NFL Week 4 Predictions

NFL Week 3 was an eventful one full of upsets and really close games. Last week I went 10-6 once again making me 33-15 on the season. Let's just get into this weeks picks, it should be a good one.

Starting with Thursday Night Football with the Broncos VS Jets. This is quite possibly the worst possible prime time game. The Broncos are beat up on both sides of the ball. Drew Locke, Courtland Sutton, AJ Bouye, Jurrell Casey, are all out for the foreseeable future while Philip Lindsay and Kareem Jackson are struggling with injuries and are questionable. Brett Rypien will be stepping in for the injured Locke despite the team signing Blake Bortles this week. The Jets are also beat up on both sides of the ball but to be quite honest, it doesn't matter. Jameson Crowder and Chris Hogan are both questionable this week and if a single one of those guys goes out their WR core is full of nobodies. These two teams match up favorably to each other though with all these injuries so despite both teams not being very good I think this could end up being a fun game towards the end. I have the Broncos taking the win in the end.

Broncos: 24 Jets: 20

Moving to the Sunday games we'll start with Saints VS Lions. The Saints are coming off of a Monday night loss to the Packers while the Lions are coming off of a big upset win VS the Cardinals. The Saints offense looked better last week but it was all on the back of Kamara. If a team can find a way to stop Kamara then they have completely shut down the Saints current offense. Michael Thomas returned to practice this week in a limited capacity so that's a good sign but I don't see the team rushing him back VS the Lions this week. The Lions didn't look like anything special last week it was more so the poor play of the Cardinals offense that led to the Lions winning. Kyler Murray took a big step back in his performance this week and played not to lose rather than playing to win so I really don't see the Lions in a more positive light even after the win. I think the Saints will take this one pretty handedly as long as their defense can play like they did last week and Kamara can have another big game against one of the worst run defenses in the league.

Saints: 29 Lions: 17

Next up we have the Chargers VS Buccaneers. The Buccaneers looked great last week VS the Broncos. They got Chris Godwin back and their offense was running in full swing despite Ronald Jones leaving the game early with a left foot injury. Even if Jones is out this week they have Fournette in the back who is an amazing RB 2 for this team. Chris Godwin is out again after his return last week due to a hamstring injury so their WR core is handicapped again but Mike Evans looked as dominant as ever last week against statistically a top 5 defense in the league so this week could be another big one for him. The Chargers offense never really got going last week besides a few big plays by Ekeler and Allen. Herbert didn't play terrible last week but an interception and a fumble didn't do anything to help his team. The Buccaneers defense is 7th in passing defense so this isn't exactly a favorable match up for Herbert. I have the Bucs taking the win here. The Chargers might be able to keep the game somewhat competitive but towards the end the Bucs should force the momentum their way.

Chargers: 17 Buccaneers: 27

Up next we have the Jaguars VS Bengals. This week just seems to be the week where all the mediocre or bad teams come together and play each other. The Jaguars looked abysmal on Thursday Night VS the Dolphins. RB James Robinson seems to be the biggest bright spot on the team as of right now on a team completely devoid of them. The Jaguars defense is terrible and I expect them to struggle again this week against a determined Joe Burrow. The Bengals are coming off of a tie VS the Eagles last week where they didn't exactly perform great but them staying in that game and making it competitive is enough for me to take them this week. Burrow has continued to look better and better every week showing his toughness and great ability even in loss every single week. Tyler Boyd has emerged as the #1 WR in this offense so that connection can only get better. The Bengals defense although better than I expected still isn't performing well at all. Should be a win for the Bengals this week.

Jaguars: 27 Bengals: 31

Next up is a battle of 0-3 teams with the Vikings visiting the Texans. Both of these teams have looked pretty back through three weeks of football. The Vikings lost by just one point last week VS the Titans in a really fun game. Justin Jefferson is starting to emerge as a legitimate weapon in this offense and for a Houston team with no real secondary in sight that's going to be an issue. The Houston offense looked to be picking up pace last week in the first half VS the Steelers but after halftime that was quickly shut down. Everything about this offense is failing. Deshaun Watson doesn't have time to make his reads and even if he does his receivers aren't getting open in the slightest. The Deandre Hopkins trade is starting to really look even worse than it did when it first happened. Both of these defenses are struggling being bottom in the league in both pass and run defense so this should be an offensive affair. I have the Vikings taking the win here simply because I trust their defense to fend off the Houston offense more than I trust the Houston defense to fend of the Vikings offense.

Vikings: 34 Houston: 27

Moving on we have Seahawks VS Dolphins. The Dolphins performed well VS the Jags but I don't really see them differently after the win. Fitzmagic historically is extremely inconsistent with this play so this week even against a terrible Seahawks secondary he is bound to struggle. If Byron Jones is out another week then that just means this red hot Seattle offense is only going to continue on it's hot streak. He is reportedly trending up though so I assume he will be a game time decision. Both defenses are pretty bad ranking in the bottom half of the league in both passing and running. Russell Wilson is still playing out of his mind though and as long as he is doing that I am going to take the Seahawks to win. He is going to have to do even more this week with Chris Carson likely to be out with a knee sprain after a despicable gator roll from Cowboys DT Trysten Hill. All things considered though as I said, Seahawks win.

Seahawks: 38 Dolphins: 17

Moving on we have the Browns VS Cowboys. The Cowboys had yet another bad performance defensively to be fair it was against the previously mentioned red hot Seahawks offense but, bad performance nonetheless. Why they refuse to bring in secondary help is beyond me. The offense though is pretty much the opposite with weapons on weapons performing well. Cedric Wilson of all WR's had two TD's while the 3 big Dallas WR's had 65, 86, and 138 yards respectively. Zeke had an off game with just 34 yards but he came up big when it mattered on 3rd downs. The Browns had Washington last week and took care of them pretty handedly. Nick Chubb is off to a hot start this season and is someone the Cowboys need to limit as best as they can to win this game. The Browns defense is performing decent through out these past two weeks but they have still given up 36, 30, and 20 points this season so I see them struggling against this Cowboys offense enough for the Cowboys to get the W

Browns: 24 Cowboys: 35

Up next we have the Cardinals visiting the Panthers. The Panthers got their first W of the season last week VS the Chargers and they honestly looked better offensively without CMC than I thought they would. Mike Davis has filled in as a serviceable back while McCaffrey remains absent and Teddy looked to be coming along as the game went on. He has had some really bad performances this season but this performance he looked more in rhythm. Their defense is still pretty bad though and doesn't seem to be getting better. This could be a very good game for Kyler Murray to make a bounce back from his poor performance last week VS the Lions. He took a step back from his MVP level play but that's normal for a young player like him so I don't see as a big deal. Against a terrible defense like this Panthers one he is prime for a big game as is this whole offense. If Kenyan Drake can finally get in on this offense then they could be unstoppable. I think the Cardinals will take this one in a somewhat competitive game.

Cardinals: 27 Panthers: 21

The Colts VS Bears is up next and man is this an interesting one. The Bears benched Mitchell Trubisky last week as we all know in favor of Nick Foles. I knew it would happen eventually but to be honest I was surprised it happened now. Trubisky was just so bad that even at 3-0 he got benched. But I think it's for the better Nick came in and proved that in the performance last week he is and should be their starter for the remainder of the season. The Bears offense looked lively and genuinely competitive in that second half. If their offense can perform like they did in that 2nd half against this Colts defense they could very well get the win but, it's going to be a challenge. The Colts statistically have the best defense in the league right now. They have given up just 396 passing yards through 3 weeks of football and 280 rushing yards. Albeit against the Jags, Vikings, and Jets but no matter who the teams are, that's impressive. Their offense as well has been impressive putting up 28 and 36 points in their last two games so this offense VS the Bears under performing defense should be an interesting watch. Just based on this Colts defense and the Bears adjusting to a new QB I'm going to take the Colts here in a close one.

Colts: 31 Bears: 29

Finishing up the 12:00 window with the Ravens VS Washington. I don't feel a big need to dive too deep into this one honestly. The Ravens had a pretty lackluster VS the Chiefs on Monday night but I don't see it as a huge deal simply because it's the Chiefs. They're likely on a repeat run so anyone that loses to them, it isn't a big deal. But they have a great potential bounce back game this week against a Washington team that is struggling in every way. After a huge defensive performance week 1 it's been all downhill from there. Haskins can't put a single meaningful drive together and the defense struggles when it matters because they are out there basically the whole game. This one likely won't be close at all, Ravens win.

Ravens: 30 Washington: 13

Moving into the 3:00 games we have another pretty easy game in the Giants VS Rams. The Giants look absolutely dreadful every single time I've watched them play. Even against an extremely handicapped 49ers team they could get absolutely nothing done. Their offense is flat and their defense just lays down and takes down the beating every single week. The Rams suffered a tough loss VS the Bills but they looked great in the 2nd half. Their offense got back to looking explosive and dangerous and against this terrible Giants team I think they're going to feast. This one isn't going to be close.

Giants: 14 Rams: 29

Patriots VS Chiefs up next. The Chiefs are just ridiculous. There is not a single team in this league that can stop this team. Their offense led by Mahomes is just too much for teams to handle it's almost not fair. Their performance against the Ravens felt like a statement to the rest of the league of "We don't care how good you are, we're better" and they absolutely are. The Patriots looked good last week but it was just more typical Patriots football. Bend don't break defense the eventually leads to them having a notable lead at the end of the game. It's effective but it absolutely will not be enough to take on this Chiefs team. Their defensive is too short handed right now with injuries and opt outs they don't have enough talent to take care of Mahomes.

Patriots: 21 Chiefs: 34

Next and the last of the 3:00 games we have the Bills VS Raiders. The Bills are off to an insanely hot start this season going 3-0. This past week was their first real test VS the Rams and they shut them down pretty handedly in the first half and then fought back the last second come back at the very end. Josh Allen is legit and he has proven that over and over again since last season. Their defense looks to be serviceable but also looks questionable at times. The Raiders took a step back last week VS the Patriots and I can't say I'm surprised. I don't expect this team to look as good as they did in that MNF game for the rest of the season especially with this bottom of the league type defense. I have the Bills taking this one in a decent game.

Bills: 28 Raiders: 23

Moving on to Sunday Night Football we have the 49ers VS Eagles. If these two teams were all the way healthy and performing up to their potential this could've been a really interesting and good game but as the weeks have gone on these two teams have just gotten more and more beat up and their quality of play has shot down. Carson Wentz just look terrible to put it lightly. Everything about his game has regressed from decision making to accuracy nothing about his game looks good anymore. Their defense doesn't look good at all either so that's not helping him but a starting caliber QB should be able to at least keep the game close and he did that VS the Bengals this week but then messed up once again and the game resulted in a tie. It just doesn't look good at all for this team. The 49ers looked good VS the Giants last week even without Jimmy G. They put a lot of the load onto rookie WR Brandon Aiyuk and it worked out. It was against the Giants so it was to be expected but this performance exceeded expectations. I have the 49ers taking this one even with Nick Mullens I think this 49ers team is better than what I have seen from Philly.

49ers: 24 Eagles: 17

And finally finishing the week off we have the Falcons VS Packers. Just when you thought the Falcons' season couldn't get any worse last week happened. They had a lead against the Bears last week and then the legend of Nick Foles happened. Their team as a whole is just terrible at situational football. I'm not sure if it's the players themselves or if it's the coaching but its terrible. The Packers on the other hand look Super Bowl bound. Their offense even without Davante Adams last week against a good Saints defense absolutely dominated on Sunday Night. Allen Lazard stepped up as well as Aaron Jones when it mattered. This team is going to have a huge year and I think it will continue this week. I don't love their defense if I'm being honest both personnel and just performance wise so this game could end up being closer than people expect but I still have the Packers in this one.

Falcons: 28 Packers: 42

Thanks for reading! Feel free to give me your thoughts and follow me @CoveringCowboys on IG.

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