NFL Week 16 Power Rankings

The playoff picture is getting clearer with the Falcons, Lions, Panthers, 49ers, Patriots, and Broncos all officially eliminated from the playoffs, this means I will no longer be writing about these teams. There’s now 21 teams left.

21 Dallas Cowboys

In any normal division the Cowboys would’ve been eliminated, but the NFC East isn’t a normal division. They still have a chance although it’s unlikely.

20 New York Giants

I wasn’t expecting the Giants to win, but that game was still disappointing. The Cleveland defense isn’t anything special, but the Giants still couldn’t get anything more then 2 field goals. At least they have a good defense.

19 Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders are now facing a decision, start an injured Derek Carr or start Marcus Mariota, a solid quarterback who cannot execute the offense as well as Derek Carr. If they make the wrong choice their season is over.

18 Philadelphia Eagles

I’m starting understand the hype around Jalen Hurts, at first he seemed like a glorified Marcus Mariota to me, but I really see it now. He makes great reads and he’s a very competitive player with a lot of passion for the sport. I’m very curious if he can keep this up.

17 Minnesota Vikings

The offense is great but they need to stop the run if they want to make the playoffs. The Vikings defense has been struggling all season, allowing 388 points all season. Their offense is good but it cannot make up for the horrible defensive play.

16 Washington Football Team

When Washington was on a 4 game winning streak it was because of their amazing defense (which kept them in their game against the Seahawks) and Alex Smith. Dwayne Haskins can’t manage the game like Alex Smith and it looks like Alex Smith is not coming back this week.

15 Chicago Bears

The Bears have now found a balance between offense and defense. For the first time in a while the Bears have a good offense to pair with their great defense.

14 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers didn’t play very well and they would’ve lost if it weren’t for the Falcons doing what they do best. Choke a huge lead. I guess they still won, but that game should be extremely worrying.

13 Las Angeles Rams

How? The Rams weren’t out coached they just played really poorly. Their defense didn’t look anything like the Rams defense we’re used to seeing. The offense was also very bad.

12 Pittsburgh Steelers

I’m a Steelers fan, and it pains me to watch a team that I considered the second best in the league 3 weeks ago drop 10 spots, but this is where they deserve to be. Their offense is horrible and opposing defenses know how to beat their predictable play calling. Teams can’t win without being able to put points on the board.

11 Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are a very well rounded team. Their defense is superb, despite not having their elite edge rusher Chandler Jones. The offense was able to out score the Eagles in a shootout between two former Oklahoma quarterbacks.

10 Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks defense did its job. I want to see them shut down a great offense, but this is definitely a great start. Their offense is still incredible, but they didn’t really show up against Washington and that tough defense.

9 Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson is starting to look like an elite quarterback again, he has flaws with his game but his athleticism and playmaking ability make up for the flaws.

8 Cleveland Browns

Kevin Stefanski is 100% deserving of coach of the year. He found a way to get the best out of Baker Mayfield while eliminating most of his mistakes.

7 Miami Dolphins

Speaking of coach of the year candidates, Brian Flores is extremely deserving of that title. He completely turned this team around. Flores has made Tua, a rookie quarterback, look like a veteran with exceptional decision making.

6 Indianapolis Colts

The Colts took advantage of the Texans’ horrible run defense, which should remind people of why this team is so good. They will find the other team’s weak spot and attack it.

5 Tennessee Titans

The Titans have one of the most explosive and unpredictable offenses in the league. They can pass the ball for a 50 yard gain or they can run the ball for a 50 yard gain. The Titans offense always give opposing defensive coordinators nightmares because they’re nearly unstoppable.

4 New Orleans Saints

The Saints may have lost, but they’re only going to get better as Drew Brees gets more comfortable. I honestly think the Saints would’ve won if Drew Brees played like he did in the second half for the full game.

3 Green Bay Packers

The Packers offense has been struggling to run away with leads over bad teams and I don’t think that’s the type of game they want to be playing when their defense is nothing special. Personally I don’t have enough faith in their defense to expect that to work in the playoffs.

2 Buffalo Bills

Stefon Diggs has now proven that he is a top receiver in the league. 11 catches for 147 yards is an amazing performance that takes a lot of talent to make happen. He’s been lighting it up all year but I still fell like I never hear about him when people are talking about the best receivers in the league.

1 Kansas City Chiefs

This game was expected to be a battle and it seemed underwhelming at first but the Saints started to pick up pace. Luckily it was too little too late and the Chiefs remain on top.

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