NFL Week 3 Power Rankings Part 1

This week there weren’t a lot of upsets but there was a couple games that got worryingly close. We also saw a lot of key players get injured and make teams (such as the giants) drop in the rankings. Anyways I’ll get started with the rankings.

32 New York Jets

It’s amazing how Jets’ fans didn’t enter the season with high expectations and the team is still disappointing. Adam Gase is the worst coach in the league, their best offensive play right now was the Bills’ backup running back last year. Braxton Berrios is the team’s only healthy receiver and the defense is horrible. You know something is wrong when one of the biggest Jets’ fans in the sports broadcasting world, Mike Greenburg, is going off on the team.

31 Carolina Panthers

Matt Rhule is in a bad situation now. We all know that they have a terrible defense, especially after losing all-pro linebacker Luke Kuechly, but the lose of Christian McCaffery makes the offense almost just as bad. Teddy Bridgewater is still a great game manager but the lose of his main checkdown target will make his job much harder. People have been saying DJ Moore is going to breakout this season and now would be a really good time to start this breakout.

30 New York Giants

Wow, two New York teams in the bottom three. Let me start by addressing the elephant in the room, Saquon is injured and he’ll most likely comeback way worse. The offense will not be able to function without their star player, Saquon Barkley. Unless Darius Slayton can take that next step and become a great wide receiver this team might not be top 25 in points scored. On the bright side the defense is solid, I mean the corners cannot cover anyone if their life depended on it but their front 7 is great. Let’s see if Joe Judge can turn this team around.

29 Cincinnati Bengals

I’m not sure that you understand what happened on Thursday. Zac Taylor allowed a quarterback that only played one NFL game, to throw the ball 61 times and he didn’t throw a single interception. The receivers are incredible and Joe Mixon is a superb running back, this offense will be spectacular once they get a good offensive line. On the other hand, the defense is horrible. Their defensive line was hyped up all offseason, yet they couldn’t stop the Browns’ running back duo, this might’ve been because of the loss of Geno Atkins, one of the team’s Star defensive players.

28 Detroit Lions

The Lions didn’t just lose to the Packers, they got humiliated. Matthew Stafford is a great quarterback but the loss of his primary weapon, Kenny Golladay, makes his job way harder. The Lions have three starting running backs but none of them are as good as Matt Patricia was hoping for. Their defense is even worse then last year, allowing 42 points.

27 Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are still missing a couple key components to a good team (like a consistent quarterback), but almost winning against a team that a lot of people believe will make the playoffs is one way to climb up the rankings. The loss of star cornerback Byron Jones hurts the team a lot but I still think Kyle Van Noy can hold this defense together until he returns.

26 Washington Football Team

Week 1 we saw this defense tear apart Carson Wentz, sadly that week was just a fluke and the team went back to being the rebuilding team we all expected them to be. The offense isn’t very good, they have no running game and Terry Mclauren is the only play maker. Although the defense wasn’t amazing last week we can’t just ignore what we saw on week 1. If this team notices that Alex Smith is the right option this team can make the playoffs.

25 Denver Broncos

I can’t have a team that is starting Blake Bortles as their quarterback any higher on this list, let alone a team that lost their best receiver and top edge rusher. Melvin Gordon is going to have to carry this offense and Jerry Jeudy has to prove he was worth their first round pick. The defense will be solid with players such as Justin Simmons and Bradley Chubb.

24 Jacksonville Jaguars

This team has next to no talent, yet they almost beat the team that made it to the AFC championship. Despite having no weapons, Gardner Minshew played extremely well, carrying the offense. Myles Jack and Joe Schobert played surprisingly well against Derrick Henry and the Titans’ offense.

23 Philadelphia Eagles

This entire team is injured. The offensive line, one of the team’s biggest strengths, has been torn to pieces. Carson Wentz isn’t playing like himself and Miles Sanders is really the team’s only hope on offense. The defense is above average with stars like Fletcher Cox and Darius Slay. I wish I could rank this team higher but they aren’t giving me any reasons to have them higher.

22 Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are a extremely high scoring team. Russell Gage, Julio Jones, and Calvin Ridley are one of the NFL’s best receiving cores. They have a superb quarterback, Matt Ryan, and a amazing runningback, Todd Gurley. The defense is the reason the team hasn’t won a game yet. I try not to mention special teams in these rankings, but come on, you have to get that onside kick.

21 Cleveland Browns

Talent isn’t all that matters, the Browns are a example of that. They barely won against the Bengals, you can’t expect me to rank them higher. Running the ball repeatedly won’t work against good teams, you have to keep the defense honest. The defense is horrific. Myles Garrett and the defensive line is great but the corners cannot cover receivers.

20 Houston Texans

I feel bad for the Texans. In the first week they played against the defending super bowl champions and then they played against the most talented team in the league right after. They are yet to get a fair matchup, this makes it much harder to judge the team. The only thing we know for sure about the team is that Deshaun Watson will be the offense’s x-factor.

19 Minnesota Vikings

This team got absolutely destroyed by the Colts. Kirk Cousins didn’t even have time to breath in the pocket. Kirk Cousins isn’t willing to even look Justin Jefferson’s way. Every play he’s looking for one of two players, Dalvin Cook and Adam Theilen. The defense is still great but the loss of Anthony Barr will make the defense much worse.

18 Chicago Bears

This is the first time in a while that the Bears had a competent offense. Anthony Miller and Allen Robinson are great receivers that Tribisky loves to throw the ball too. Speaking of Tribisky, he seems way more comfortable in the offense this year. The defense is phenomenal, Khalil Mack is a absolute beast that makes sure that no quarterback can get a clean pocket. There is multiple other star players on the defense, too many to list.

17 Los Angles Chargers

Justin Herbert was a rookie that looked to raw in college to start a single game this season. I was proven wrong. I don’t know what happened over the offseason but almost every criticism I had on him was cleaned up. He almost led this team to an overtime win against the Chiefs. Keenan Allen and Hunter Henry both played great and made it much easier for their rookie quarterback. The defense also played very well but I still think they need another versatile safety that can at least try to fill Derwin James’ role on the defense.

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