NFL Week 2 Power Rankings Part 1

Week 1 was a very interesting week. A lot of the teams I was high on going into the season proved they weren’t as good in execution as they were on paper and vice versa. I didn’t do power rankings before the season because it’s very hard to judge a team without a preseason to watch them play. With week 1 in the books, let’s get right into the power rankings.

32. New York Jets

I don’t know what is worse, their roster or their coach. Denzel Mins, a rookie I was and still am very high on, is coming off a hamstring injury that may not effect his game too much but it still is a little worrying. I like Sam Darnold but I feel like Gase doesn’t give him the weapons he needs to be successful. Le’Veon may not be amazing anymore but his injury could make the team get even more disappointing. The Bills weren’t playing very well yet the Jets’ defense couldn’t do anything to stop their extremely one dimensional gameplan.

31. Carolina Panthers

I may be ranking the team a little low but their is nothing that makes me like this team other then McCaffery. The offense is going in the right direction, Teddy Bridgewater is a decent quarterback that will distribute the ball to their weapons, but they shouldn’t treat him like the focal point of the offense . The offense’s main weakness is the terrible offensive line play. I also think their defense is horrendous. Derrick Brown isn’t going to elevate this defense, their is no one on the team that can fill the hole that Luke Kuechly left, and the secondary is just horrific. This team will be as good as McCaffery can allow them to be.

30. Miami Dolphins

Much like the Panthers, this team is going in the right direction. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a extremely inconsistent quarterback but Tua will tear up opposing defenses once he steps in. Devante Parker didn’t play very well but I still think he’s a top tier receiver. The defense is average, but it can’t take the next step until they get a consistent pass rusher.

29. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals almost had a great start to their season, nearly making a miracle forth quarterback comeback, but in classic Bengals fashion, they missed the game tying kick. Joe Burrow isn’t really making the impact that Bengals’ fans expected but he may improve. He has all the weapons he could want but he needs to learn how to throw under pressure because we all know the Bengals offensive line is going to let a lot of people get into the pocket. The defense played decently but I doubt they can have that success around better teams like the Ravens.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars

I know I said this team would go 0-16 before the season, but they actually looked like a nearly average team on Sunday . James Robinson, a undrafted runningback, played surprisingly well. Gardner Minshew absolutely lit up the Colts, throwing for 3 TDs and only throwing one incomplete pass. Cj Henderson locked down T.Y. Hilton the majority of the game. Although I believe it’s a fluke, it shows a lot that the Jaguars, a team I thought was very poorly put together, could play against the Colts, a team I thought very highly of, and come out on top.

27. New York Giants

I feel like I need to see more from this team. They handled a very strong Steelers’ defense really well. They game planed around trying not to let Daniel Jones make mistakes and he really didn’t make many. Once they play a defense that allows them to run the ball I feel like they’ll be great. Their defense still isn’t very good. It’s a step up from last year but they still need to play better against the pass. They played really well despite facing off against a elite defense.

26. Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers may have won their game but it wasn’t by a lot, in fact it was a single kick away from going into overtime. The offense isn’t very good, for some unknown reason they weren’t using Austin Ekeler a lot and instead they used Joshua Kelley. He did fine but Austin Ekeler is too talented too just be left on the bench, if they used him more the game may not have been close. The defense is great but they would be much better if they had their star defensive player, Derwin James.

25. Cleveland Browns

Despite the new coach this team is practically the same as last year. A lot of weapons but they have no idea which ones to use. And worst of all Baker is still the same. This is the most important season of his career yet he’s playing like he doesn’t care. The defense didn’t play very well but I don’t know what you can expect against a stacked offense like that. The Ravens gave this team a much needed reality check.

24. Detroit Lions

This team is proof you can’t win without a competent defense. The Lions have everything you can want on the offensive side of the ball but there is absolutely no one on the defensive ball. You know you’re defense is bad when you let Mitch Trubisky get a 104.2 passer rating. Even when Kenny Golladay comes back that’s not going to help. The problem is the defense.

23. Washington Football Team

I feel like I need to see more of this team. That defensive front is horrifying, getting 8 sacks against a solid offensive line (even with the injuries). The offense wasn’t horrible, Terry McLauren and Dwayne Haskins will connect for a lot of yards this season. If they play like this every week they may be able to win their division.

22. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons played terribly in the first half of the game, but when they started relying on Calvin Ridley in the second half they did much better. They have a great offense but they need a defense, they have Deion Jones and Grady Jarrett but they have no good defensive backs to cover receivers such as D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. This was a huge reason they lost.

21. Chicago Bears

The Bears’ game was weird. Most people thought that this team is going to be carried by the defense, but that wasn’t the case this game. The Bears’ offense looked great. Trubisky wasn’t doing as bad as I was expecting, in fact he was doing well. The defense wasn’t doing as good as it did two years ago but it was still amazing. I believe a big reason it wasn’t as good as it was in 2018 was Khalil Mack’s injury that he was playing through. If Mitch Trubisky can play like this consistently this is a playoff team, especially if Khalil Mack can play at 100%.

20. Denver Broncos

The Broncos are one of my favorite teams to watch. They have so many weapons that can give the ball to and Drew Lock is just a great quarterback who throws a flawless spiral. The loss of Von Miller would normally make this defense a lot worse but rookie linebacker, Jeremiah Attaochu, is filling his role very nicely. Overall this team could be ranked higher but I feel like we need to see more.

19. Las Vegas Raiders

This offense is spectacular. Derek Carr is great, Henry Ruggs III will win offensive rookie of the year, Josh Jacobs is extremely athletic, and the offensive line is very underrated. The huge problem is the defense, they really don’t have anyone, they were lucky Christian McCaffery didn’t get the ball more.

18. Arizona Cardinals

This team is getting extremely overhyped after Sunday’s upset. Their game plan was to get the ball in Nuk’s hands, and it worked on Sunday but they won’t be able to keep doing that. The offensive line is horrible, Kyler Murray would be much better if he didn’t have to run for his life every play. The defense had no business doing as well as it did. If any of Jimmy Garoppolos’ weapons stayed healthy the Cardinals’ defense wouldn’t be able to stop a single drive from San Francisco. That being said the team is great with a lot of talent on both sides of the ball and I expect them to contend for the division.

17. Houston Texans

The Texans held their own against the defending super bowl champions (at least for the first half). David Johnson looks like he did in 2016, Deshaun Watson is still the same play extending quarterback he was his entire career. Their wide receivers all have terrible hands except for Will Fuller who is filling DeAndre Hopkins role very well. The defense is phenomenal, their front 7 are all superb. They just need to get a above average safety.

16. Indianapolis Colts

This one hurt to watch. This team still has potential to be great but they need to limit Philip Rivers’ mistakes. I don’t understand why they are throwing the ball 46 times, they had 3 extremely talented runningbacks that could win them the game. Even though Marlon Mack got injured Johnathan Taylor and Nyheim Hines could pound the rock justas well if not better then him. The defense did well, but the defense is only going to get better as the year goes on. I expect the team to rise in the rankings as the season continues.

The Next Part Will Be Posted Tomorrow

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