NFL Week 8 Power Rankings

This week had a lot of nail biters that went down to the last seconds such as the Titans’ game. We also saw a great game between the Seahawks and Cardinals that almost ended in a tie. The rankings have changed a lot but I bet you all know what team is 32.

32 New York Jets

I almost put this team higher. But then I noticed, that was too little too late. They took a large step in the right direction by letting Dowell Loggains call the plays instead of Adam Gase.

31 Jacksonville Jaguars

I think I know what the problem is. Doug Marrone coached the Jaguars to a week 1 win against the Colts, but the team has completely fell off since then. I believe Doug Marrone knows how to make this team better, but he is intentionally losing to get an early pick.

30 Dallas Cowboys

This team is too talented to be this bad. They may have lost their two starting quarterbacks but that’s not an excuse, Zeke should be able to carry this team, considering how much they paid him.

29 New York Giants

The Giants’ defense is solid but they have a horrible offense, Andrew Thomas was the worst lineman drafted in the first round and the rest of that offensive line crumbles every play.

28 Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings traded away Yannick Ngakoue thinking that they will get Danielle Hunter back from injury. A couple hours later it was announced that he was out for the season.

27 Atlanta Falcons

Why are people only blaming Gurley, he could’ve prevented them from losing but the blame should be on the defense that allowed the lions to charge up the field with 1 minute left in the game.

26 Cincinnati Bengals

Now this was the offense we were expecting, with this much depth at receiver and Giovani Bernard making a name for himself, Joe Burrow was able to string together a couple great drives despite the Browns getting the last second td to win them the game.

25 Washington Football Team

Congratulations Washington, we now know that the Cowboys were overhyped yet again. My only question is, where was this last week. This team looked completely different a week ago what happened.

24 Denver Broncos

Was anyone expecting the Broncos to win this game. I’m not going to lie I only watched it for the snow. I still have faith in Drew Lock although his decision making has been a problem.

23 Houston Texans

The Texans are still a solid team, getting beat by Aaron Rodgers and the stacked Packers’ roster doesn’t change anything.

22 Detroit Lions

The Lions got bailed out by Todd Gurley and the horrific Falcons defense, they aren’t a bad team, they’re just mediocre. Basically the story of Stanford’s entire career.

21 Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz looks like he’s starting to return to his elite status. Carrying a horrible team filled with backups to a somewhat successful season (keep in mind how difficult their schedule has been).

20 Miami Dolphins

I believe Tua is a superb quarterback but he will have a difficult debut game against the Rams’ defense, which is one of the best in the NFL.

19 Cleveland Browns

It may be surprising to see the Browns so low, but they lost their best receiver and they almost lost to the Bengals, the Browns are still unproven so games like that will be detrimental to their spot on these rankings.

18 Carolina Panthers

Teddy Bridgewater is a great quarterback and the rest of the offense is allowing him to show that but this team lacks a defense and it shows.

17 Los Angeles Chargers

I don’t care what anyone says Justin Herbert is the front runner for offensive rookie of the year. If this team was in a easier division they would most likely be a playoff contender.

16 New England Patriots

If been restraining myself from saying this for a while, but I think it’s safe to say it now. The Patriots’ dynasty is over. They have a defense but their offense is so bad not even Belicheck can fix it.

15 Las Vegas Raiders

Josh Jacobs, Darren Waller, and Derek Carr makeup a great offense yet their offense is so bad they couldn’t even get close to stopping Brady, meanwhile the Buccaneers’ defense was good enough to stop Josh Jacobs and the offense.

14 Chicago Bears

This offense is horrible but I don’t understand how so many people are surprised by how poorly the offense played, we all knew the defense was the only good part of the team, why did we expect Nick Foles to be able to score on that amazing Rams’ defense.

13 Buffalo Bills

Can someone please explain what happened. Ever since I admitted that the Bills subverted my expectations they have been doing terrible. I don’t understand, Josh Allen went from MVP contender to horrible within 3 weeks.

12 San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are either are still a really good team despite a lot of injuries. Due to Richard Sherman and Nick Bosa being injured I was able to notice that Fred Warner really is the heart to this defense.

11 Indianapolis Colts

Once the Colts learn that Philip Rivers is washed up and they start running the ball more they will succeed, especially with that amazing defense.

10 Arizona Cardinals

That is how you get into the top ten. Beating a top team like the Seahawks is a great way to prove how much of a threat you’re team is.

9 New Orleans Saints

The Saints need to prove that they are still a top team in the NFC and Michael Thomas is their key to doing that. Drew Brees is clearly missing a main weapon and Thomas will fill that role.

8 Los Angeles Rams

Sean McVay may be a offensive minded coach but this team’s main strength is their superb defensive which has been playing at a elite level all season.

7 Seattle Seahawks

This is why defense is important. When you’re a team like Seattle that likes to keep games close you need your defense to be able to get a stop. You can’t rely on Russell Wilson to bail you out of every situation.

6 Green Bay Packers

The Packers played out of their mind this week but they still haven’t proved that they can play from behind. Their inability to play from behind is going to be what gets them knocked out of the playoffs.

5 Tennessee Titans

The fact that they were able to take control of that Steelers game in the second half is a great sign for this team. Don’t think about that Steelers game too much this team is gonna go far.

4 Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens’ offense is no longer the highlight of the team instead it’s the defense that has been dominating nearly every team they play against.

3 Pittsburgh Steelers

I’ll be honest, if the Steelers beat the Ravens they will be the best team in the NFL. Now that the Steelers beat the Titans we know that they are the real deal.

2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Brady is playing like a elite quarterback again. Now we’re going to see what happens when you give Brady 3 top 10 receivers and two great tight ends.

1 Kansas City Chiefs

We have a couple rising teams and then we have the king of the hill that is yet to be dethroned. The sky is the limit for Mahomes and Andy Reid’s team.

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