NFL Week 17 Power Rankings

We have officially reached the final week of the 2020 NFL regular season. This is when we find out what teams are deserving of a playoff spot and which teams are going home. Three teams have been eliminated from the playoffs, the Vikings, Eagles, and Raiders.

18 New York Giants

The Giants are completely incapable of scoring. If I’m a defensive coordinator playing against the Giants there is nothing that scares me. I would just do whatever my defense is comfortable with.

17 Washington Football Team

It’s hard to win without the starting quarterback let alone the quarterback that entered the season as the 4th string. They’re only ranked higher then the Giants because their defense is spectacular and it may be able to carry them into the playoffs.

16 Dallas Cowboys

I’m not gonna lie the Cowboys have been playing pretty well recently, they still shouldn’t be a playoff team, but I guess it could be worse. A team that scored 108 points over the past 3 weeks can’t be that bad right?

15 Las Angeles Rams

The Rams are slowing down at the worst possible time. The loss to the Jets was bad enough, but to follow that up with another loss to division rival, that’s one of the worst things that can happen this late in the season.

14 Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals offense was just getting completely overshadowed by the 49ers defense. The 49ers had constant pressure on Kyler Murray. Kyler Murray ended up getting severely injured later in that game. It seems like he’s still going to play next week with their playoff spot on the line, but he may not be able to run as well as we’ve seen him run in the past.

13 Chicago Bears

The Bears’ offense has become extremely explosive and wether or not people want to admit it, Trubisky is the main reason the offense is performing so well. Over the past 4 games he’s had a 72.3% completion percentage, hopefully he can keep that up.

12 Cleveland Browns

The Browns had none of their receivers, but a loss to the Jets is still very embarrassing. They shouldn’t have gave up on the running game as quickly as they did

11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers have a lot of talent and this was the first time since the Panthers game that they played up to their talent. If they play like this more consistently they can be the team to beat in the NFC.

10 Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins may have won, but that game should be very worrying for any Dolphins fan. The Raiders game should tell people Tua isn’t ready yet. Tua can definitely manage the game, but his conservative decision making cannot win this team games. If the Dolphins were starting Tua all season they wouldn’t be in the playoff race. I’m a huge Tua fan, but I think Fitzpatrick gives them the best chance in the playoffs.

9 Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens offensive line consistently beat the Giants at the line of scrimmage, this opened wide open running lanes for Lamar Jackson and J.K. Dobbins.

8 Indianapolis Colts

Although the loss of left tackle Anthony Costonzo is devastating, the Colts are still spectacular team. Philip Rivers may have another chance at a deep playoff run if everything goes right.

7 Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers returned to form, but it could still be a fluke. The Steelers were a completely different team before week 12. Their offense was consistently putting up at least 24 points a game and their defense was amazing. The Steelers are starting to look like that team again.

6 Tennessee Titans

I guess Derrick Henry wasn’t what we were expecting to see in the snow, but the offense is still very explosive and unpredictable.

5 Seattle Seahawks

To some that may seem like a sloppy win, but to me it showed me everything I wanted to see from this team. The Seahawks’ has shown flashes of greatness but they’ve never been great for more then one game. For every good performance there would be another 4 bad performances by the defense, until now. They’ve had 3 games that their defense won for them in a row.

4 New Orleans Saints

Alvin Kamara had an amazing game, losing me my fantasy championship and winning the Saints their game. With this 6 touchdown performance Alvin Kamara has made it clear that he’s the best running back in the league.

3 Buffalo Bills

I would completely understand if someone were to put this team at two considering how good they’ve been recently, but their run defense seems like a huge problem, allowing 122.9 rushing yards per game. They still have a spectacular offense that can score very quickly at any time.

2 Green Bay Packers

Devante Adams had a great night in the snow game against the Titans. The Packers offense is so good because they have so many different players that can make big plays. And their defense is solid due to their spectacular secondary

1 Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are really slowing down. They’re still the best team in the NFL, but a near loss to the Falcons makes them look like they’re not the invincible team we hyped them up to be.

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