NFL Wildcard Week Power Rankings

The Playoffs are officially starting this week, now the battle for Lombardi Trophy begins. Some teams like the Bears and Colts just barely made it in, meanwhile teams like the Steelers and Chiefs were able to use last week as a bye, benching their starters. All these teams have one goal in mind, don’t get eliminated.

14 Washington Football Team

Washington is definitely the odd one out when it comes to this year’s playoff teams, that being said they have a realistic chance at winning this week. The Buccaneers haven’t won against a good defensive team all season, so if Chase Young and the rest of that front 7 can get to Tom Brady and not let their offense score too much they may be playing against the Packers next Sunday.

13 Chicago Bears

The Bears were a team that I was considering very scary going into week 17, but they looked horrible against the Packers. Their defense wasn’t exactly the best either. If the Bears play like they did from week 12 to week 16 they will be a real threat, but I don’t really know wether or not I should expect that.

12 Cleveland Browns

The Browns aren’t a great defensive team but their offense has been spectacular this season, mainly because of head coach/offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski. He’s been the reason the Browns ended their playoff drought, but he’s not able to coach the Browns game due to a COVID outbreak in the facility. This is a huge loss for this team that will most likely result in them losing to the Steelers this week.

11 Las Angeles Rams

This is going to be the hardest game of the year for the Rams. If they still had Jared Goff the Rams would be heavy favorites to win this game, but he’s currently injured. Their backup is John Wolford, a quarterback that hasn’t started an NFL game until last week. In his first game he had 57.8 completion percentage, 247 passing yards, and an interception. Their defense is one of the few that is able to stop Russell Wilson, but they can’t win if they can’t get points on the board. It still is possible for Jared Goff to play, but it’s unlikely. If they can get past this week they may be representing the NFC in the super bowl.

10 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Like I said when I was talking about Washington, the Buccaneers haven’t beat a single good defense. They lost to the Saints (twice), Chiefs, Rams, and Bears, these are all great defensive teams. The only good defensive team the Buccaneers beat was the Giants and they only beat the Giants by 2 points. Of course this team is still great, but I don’t care how much a team beats a bad team, like the Lions, if they can’t win against good teams. Now that Buccaneers are in the playoffs they will be facing off against some of the league’s top defenses. If Brady wants a 7th ring he’s going to have to play better now then he did in the regular season (which is what he normally does).

9 Indianapolis Colts

Johnathan Taylor was incredible, racking up 253 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns in 30 carries. He is the key to this offense. Of course, when people think of this Colts team they don’t think about the offense (which I believe is very underrated) they talk about the defense which is 5th in the league in turnovers forced. Why am I talking about their turnovers? Well this Bills team that the Colts are playing has an incredible offense and for the Colts to win they are going to need to force turnovers. The Colts gameplan is perfect to beat the Bills. The real question is wether or not they can execute it.

8 Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson has is playing like the player he was last year, but that isn’t good enough to beat Derrick Henry. It doesn’t matter how well Lamar Jackson plays, if the Ravens can’t stop Derrick Henry they won’t win this game. Last year they Ravens lost this exact matchup and got knocked out of the playoffs for it. John Harbaugh know how much of a threat this team is and he needs to plan accordingly.

7 Tennessee Titans

There’s a lot of good stuff to say about this team and that’s why people are so positive when talking about the Titans, but I’m going to play devil’s advocate and talk about the huge problem with this team. Their defense. The defense really doesn’t do much well and it’s really bad in some areas. The Titans offense is spectacular, but it’s really hard to win when the defense allows 27 points per game.

6 Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers basically using last week as a bye was very smart decision by Mike Tomlin. The Steelers know they can beat the Browns, so letting them win by benching our starters was genius because it means that we have to play them in the playoffs. The Steelers have the best pass rush in the NFL (even without Bud Dupree) and the Browns’ quarterback, Baker Mayfield, is horrible under pressure. To make matters worse for the Browns, they don’t have their starting guard Joel Bitonio and their head coach. The Steelers almost beat the Browns without most of their star players, so it will be really pathetic if they find a way to lose this week.

5 Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks offense couldn’t get much better, they have an elite quarterback, two great wide receivers that fit perfectly together, a solid offensive line, a great running back, and a lot of depth. The defense has gotten a lot better as the season went on. The Seahawks have an explosive offense that was very well put together. D.K. Metcalf is a receiver that can always make a big play and Tyler Lockett is the reliable target that Russell Wilson can always go to. This offense struggled against the Rams in both their games this season, but I believe that their defense will hold John Wolford and the Rams to a very low amount of points and allow the Seahawks’ offense to win them games.

4 New Orleans Saints

The Saints were already a scary enough team. Their coach is a mastermind, Alvin Kamara is a beast, their offensive line is superb, their defense is elite, and Drew Brees is still a very accurate passer. Well now they are rumored to be getting Michael Thomas back from injury. If someone asked me who the most talented wide receiver in the NFL was last offseason I would say Micheal Thomas. He’s a amazing route runner with great hands and a lot playmaking ability after the catch. Micheal Thomas will make this game much easier for the Saints.

3 Green Bay Packers

The Packers absolutely destroyed the Bears in week 17. The Packers are more then deserving of their bye week. It doesn’t matter who they play against, Aaron Rodgers will always put up a fight. Speaking of Aaron Rodgers, he has a better situation around him right now then he’s had in years. The defense isn’t anything special, but it allows the offense to win them games.

2 Buffalo Bills

The Bills are very similar to the Packers. A very explosive offense that can score very quickly and a mediocre defense that allows their offense to win them games. The difference between the Bills and Packers is that the Bills’ offense is even more explosive.

1 Kansas City Chiefs

Wanna know what’s scarier then Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Mitchell Schwartz, Chris Jones, Frank Clark, Tyrann Mathieu and Clyde Edwards-Helaire? All those players after two weeks of rest. Oh and they have Andy Reid coaching them. Need I say more?

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