NFL Week 3 Predictions

Coming off of an incredible week 2 with plenty of great competitive games the NFL seems to be back in full swing. A lot happened this week including a plethora of devastating injuries that will without a doubt effect my predictions this week. Last I was 13-3 in predictions making me 23-9 on the season. This should be an interesting group of games this week so let's jump in.

Starting off on Thursday Night Football tonight we have the Dolphins VS Jaguars. Why they made this a prime time game who knows but this is actually a game that could get pretty competitive towards the end. The Jaguars have been better than anyone thought they would be this year even in their loss last week to the Titans they only lost by 3 points. The Dolphins have been somewhat of the same but they haven't been able to secure that first win yet. As long as Fitzpatrick is in at QB I don't really see that coming because his play has been nothing short of terrible this season. With Byron Jones out this week and the Miami defense struggling in almost every single spot I'm going to take the Jags in a competitive game.

Dolphins: 13 Jaguars: 17

Moving on to the Sunday games to start it off we have the 49ers returning to Met Life to face the Giants. The 49ers were absolutely ravaged by injuries on both sides of the ball and it was reportedly due to the poor field conditions at Met Life. Jimmy G will be out for the next few weeks leaving Nick Mullens to take the starting job. Raheem Mostert and Tevin Coleman are also out for the foreseeable future while Bosa and Solomon Thomas are out for the year on the defensive side of the ball. This game with 49ers at full health wouldn't be close but with the offense having little to no weapons and the defense, while still good, being handicapped this game could get very competitive. The Giants aren't without injury either obviously losing Saquon Barkley for the year. I think this one could be competitive the majority of it but towards the end the 49ers defense will start to take advantage of the Giants extremely basic offense and they will secure the W.

49ers: 23 Giants: 16

Next up we have Washington VS Browns. The Browns are coming off of an impressive win against Joe Burrow's Bengals on TNF last week while Washington is coming off of a borderline blowout VS the Cardinals. The Brown's offense was running in almost full capacity last week with Chubb dominating the run game and Odell and Baker building their chemistry. Washington seemed to be showing their true colors last week especially on offense. Their WR core is in obvious need of help as well as everything else on their offense. Their defense took a step back as well Kyler Murray lit their defense up. I'm going to take the Browns in another decisive win.

Washington: 13 Browns: 29

Up next we have the Bengals heading to Philly to face the Eagles. Carson Wentz has been absolutely terrible this season. His decision making and accuracy has been questionable to put it lightly. His offensive line is top 5 in pass protection so that isn't an excuse. His receivers have come along nicely so that can't be an excuse. This team has been bad because of Carson Wentz. Jalen Reagor is now out with a PCL tear in his thumb so It's all on Zach Ertz, D-Jax, and JJAW to come together and make a good unit of receivers for Wentz. Last week Burrow looked amazing. He was delivering balls that were Aaron Rodgers level of accurate yet his receivers were dropping them. AJ Green looked old and beyond rusty. I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt seeing as he hasn't played in over a year. The Bengals defense is just as suspect as we all expected and will be the downfall of the team this year. I am cautiously taking the Eagles to take this win but I wouldn't be surprised if the Bengals took advantage of some poor play and got their first win.

Bengals: 21 Eagles: 27

Next up in an extremely interesting match up we have the Raiders VS Patriots. The Raiders look so much better than I ever expected. Their offense actually came to play this season with Derek Carr stepping up and having himself two great games to start the year off. Darren Waller is here and he is here to stay. He had a monster performance against the Saints with a 12/105 stat line. The Saints couldn't do anything to stop him and I see him having this same kind of game against the Pats on Sunday. The Patriots even in their loss looked great last week as well. Cam seems to be back in full force after week 2 VS the Seahawks. His arm is at full strength and his dual threat ability seems to also be back. I think this one could come down to a shoot out between the two teams and in that situation I trust the Patriots more than the Raiders.

Raiders: 31 Patriots: 35

Next up we have the Bears VS Falcons. The Bears are 2-0 with Trubisky at QB and they seem to be playing somewhat well but I still have absolutely zero faith in Trubisky. His play is bound to decline at some point this season and I think it will be sometime soon. Their defense is strong though as always so they can still be competitive in a game like this. The They just seem to always be on the wrong side of a choke job and they continued that with their choke VS the Cowboys. Their defense really didn't play well in that game what caused the huge deficit was the Cowboys having consecutive turnovers early in the game. Their offense looked good in the first half led by Matt Ryan. He had some good balls to Calvin Ridley deep in the end zone. If the Falcons can just remain competitive through out this game I can see them winning this one but if Julio Jones is out this game could go either way.

Bears: 14 Falcons: 20

Moving on we have the Rams heading to Buffalo to face the Bills. The Rams look great through two weeks of football. The Sean McVay refresh of their offense seems to be working well for the team. The Bills while yes they played the Jets and Dolphins have also looked great. Josh Allen is on pace for a break out year even bigger than last year. Their defenses while they aren't shut down defenses have shown to be competitive. This is a sleeper game of the week for me with both of these teams performing well offensively. If the Rams can get their offense going quickly and establish the run early on like they did last week I can see the Rams winning the game early on. The Bills secondary is performing better than I expected but this is the teams first game against an actual good offense so they are set up to struggle this week. I have the Rams taking the win in an offensive battle.

Bills: 27 Rams: 35

Next up we have the Texans VS Steelers. You have to feel bad for the Texans starting their season off with 3 high powered offense back to back to back. With their defense this is a death sentence for this team. They have struggled both weeks albeit against the Chiefs and Ravens but still, they struggled. Deshaun Watson has no time in the pocket to deliver any good balls and his receivers aren't helping him always dropping the ball or failing to cause separation. The Steelers have looked great through two weeks on both sides of the ball. Big Ben has been better than he has been in 2-3 years and that WR core has risen to the occasion. The run game has struggled a bit but they are good enough to cause some trouble for a team like the Texans. This game is bound to be another blow out against the Texans. They just have too many things to improve on and their secondary is god awful.

Texans: 14 Steelers: 31

Titans VS Vikings up next. The Titans although they are 2-0 they are by no means as good as people think. They have had two extremely close games and one of those was VS the Jags of all teams. Their passing game is a struggle fest without AJ Brown they're extremely lucky to have Derrick Henry in the backfield. Their defense is lackluster and inconsistent. They need help in every way besides pass rush MAYBE. Another big play guy next to Clowney wouldn't hurt at all whether it's someone stepping up or them signing someone that becomes that. The Vikings are even worse though their offense is flat and their defense is a punching bag for opposing offenses. Kirk Cousins is starting the year off terrible in every way. For me it's been Kirk Cousins and Carson Wentz as the two worst QB's in the league to start the year off. I have the Titans taking the win here but look for them to slow down next week against the Steelers.

Titans: 24 Vikings: 20

On to the next time slot the Panthers are going to LA to face the Chargers. Herbert looked great last week. This week he actually has the notice that he will be starting and he has the week to prepare as the starter so I expect a jump in play from him and this offense as a whole. The Chargers defense is incredibly good. They non stop are messing up the play in every phase of the defense especially in pass rush. The Panthers lost CMC last week and have looked pretty bad over two weeks. Defensively there's no one there to really cause any trouble for offenses. With CMC this offense is down a major player and their run game is basically non-existent. This should be a pretty easy win for the Chargers if their offense can get into full swing and their defense played like they did last week.

Panthers: 13 Chargers: 24

Moving on to the Jets VS Colts. Do I really need to talk about this one? The Jets look absolutely terrible in every single way. They are on pace to go 0-16 pretty easily this season with how god awful both sides of the ball are. The Colts don't look amazing but this is going to be an easy win for them. Short and sweet Colts win.

Jets: 10 Colts: 28

Now on to the Cowboys VS Seahawks. The Cowboys offense started off pretty terribly last week but quickly got it together and came back for the win. Dak and Zeke were absolutely unstoppable in that second half and the WR started to click late as well. The Seahawks are a Super Bowl caliber team through 2 weeks of football and Russell Wilson is on pace for his first MVP season. Both teams defenses are struggling though. The Seahawks pass rush is non existent and their secondary is struggling. The Cowboys pass rush has struggled to start the season off but can make some plays in big time situations. Their secondary is beat up even worse now with Chidobe Awuzie out for 3-4 weeks. Against this Seahawks offense this could get ugly but I have this game being a high scoring shoot out with the Seahawks taking the win.

Cowboys: 38 Seahawks: 45

Onto another game that I expect to be pretty easy. The Lions heading to AZ to face the Cardinals. The Cardinals offense is off to two great starts this season led by Kyler Murray performing lights out. The Lions....not so much. Their defense is pretty bad in pass coverage and their front 7 while not as bad, isn't much better at all. This should be a pretty easy win for the Cardinals especially if Kenny Golladay is out for a 3rd straight week.

The Buccaneers VS Broncos is up next. The Broncos are out Drew Locke and Courtland Sutton heading into this week and have brought in Blake Bortles to replace him. This game shouldn't be close all things considered. The Bucs looked way better last week with everything clicking even without Chris Godwin in. He's back this week and they have another week of chemistry building under their belt so this is an easy one for me.

Buccaneers: 28 Broncos: 14

On Sunday Night Football we have the Packers VS Saints. The Packers look amazing this year. Aaron Rodgers is back to his old self and is leading that offense to a big year. They are all on the same page in the running and passing game for the first time. Aaron Jones is setting up for a monster season and this is going to be his first real test against that New Orleans front 7. The Saints offense without Michael Thomas looks flat and it's going to be a huge issue on Sunday Night. The Packers defense is starting off nicely and it could be too much for the Saints to handle offensively. The Saints secondary somehow just isn't performing to their best ability. They are getting beat underneath and with this Packers offense as good as it is, that's going to cost them. I have the Packers in a somewhat competitive game.

Packers: 28 Saints: 21

And finally onto what I expect to be the game of the week on MNF. The Chiefs VS Ravens. Both of these teams are extremely similar. Both offenses are on fire and are firing on all cylinders. The Chiefs offense struggled last week against the Chargers but I don't see that being an issue this week. Their defenses while not amazing are great. They have kept offenses down and are consistently disruptive. This game has all the makings to be another classic between these two with their offenses playing major roles as always. After last week with the Chiefs struggling a bit that makes this game way more competitive in my mind. I am going to take the Chiefs here but I'm not incredibly confident in it. The Ravens could take this game late but I have more confidence in the Chiefs.

Chiefs: 41 Ravens: 38

This should be another great week in the NFL, feel free to leave your picks/thoughts in the comments. Follow @CoveringCowboys

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