. Russell Wilson improved his play and will most likely be rested during their final game. The Seahawks will be an interesting playoff team as their offense is beginning to be sniffed out.

Next Game: AT 49ers Sun, 1/3/21 12:25 pm

Philadelphia Eagles(4-10-1) AT Dallas Cowboys(6-9)

Jalen Hurts is starting to feel what Wentz has felt

Dallas could actually be a playoff team

With a 37-17 defeat of the Eagles, Dallas is one step away from the playoffs.

Jalen Hurts has struggled over the past weeks, and he has been getting hit more by incoming rushers. Against Dallas, who has a terrible defensive line, Hurts was sacked three times and threw two interceptions. Jalen is starting to face the downsides of being behind center for the Eagles like Carson Wentz was, the only two upsides to Hurts is that he is more mobile and seems to be hitting the deep throws. Time for Philly to invest in an offensive lineman or two.

Next Game: VS Football Team Sun, 1/3/21 4:20 pm

With a win, a Washington loss, and a Giants loss, the Cowboys will be NFC East champions, hard to believe. Any team from the NFC East will enter the playoffs with a losing record, the first team to do it since the 2010 Seattle Seahawks. If Dallas takes the division and the fourth seed, as of now they would be playing the Chicago Bears. Dallas is getting hot at the right time.

Next Game: AT Giants Sun, 1/3/21 9:00 am

Tennessee Titans(10-5) AT Green Bay Packers(12-3)

Always play the run against Tennessee

AJ Dillion is a new shining star

In the most beautiful sight in football, the Packers demolish Tennessee 40-14.

The Titan's offense goes through Derrick Henry, especially in the snow. Even when down 33-14, Tennessee continued to pound Derrick Henry against a weak run-stopping defense. Henry was held to 98 yards on the ground, the Packers defense swung 9-10 players to wherever he was running. Tennesse struggles in the passing game even when players are open, if Tennessee makes the playoffs it will be interesting.

Next Game: AT Texans Sun, 1/3/21 12:25 pm

The rookie from Boston College shined in Jammal Williams' absence and Aaron Jones stubbed toe. A.J. Dillion rushed for 124 yards and two touchdowns, he is a younger and cheaper option instead of Williams. Dillion could not be stopped and ran for his longest of 30 yards. Dillion played an equivalent to Derrick Henry's role and is kind of built like him, big, tall, and hard to bring down when running. The second-round pick has shown what he can do and Green Bay is beyond thrilled.

Next Game: AT Bears Sun, 1/3/21 12:25 pm

Buffalo Bills(12-3) AT New England Patriots(6-9)

Josh Allen and the Bills are better than though

New England cant wait till draft day

The Bills sweep the Patriots for the first time since 1999, winning 38-9.

The Bills proved that they are more than what people see on paper, general manager Brandon Beane has done an amazing job. The offensive line is thr perfect combo of run blocking and pass protecting, the receivers run deep and the defense has many playmakers. Josh Allen has made a gigantic leap from year one to year three, his accuracy created doubters and now his accuracy silences them. What is truly amazing is how everyone gets involved, Lee Smith who is used as a blocking tight end caught a touchdown and a 27-yard pass. Watch out AFC, it might be a Bills and Chiefs AFC championship game.

Next Game: VS Dolphins Sun, 1/3/21 9:00 am

New England showed where they need help at, mainly quarterback and defensive line. The lack of pressure put on Allen abled him to make a tight throw for a 50+ yard touchdown and other passes. New England has benched Cam Newton numerous times this year and Jarret Stidham has not gotten it done. The receiver position is also very old and inexperienced, Bellichick has his work cut out for him this offseason.

Next Game: VS Jets Sun, 1/3/21 9:00 am

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