Nick Foles Will Start Week 4 for the Bears: The Chicago Quarterback Dilemma

The Bears are 3-0. It hasn't looked pretty, but the Bears are one of seven undefeated teams.

If you follow the Bears or football at all you probably know that a big problem going into the season was Chicago's quarterback situation.

Mitchell Trubisky hasn't proven to be the player the Bears need to lead them to the Super Bowl. So, this offseason the Bears brought in someone who can: Nick Foles. Foles led his team to win Super Bowl 52, replacing the injured Carson Wentz, and winning Super Bowl MVP.

This past week against the Falcons, directly after throwing an interception, Trubisky was benched for Foles. Foles came in and led the Bears to a 16 point comeback, scoring 20 unanswered points, and embarrassing the Falcons, who once again, choked a fourth-quarter lead.

After that game, everyone is asking, who will start at quarterback week 4?

Just a couple hours ago, head coach Matt Nagy announced that Nick Foles will start for the Bears week 4 against the Colts.

In week 3, Nick Foles threw for 188 yards with 3 touchdowns and 1 interception. Not to mention, that Foles threw to Anthony Miller for a dropped touchdown and Allen Robinson for a touchdown turned controversial interception.

Foles is more experienced than Trubisky. The veteran has been in the league since 2012 and is somewhat of a journeyman, being on 6 different teams in his career.

When comparing Foles to Tribusky the reason I go with Foles is he can throw the long ball.

There have been many times in his career where Tribusky misses a throw by a yard or two. For instance, in the second quarter against the Falcons Tribusky attempted to throw a bomb to Anthony Miller. He overthrew him by a couple of yards. If that ball is accurate, it's a touchdown.

When Foles came in, he hit Miller for a 28-yard touchdown. A perfect spiral, and a perfect ball, to take the lead for the bears.

Although Trubisky is more mobile, he looks tense while in the pocket.

And it's no wonder.

There has been massive pressure on Tribusky his entire career. From the moment he was drafted there were critics. Many claimed that the Bears reached for him in the draft, trading up to draft Tribusky over players like Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson.

Nick Foles is very injury prone, he may get injured in the middle of the season and Tribusky will come in to save the day. And with all the pressure is off, there is nothing to lose.

Trubisky still has a lot of potential and he is not done in Chicago. He is a very humble person and a hard-worker. We have seen Trubisky get it done for the Bears. In 2018, Trubisky led his team to a 10-6 record and even made the pro bowl.

What Nick Foles did against the Falcons wasn't that different from what Trubisky did against the Lions week 1. They both looked liked MVP candidates.

I think it is very possible that both quarterbacks start multiple times throughout the rest of the season. We have seen that both can lead the team to victory, and both quarterbacks have agreed on multiple occasions that winning the game is most important.

Foles is getting the green-light and I like the decision.

Bear Down!

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