NFL Week 9 Power Rankings

This week was full of upsets from the Bengals beating the Titans to the Vikings beating the Packers, of course upsets like these are going to cause huge changes on these power rankings.

32 New York Jets

This team is so bad they ended the game with a score of 9-35 and when I finish watching I say the team did better then I expected.

31 Jacksonville Jaguars

Jake Luton is now the quarterback, that doesn’t make this team any better. maybe next year they will be more promising.

30 Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys somehow went from one of the most talented teams in the NFL to one of the worst.

29 Houston Texans

The Texans are doing horrible and they are deserving of a top ten pick, but they traded that pick away thinking they would be playoff contenders this season.

28 Detroit Lions

Now that they lost star receiver Kenny Golladay, Matthew Stafford is going to need to carry this entire team. The sooner Matt Patricia gets fired the better.

27 New York Giants

The Giants almost had an upset over one of the best teams in the NFL, but their weakness in the most important position, quarterback, is why they lost in the end.

26 Washington Football Team

Ron Rivera is the reason this team still has a shot at the playoffs (that and the horrible division they’re in). This entire defense is underrated, REALLY underrated.

25 Cincinnati Bengals

Beating the Titans is no small task, the Bengals did it and did it well. The Bengals proved that good game planning will always beat talent.

24 Atlanta Falcons

Wait, the Falcons held on to their lead? This is new. In all seriousness the Falcons played well, Grady Jarrett reminded everyone that he’s one of the NFL’s best run defenders and Julio Jones proved he’s still a elite receiver.

23 Philadelphia Eagles

That was a very sloppy win for the Eagles, but the team is only going to get better as more players recover from injuries.

22 New England Patriots

The Patriots’ dynasty has fallen, I finally feel safe saying it. Not even Belicheck is capable of making this work. That’s a really bad sign.

21 Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings are starting to look like we thought they would be going into the season, a run based team with a great defense. If they keep playing like this they can land a wildcard spot.

20 Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have been a decent team for a couple weeks, but the return of McCaffery might get them into the top half of the league.

19 Las Angeles Chargers

The Chargers played great against the Broncos, but they couldn’t finish off the win. This has happened repeatedly with this team, they get really close to winning, but they end up failing.

18 Denver Broncos

The Broncos are a phenomenal young team. A lot of people may think that Drew Lock isn’t going to be their long term quarterback, this game proves those people wrong.

17 Miami Dolphins

Great execution by that entire Dolphins team, Tua wasn’t spectacular but he got the job done.

16 San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are a very well coached team, so the major injuries they received this weekend will not affect them as much as it would affect other teams.

15 Cleveland Browns

Baker wasn’t the problem during the Raiders’ game, in fact I would blame everyone else on that team. They played horribly.

14 Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders are a great team whether you admit it or not. They have a superb offense and a decent defense that only allowed the Browns to score only 2 field goals.

13 Chicago Bears

This game may have looked like a bad showcase by the Bears, but their defense was spectacular, almost as good as the 2018 Bears defense, that’s a good sign.

12 Buffalo Bills

The Bills are a great team and they know how to beat the bad teams, but they haven’t played well against the great teams.

11 Los Angeles Rams

Horrible play by the Rams, they were beat in all 3 stages of the game. Can someone please explain how the NFL’s best player only got one sack on a rookie quarterback behind the worst offensive line in the league.

10 Indianapolis Colts

Johnathan Taylor may be injured but we witnessed the Colts’ depth at running back go into full display, it seems like we shouldn’t be worried. Especially with that defense.

9 Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals aren’t very well rounded but they have a lot of superstars. I’m not just talking about their defense, Budda Baker is an elite safety and Patrick Peterson is playing like he did in 2014.

8 New Orleans Saints

The Saints are now getting Michael Thomas back, this is going to make the team a whole lot better. The team is very well rounded its just worrying that they are in such a tough division.

7 Tennessee Titans

The Titans had a embarrassing loss to the Bengals, but the addition of Desmond King is a great way to recover.

6 Green Bay Packers

The Packers have a lot of talent on offense but their run defense sucks and it will be their downfall. This Vikings game was just a microcosm of what is going to happen to this team in the playoffs.

5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

No team that almost lost to the Giants will make it to the top 3 no matter how good the team is. They’re just going to prove me wrong when Antonio Brown scores 3 TDS against the Falcons and I’m gonna have to put them in the top 3.

4 Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks bounced back in great fashion, but I still feel like I need to see more from their defense.

3 Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens may have lost two games, but both of them were against the best teams in the league. The Ravens lost by a very small margin and ran all over a great Steelers’ defense.

2 Pittsburgh Steelers

This team will definitely light up the regular season but I’m really worried about how well they will do in the playoffs. They allow receivers to get a lot of yardage and their offense can’t play well against good teams for full games, only half of games.

1 Kansas City Chiefs

I don’t need to elaborate, you know how good this team is you’ve seen this team decimate almost every team other then the Raiders.

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