NFL Week 6 Power Rankings

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been posting power rankings, in which I would write 3-4 sentences about every team. That is a total of 96-128 sentences every week. Now that football practice is starting for my school is starting I don’t have the time to write so much, so I decided to write just one sentence (maybe two) about every team. Anyways let’s get into the rankings.

32 New York Jets

Adam Gase is horrible, he had 3 terrible play calls that show he’s oblivious to his player’s’ strength and weaknesses, and now they released their second best player (their best player is Cj Mosley, a linebacker that dropped out).

31 New York Giants

The offense is horrible although Devonta Freeman is starting to play well, at least their defense is solid. I don’t really have much to say it’s just the average rebuilding team.

30 Atlanta Falcons

This offense is one of the NFL’s most talented, but talent doesn’t automatically lead to success, they need a good head coach which is why it would’ve been great if they got rid of Dan Quinn earlier. their defense is one of the worst in the NFL, allowing 161 points so far this season.

29 Jacksonville Jaguars

This team and the Falcons are polar opposites, the Falcons have poor coaching but a lot of talent, the Jaguars have a great coach but no talent.

28 Washington Football Team

This defense is clearly missing Chase Young, I don’t really see them winning without him no matter who the quarterback is (I still believe Dwayne Haskins is the worst choice if they want to win games).

27 Denver Broncos

Teams cannot be successful with this many injuries, Vic Fangio is a great defensive mind but the team needs someone to help them on the offensive side of the ball because that is where they are struggling the most.

26 Detroit Lions

This defense is horrible and Kenny Golladay isn’t playing like himself, this leads Matthew Stafford and the offense playing much worse.

25 Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow was definitely worth the first pick, but he is too inexperienced to carry this team to victory, let alone a victory against one of the best teams in the NFL.

24 Miami Dolphins

This team actually beat the 49ers, and they didn’t just beat them, they humiliated them, winning by 36. that alone is enough to put them in the top 25.

23 Houston Texans

I still don’t think Bill O’Brien was the problem, the problem was the amount of power he was given over the team. Brandon Cooks seems to be the wide receiver we were hoping he would be, and he is a big reason the team won this week.

22 Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles may have lost but they played extremely well, scoring 29 points against an elite defense like the Steelers is no easy task.

21 Minnesota Vikings

Wether they have Alexander Mattisson or Dalvin Cook at running back doesn’t matter, the Vikings had a great game plan going into the Seahawks game and I’m expecting more of that with Mike Zimmer as their head coach.

20 Carolina Panthers

This team is underrated and I honestly feel like they play better without McCaffery, which sounds weird but the stats seem to be showing that Mike Davis is a better fit for Matt Rhule’s offense. Robby Anderson has also took a massive step up since he joined the team.

19 Los Angeles Chargers

Everyone was wrong about Justin Herbert, including me. He isn’t just a raw prospect, he’s extremely talented and he doesn’t need to stay on the bench for a year to show it.

18 San Francisco 49ers

From a super bowl to last in their division. I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted all the injuries this team suffered, even if they do recover quickly it’s going to be difficult to compete in such a strong division.

17 Dallas Cowboys

I don’t understand how the Cowboys have such a talented team yet they find a way to almost lose to the giants, also it sucks that their starting quarterback is out for the season but Andy Dalton is a solid quarterback.

16 Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray is starting to look like himself again, this may lead to the offense being one of the highest scoring in the league. I can’t say the same about the defense, which lost their star edge rusher Chandler Jones to injury.

15 Indianapolis Colts

The Colts defense can be considered elite, even without Darius Leonard, Nick Sirianni knows this so 49% of the offensive plays he calls are run plays.

14 Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders’ offense was good enough to do the impossible, win against the Chiefs in a shootout despite having a horrible defense.

13 Cleveland Browns

The Browns are finally starting to look like a good team, it really seems like Kevin Stefanski found a way to utilize all of these star players to their full potential.

12 Chicago Bears

The Bears’ offense needs to play better in the first quarter if they want to be ranked higher, the defense is good but you can’t win with just defense. The offense has been average but that’s not good enough to win playoff games.

11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Although the offense is very talented, the defense is the team’s biggest strength even without Vita Vea this defense neutralizes any team’s running game.

10 New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees needs Micheal Thomas, He has been dumping the ball off to Alvin Kamara a lot, making the offense very predictable.

9 Los Angeles Rams

The Rams may not have a lot of skilled players on offense, but Sean McVay knows how to make something out of nothing and that’s what he’s doing with the offense.

8 Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen looked horrible yesterday, but I’ll do something I never thought I would do going into the season, I want to defend Josh Allen. He played poorly yesterday, but I believe that it was just a bad game, I’m not going to ignore everything else he accomplished this season.

7 Tennessee Titans

The Titans had a great game yesterday making the Bills look like a JV team. They came off the bye better then ever with a great offensive trio including, Derrick Henry, Ryan Tannehill, and Aj Brown.

6 New England Patriots

With Cam coming back next week this team is going to be much better, Belichick can coach this team to a super bowl no matter how bad (or good) the team is.

5 Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers now have their replacement for Antonio Brown, Chase Claypool. Pair this new found receiving talent with their elite defense and you have a top 5 team in the NFL.

4 Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson hasn’t been a great passer this year but he’s been making up for that with his mobility, and the defense has become one of the best in the NFL due to the addition of rookie linebacker Patrick Queen.

3 Seattle Seahawks

It’s no secret that the Seahawks are an insanely good team, the thing that has been kept secret is their weakness. The Vikings game showed that the Seahawks struggle when the other team keeps the offense off the field.

2 Kansas City Chiefs

Don’t overreact, one loss doesn’t instantly drop them from the best team in the NFL to a team outside of the top 3. They still have a elite quarterback, wide receiver, head coach, tight end, safety, defensive lineman, people shouldn’t be this worried over one bad game.

1 Green Bay Packers

While most other teams in the top 5 fell because of poor play the Packers were on their bye week. This team has been dominating every team they play against so I consider them very deserving of the number 1 spot.

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