NFL Week 4 Power Rankings Part 1

Week 3 is the week in which it starts to become clear which teams are contenders and which teams aren’t. The rankings are changing more and more each week and that’s just the art of the sport. Anyways let’s get into the rankings.

32 New York Jets

Listen I don’t want to rank this team at 32 every week but the team isn’t giving me any reasons to rank them any higher. A big reason for this is Adam Gase, the worst coach in the league. It shows a lot that the offense plays best when the plays, that Adam Gase and Dowell Loggains call, fall apart. The defense cannot find anyone to replace Jamal Adams and it shows. This team has one of the least talented rosters in the league and it doesn’t help that they have the NFL’s worst coach, Adam Gase.

31 New York Giants

No one was expecting much from the Giants’ new running backs but they still disappointed the fans. The offensive line, that the team has been using many offseasons trying to improve, is playing horrifically. Daniel Jones isn’t elevating the team at all. The only good thing I noticed about the team is that Blake Martinez is a top 5 inside linebacker in the nfl. This team just lost to a team of backups there isn’t really a lot of positive things I can say here.

30 Washington Football Team

If Dwayne Haskins keeps playing this poorly, Alex Smith will take some snaps under center. The running game hasn’t been successful at all this season, although they did recently change Antonio Gibson to starting running back. The defense lost the promising rookie, Chase Young, that has been a superb pass rusher off the edge. Terry Mclauren is going to have to breakout if this team wants to be a contender.

29 Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals’ offense is tremendous, except for one major downfall. Their offensive line. They have a lot of depth at receiver, a amazing young quarterback, and a spectacular running back, but none of that matters if the guys up front cannot block. The defense is horrible, the defensive line that everyone was hyping up all offseason has been really disappointing so far. I’m still not sure about Zack Taylor, but if he can get them anywhere near 8-8 that will be a huge achievement.

28 Minnesota Vikings

I was planning on ranking this team a lot higher, but I recently heard that they aren’t going to be practicing all week due to COVID-19. This is a major set back for the team, knocking Kirk Cousins and the rest of the team out of rhythm. Despite that, the team has slowly, but surely been improving. Justin Jefferson is starting to show he was worth a first round pick and the defense has a lot of potential. Still, this team has already been struggling and not having practice this week is just going to be another road bump for them.

27 Denver Broncos

The Broncos lost too many players to be considered a great team. They lost Von Miller, Courtland Sutton, Jurrell Casey, Aj Bouye, Drew Lock, Philip Lindsey, and many others to injury. Jerry Jeudy, Noah Fant, Melvin Gordon, and Kj Hamler have been able to hold the offense together despite having Jeff Driskel (now Brett Rypien) at quarterback. The defense has also been a problem. That should be expected when you lose all of your star players. Hopefully some of the injured players come back quickly or else the Broncos won’t end up with any more then 5 wins.

26 Jacksonville Jaguars

It turns out the Jaguars need Dj Chark much more then we thought. It was very clear the entire game that they were missing a receiver that could consistently attract the double team. James Robinson is a superb runningback that reminds me of Le’Veon Bell when he was in his prime. The defense has a a lot of young talent. The linebacker core is the team’s biggest strength. In conclusion the Jaguars have potential to climb up the rankings but they are held back by their terrible offensive line and below average receiving core.

25 Carolina Panthers

No McCaffery? No problem. That’s what Matt Rhule told us this week. Mike Davis was phenomenal, Teddy Bridgewater managed the game very well, completing 78% of his passes. The Panthers’ defense is still a huge problem, they don’t have anyone. They played well against the Chargers but the Chargers aren’t a great team. When the team plays against a high powered offense they allow a lot of points. For example the Raiders scored 34 points against them and the Buccaneers scored 31 points against them.

24 Detroit Lions

The Lions need to build off this win against the Cardinals. If the defense plays this well every game they may make it to the playoffs. The only thing I feel like they struggled with was taking advantage of their opportunities with the ball. It’s pathetic that the Lions picked off Kyler Murray 3 times yet they only beat the Cardinals by 3 points. The defense is playing very well but the offense has been very lackluster.

23 Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz went from a elite quarterback to below average. This may have been caused by second round pick, Jalen Hurts. Carson Wentz now feels like he needs to prove that he’s the team’s starting quarterback, as oppose to him knowing for sure that he’s the starting quarterback. The pressure of Jalen Hurts breathing down his neck every play ready to steal his job has clearly caught up to him and it’s causing him to struggle. The rest of the offense is littered with injuries (just like last year). The defense is playing decently, but they aren’t good enough to carry the horrendous offense, that was great last year. Doug Pederson needs to get Carson Wentz back on track if he wants to make the playoffs again.

22 Atlanta Falcons

This team should be 1-2 right now. 99 times out of 100 the onside kick that lost the Falcons the game on week 2 wouldn’t work. The Falcons are the 6th highest scoring team in the league right now. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone considering they have Calvin Ridley, Julio Jones, Todd Gurley, and Matt Ryan. The main problem is the defense. They have no one except for Grady Jarrett and Deion Jones.

21 Houston Texans

Talk about a tough schedule. First the Chiefs, then the Ravens, and then the toughest defense in the league, the Steelers. The actually performed very well against them racking up 21 points. Deshaun Watson is a elite quarterback that can make plays no matter how bad his supporting cast is. Luckily for him he has a very good supporting cast including Will Fuller, Kenny Stills, Brandin Cooks, Randall Cobb and David Johnson. He may not still have Deandre Hopkins any more but it’s still good enough. The defense is solid but it’s obviously not good enough to beat top tier offenses like the Ravens and Chiefs.

20 Los Angeles Chargers

Justin Herbert is the guy. I still find it amazing that he went from very raw prospect with a lot of potential to a professional quarterback that can pick apart some of the NFL’s best defenses. Keenan Allen is one of the NFL’s best route runners. Austin Ekeler is a great receiving back. These are the two main weapons on the offense but the defense is really the highlight of the team.

19 Cleveland Browns

The Browns need to beat a good team to prove that they are any better then this. They beat the Bengals and Washington. That doesn’t prove anything. Beating a bad team doesn’t mean anything, they need to win this week against the Cowboys to prove that they are a good team. The offense is extremely talented, that’s no secret, but the defense cannot stop any offense. Notice the only teams that the Browns beat had a offense that would shoot itself in the foot.

18 Tennessee Titans

This team is low for the same reason that the Vikings are. Not having the team practice together is a unbelievable disadvantage because it gets rid of all the momentum they’ve been building. The Titans are a great team with a old school style offense. It is nearly impossible to tackle Derrick Henry and he will consistently get 5 yard carries. Right once you think the team is going to run the ball again they will do a perfectly placed pass from Ryan Tannehill to A.J. Brown. The defense is solid and they don’t let up big problems. No matter how good a team is they will struggle a lot if they can’t have a normal practice.

17 Las Vegas Raiders

This offense is very explosive. Josh Jacobs is extremely talented, he’s definitely capable of being the 3 down back especially with the incredible offensive line he’s running behind. The Raiders’ passing game isn’t incredible but it can get the job done with Darren Waller and Henry Ruggs being very reliable targets for Derek Carr. Much like the Falcons, their defense holds there incredible offense back. Jon Gruden has to find a way to improve that defense if he wants to be successful this season.

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