NFL Week 2 Predictions

Week 1 has come and gone in the NFL and it's impact has certainly been felt. From major injuries like Michael Thomas and George Kittle to us fans adapting to the no fans environment it was interesting to say the least. A recap of last week I went 10-6 with my picks so overall a pretty good week for me. Let's get into this week's picks!

Starting on Thursday Night Football (done before TNF, posted afterwards my apologies) we have the Bengals VS Browns. Both teams have interesting storylines coming into this game. Of course is Burrow the same guy he was in college but also is Baker in danger of losing the starting job? I don't think it will be that easy for Baker to lose the starting job. I expect him to have a come back game in this one against a mediocre Bengals secondary. I am all in on Joe Burrow after his week 1 performance. He showed great poise and a good ability to deliver perfect balls even with his pretty terrible O-line. If Baker and that offense can get the offense rolling early (which I expect) I think they'll get their first win of the season here in a relatively close game.

Bengals: 21 Browns: 31

Moving onto the Sunday games we're starting with the Giants VS Bears. Both teams struggled in Week 1 with the Bears onlyable to squeak out a win against the Lions due to a D'andre Swift drop. The Giants offense struggled against the Steelers defense last week especially the run game. I mean Saquon only having 15 attempts for just 6 yards is pathetic. Daniel Jones actually looked good all things considered but we'll see how he fairs against this monster Bears defense. The Bears as I said struggled Week 1 as well on offense. Trubisky as always looked questionable and unfit to lead an offense. This game has all the makings to be and ugly one sided bout in the Bears favor though. That Giants defense is just so questionable and lacks so much talent I find it hard to pick them any week.

Giants: 13 Bears: 20

Next up we have the Rams visiting the Eagles. The Rams offense looked great last week against my Cowboys. The quickness of it all is definitely threat to any defense in this league. The misdirection game in both the running and passing was a killer and even got me a couple times. It slowed down towards the end of the game though which brings up the question how consistent can it really be? The Eagles in the first half VS Washington looked unstoppable. Everything for them was clicking...and then the 2nd half hit. Wentz completely lost that game for his team with terrible decision after terrible decision. Whether it was holding onto the ball for too long or just a bad pass it didn't look good at all. The defense didn't hold up their end either letting Washington put together multiple scoring drives. I think this will be another loss for Philly after their lackluster choke act last week

Rams: 27 Eagles: 17

Moving on we have the Falcons VS Cowboys. Both teams coming off of tough losses last week and teams under very similar circumstances. Defenses with a good front 7 but terrible secondary and loaded Offenses that carry the team. This is going to be a heavy offensive battle for sure with 3rd down stops having a big impact. Which ever defense can get the other team off the field the quickest and most often will win this game. With Tyron Smith possibly not playing and Anthony Brown being put on IR by Dallas I think the Falcons will take the win here. After what I saw from Dallas's defense last week I have no faith in the secondary to limit Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley even with Jourdan Lewis back.

Falcons: 45 Cowboys: 35

Next up with have the Panthers VS Buccaneers in an NFC South battle. Chris Godwin has been ruled out for this game so the Bucs are already down a key weapon this week but I truly don't think it's going to mean much against this Panthers defense. This is easily a bottom 5 defense in the league and with another week of chemistry building by that Tampa offense I don't think they will take another loss here. Mike Evans is good to go and won't be limited in what routes he runs this week so with him going full fledge, Fournette likely to be more involved, and Scotty Miller getting some more reps this is going to be a blowout. Teddy B didn't look good at all last week missing throws constantly and taking the deep plays over sensible check downs to CMC. Easy W for Tampa.

Panthers: 17 Buccaneers: 30

49ers VS Jets next another game that is pretty clear. The Jets looked even worse than I expected last week. The offense is atrocious and with Le'Veon Bell out now there's no hope for this team in general. Their defense looked like a high school team out there last week giving up big play after big play. The 49ers didn't look amazing last week at least not Super Bowl team amazing. They took a loss VS AZ but I wouldn't look too deep into that. After an off season like we had it's normal for a team like this to come out and struggle the first few games of the season. Richard Sherman is out for the next 3 weeks but if he's going to go out it's best he goes out against a Jets team that has absolutely zero WR threats. Kittle being out is a big hit to the team as well but with the same logic as Sherman it's best he goes out against a team like the Jets with possible the worst defense in the league.

49ers: 21 Jets: 6

Broncos VS Steelers up next and this should be a good one. The Steelers looked great last week VS NY. Their offense was fluid and doing it's job and their defense looked pretty good as well. Not dominant but they can hold their own for sure. I think If Pittsburgh can get one more big play guy on that offense they will be firing on all cylinders. I just don't see Juju as a #1 guy even after a good WK1 performance. The Broncos looked decent VS the Titans last week. Both offenses in that game were pretty terrible ESPECIALLY the kicking game. If Courtland Sutton can come back and paly even in a limited capacity his impact will be felt on this offense. Overall I think the Steelers will pull this win out though. Both sides of the ball was just too consistent last week for me not to take them and see them carrying that over into this week.

Broncos: 20 Steelers: 28

Jaguars VS Titans up next. The Jaguars won in surprising fashion last week after an actual decent performance. I still have absolutely no faith in the team and to be quite honest, I can't bring myself to pick them any week. The Titans looked decent as well everywhere except special teams. Ryan Tannehill had a good performance along side Derrick Henry leading the offense. AJ Brown has been ruled out which is terrible for a team that is already struggling in the WR room. That leaves Corey Davis and TE Jonnu Smith as the #1 targets which isn't great. I still believe in this Titans team in taking this win though. Their defense looked good last week and if Clowney can start to feast this week he will be a living nightmare for that Jags offense. Titans in a sloppy one.

Jaguars: 13 Titans: 17

An NFC North battle now with the Lions visiting Green Bay. The Lions are coming off of a 17 point blown lead VS the Bears last week in a heart breaking loss while the Packers are in the exact opposite. The Packers looked dominant last week led by a monster performance by A-Rod. Their defense started off a bit shakey but got it together in the later parts of the game and looked good. I truly believe that Jaire Alexander is one of if not the most under rated player in the NFL. He has all the makings to be a big name shut down corner within a year or two. The Lions didn't look good last week despite being up 17 at one point. Their defense looked tired and sloppy while the offense was crippled due to the loss of Kenny G. With Kenny out again this week I don't see it being better and with A-Rod on a revenge tour and Davante Adams healthy and as dominant as ever this one won't even be close.

Lions: 10 Packers: 35

Moving on we have an AFC East battle with the Bills VS Dolphins. The Bills looked great last week albeit against the Jets. Josh Allen was delivering good balls and his connection with Stefon Diggs seems to be growing and developing. Their defense shut down that Jets offense completely and I can easily see that happening this week as well. There are no real weapons besides Davante Parker on the Dolphins offense. Lead by Fitzpatrick this is going to be an ugly game for Dolphins fans. Although they do have two of the best CB's in the league I think this is going to be a struggle game for them.

Bills: 24 Dolphins: 14

Vikings VS Colts up next. The Vikings struggled last week but even with A-Rod's crazy performance I will say they performed better than I expected. The first 2 quarters their defense shut down the run game and while they struggled in the passing game they kept it contained for a bit. So going against a team like the Colts who don't have a crazy dominant offense is a great match up for them. The Colts looked decent last week but with a loss to the Jags i'm not high on this team at all. Call it an over reaction but it's how i'm feeling about them as of now. I think the Vikings will get their first win of the season here in somewhat convincing fashion.

Vikings: 31 Colts: 20

Moving into the next time slot we have Washington VS Cardinals. Washington pulled a rabbit out of their hat last week getting a big come back win against the Eagles. That alone has made their stock rise for me just because of the fight they showed as well as their defenses amazing play. That front 7 could very easily end up being the best in the league. The Cardinals also pulled out an unexpected win last week in an impressive offensive performance. D-Hop and Kyler seem to have their connection built and ready to go for the rest of the season and I don't see that slowing down here especially against a struggling Washington secondary. The Washington offense looked dreadful for most of the game other than when the comeback started. Although is was impressive, seeing them perform so bad in the first half has be scared for them this week. I'll take Arizona in a close fun game.

Washington: 17 Cardinals: 20

Up next is the Ravens VS Texans. The last time these two played it was an ugly one sided beat down by the Ravens and I see the same thing happening here again. The Ravens were unstoppable last week against a Browns defense that is actually good. The Texans defense is in strugglesville with just about every position. They were lit up by the Chiefs in week 1 and now they have another explosive offense to get destroyed by. Deshaun didn't look great either but I am fully willing to let that slide because of how good I know he is and could be with a good O-Line and offense that isn't full of injury prone small guys. Although I expect the Texans to be a bit more competitive this week I still expect a blow out.

Ravens: 38 Texans: 17

An AFC West battle up next with the Chiefs visiting the LA Chargers new stadium. The Chiefs showed absolutely no sign of slowing down last week while the Chargers got a struggle win against the Bengals terrible defense. I was high on Austin Ekeler coming into this year but if last week is any indication of what this year will be like for him then I'll be dead wrong. Their offense was slow and struggled in every single way possible last week. Their defense however looked good. Their pass rush is something serious and their secondary is among the best in the league. But I find it hard to believe that their defense is going to be enough to stop this Chiefs offense. The Chiefs defense doesn't even really have to show up to play this week, that's how confident in the Chiefs offense I am. Chiefs win easy.

Chiefs: 35 Chargers: 14

On to Sunday Night Football we have a Super Bowl rematch in the Patriots VS Seahawks. The Seahawks were unstoppable last week against Atlanta. Their offense and defense was shutting everything down they looked like a Super Bowl caliber team already. The Patriots looked like a good 10-6 type team. Their team just didn't deliver a convincing enough performance for me to see them as much more than that. Their offense struggled at the beginning of the game and didn't get much better despite getting the win. Cam Newton looks like his game will improve as the weeks go on and although I am picking the Seahawks here I could see this game being a pivotal game in Cam's Patriots career.

Patriots: 23 Seahawks: 34

And finally on MNF we have the Saints visiting the LV Raiders in their shiny new stadium. The Raiders won in convincing fashion last week against a terrible Panthers defense. Henry Ruggs looked good until his injury which is likely to hold him out this week. Their defense was decent and stopped the Panthers from ever getting too much momentum. The Saints looked great against the Bucs but with Michael Thomas out that handicaps their offense heavily. The run game is going to have to take a big step forward due to their lacking WR core. If Jared Cook and Emmanuel Sanders can even somewhat contribute I think this offense will be just fine against a Raiders defense that despite their performance last week I don't have much faith in. I think the Saints take this one relatively easy.

Saints: 27 Raiders: 17

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