NHL 21 Review

This article is not in my expertise, but someone has to do it here.

I just got NHL 21 Standard Edition last night (10/18) and so far I will give it 4.5/5 stars.

The reason for this is because some players just aren't there. Kaprizov, who the Wild signed in July is still not in the game, maybe EA is waiting to see if he will actually be on the final Minnesota Wild roster come January. Who knows, he is currently in Minnesota.

Other than that I will review some other things about the game that I like/dislike.

There is a weird new feature in the game where you can move the camera around when you aren't playing and the camera is zooming into the ice or in the nosebleeds looking towards the ice/scoreboard.

I don't like that the graphics haven't changed since before I started playing in 2015 with NHL 16. But that might change with the PS5 and Xbox Series X coming out soon. Fingers crossed.

I like the menus this year, but I still prefer the menus from NHL 18. I just like the menus from then. I would also like them to add outdoor games to the game again, it was very unique to the game and I just liked it. And I mean add Winter Classic games, Heritage Classic games, and the Stadium Series games.

I hope you guys liked my review and tell me what you think about the game.

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